NDH Ramsgill 23rd June

NDH Ramsgill 23rd June
Sunday 23rd June I was praying for nice weather as it was race day at ramsgill in North Yorkshire held by Carl Davidson at Northern Downhill. As i put in many weekends with a shovel all last summer to get in some lines Ramsgill is always a place I love to try do well. 
Riding a new track built by team cycopath that I had only rode once was exciting. It was interesting to see how much things have changed in the few months I spent away from there.
Practice was fun and I was enjoying the new features that had been put in. I only had around 3 practice runs as I felt confident and thought I would save my energy. There was a few riders new to downhill and they seemed to be having a good time and enjoying the sport and track.
With the rain hit and miss It was still rather warm but windy on the tops, my first run didn’t go too well for me with a few wrong lines and a slow exit out of a rock garden. Coming down over the hip jump and through the berms followed by wall ride I crossed the line in 1st place. I knew I could improve by a few seconds if I manage to put in a clean run.
2nd run I powered off the start and down the fell side, hitting the table top to shoot you into the woods. Pumping through the woods I hit my correct line but was still a little slow on the exit. Snapping through the two sharp berms I crossed the wall and got on the cranks to hit the wooden sender shortley followed by the hip jump and berms.
Crossing the line again i still wasn’t happy with my run but managed to maintain 1st place which I was super happy with.
Watching everyone get to the bottom with smiles on their faces was good to see. We all had a laugh while medals were given on the podium and must say in my eyes the day was a success.
After hearing about a lad having to be airlifted on the Saturday I wish him the best in recovery and let’s hope he’s back on a bike soon enough.
Thanks to Stef Reeves, Allison, Steve and Carl Davidson for hosting this event and the rest of the NDH crew along with marshals, medics and anyone else who offered a helping hand to make it a successful weekend

Cycopath Downhill Series Winter RD1 10th Feb

Cycopath Downhill Series Winter RD1 10th Feb

Michael Coupe: 1st Seniors

Race report:
Cycopath Downhill Series Winter RD1 10th MarchA very cold, bleak yorkshire hill, covered in fresh snow, alternating between sleet, rain then back to good old fashioned snow was where TRG Racing found themselves for the first race of 2013.Looking the part in our new team kit didn’t make us any warmer and the pristine white of the now familiar TRG kit stayed clean for as long as it took to hike ourselves and our bikes up the hill.quite a bit of improvement work had been untaken by Stef Reeves and his team since our last visit (a bedding in day) which was great to see as we ambled our way up the course only really stopping to ride the big field booter, just because it great fun! As well as the armouring of the course in key areas the addition of jump/step down greeted us as we approached the end of the wooded section. A quick discussion later and everyone agreed the jump for fun but the rock garden for racing.Leaving the cover of the woods and plodding over the open moors the weather was noticeably nastier, and by the time the top was in sight, well it wasn’t in sight anymore!First practice run down was a steady affair with only Team rider Mick Wauds tumble and following trouser malfunction the only real concerns – the course was as before but better because of the work carried out since the bedding in day, namely benny the berms work on the flowing bermed start to the track and the armouring of the muddy sections. Having said that due to the severity of the weather the track in places was still a mud fest – but this is to be expected, it’s winter after all.

After a bite to eat and a cuppa at the tracks excellent cafe facilities it was time for Race runs, the organisation on the top of the hill was superb and my hat is taken off to the guys that stood up there for over an hour to get us away in the correct order and all on time. My own run was nothing to write home about, it was clean but I didn’t have the legs, conserving on the top half hadn’t helped and I was truly knackered by the time I crossed the line. Next down was Mick Waud who had smashed the track – his first race since a broken collar bone which took him out all but most of last season(a big thanks to Malcom Whitaker for sorting Micks rear wheel). Liam & Coupes also had fantastic runs, but Mick Hill and Danny like me knew they had to do much better.

A look at the vets results showed that Mick Waud was only 4 tenths of top spot so had to have another run – we had been considering just the one run due to the weather deteriorating further! coupes was already carrying a hand injury before he turned up, so a crash in practice had only aggravated it further so he decided to call it a day after one run. Myself Mick H and Danny wanted to prove we could improve.

Second Run: this time I gave it everything I had and I knew I was faster, but by the time I teached the woods I was cursing not putting a front mud guard on! I had to pull over and take my goggles off, race over! but I still ploughed on and crossed the line only a couple of seconds slower than my first run, which actually cheered me up as the track had become slower with most riders unable to beat there first times. I finished 4th Vets.

Mick Waud gave it his best shot but couldn’t improve on his first run and would have to settle for 2nd in Vets
Mick Hill had a better run taking a good chunk of time off and securing his 3rd spot in vets.
Danny appeared to have more mud on him then his bike but he was still smiling which is what it’s really all about. Danny finished 7th Seniors
Liam couldn’t improve his first time either but that didn’t mater as his first run was more than good enough for 1st in Juniors
Man of the match goes to Micheal Coupes with is awesome one run and a gobsmacking time of 2:18 to take 1st Seniors.

A big thanks goes out to Cycopath Downhill for putting on a great event in the worst of conditions.


Liam McDermott: 1st Juniors


Michael Waud: 2nd Vets & Michael Hill 3rd vets


Cycopath Downhill : Ramsgill 2nd December

Cycopath Downhill : Ramsgill 2nd December
Mick Hill Race Report:
Set off with coopy, then met danny at macky d’s just off m65 Blackburn we where an hour away form the new ramsgill track. After no hairy moments on the way, we were there. Deciding to walk track 1st it was frozen and looked to stay that way. After talking some good line as we do, we got our kit on and pushed up to the top. Over shot 1st corner then got a clean run in, not tacking the big jump as I was bottoming out on the small wall jumps which turned out to be my rear tyre hitting my seat(Thanks Rich).Then off for the first run every thing was good till going in to wooded area, slipping wide on ice sending me off the track through the ferns and back on track knocking a few seconds off and over the big jump this time, getting down in a time of 2.19, 3 secs behind danny and 17ish secs astray of Coopy n Liam. Feeling I could do better if I peddled I pulled a better time of 2.15 in the second run earning me 5th place with no short cuts. The pressure was on for the win Liam or coopy ? Liam smashing the 2 minute barrier with a 1.59. Coopy smashing the coarse including the coarse tape wraping it round his block n having to stop, game over, and liam took the victory. Thanks to Stef & Co.