Urban X : Grenoside
Adam Hurst Race Report: Urban X

woke up bright and early sunday morning to to a constant nagging from my bro to get up and get ready to go racing. the race this weekend was the urban x round 5 at grenoside woods in sheffield. the track was super flat and you just had to pedal and pedal. even thought it was quite fast with an ace freeride section in the middle. practise went well but smashed my pedal on a rock meaning i could only clip into one side of my pedal!! bummer! anyway race runes came round. first run i had a melow cruise. not too many pedals just getting down the track in a decent time. second run came and i smashed it. spinning the cranks wherever i could to gain those precious milliseconds due to the nature of the track. overall my result was a 4th place just 3 seconds off pace with a time of 1:28.10. big shout out to trevor for putting it on. its well worth the laugh and the lads are top class – cheers dudes.