Pearce #1, Bringewood 20-3-2016


After a long winter off season last weekend brought me to my first race of the season, round one of the Pearce series at bringewood.

The Pearce series is something I’ve never tried but heard so much about so I was looking forward to seeing what they had to offer. Early Saturday morning I walked myself up the track to see what there was to tackle, thankfully the weather held out for the weekend and the track was perfect for grip and the roots weren’t too treacherous.

I was really looking forward to practice as it was looking flat out. This was my first time wearing my superb quality Flare rider jearsey and only my 3rd ride on my new 2016 GT Fury and I was loving it. This bike really is designed to go fast and stay in control. As the day passed by I was feeling good with the track and well connected with the bike and now the track was drying out more it was even faster.

Sunday morning started cold so the pants and coat were on, with just 2 runs in the morning I was happy to relax and keep myself reserved for the race. After a refuel I was set for my first race run but coming through the first section at the top my chain came off and I unfortunately had to do all my run without any pedalling which put me in last place 13 seconds behind 1st. 2nd run however went really well with only one sketchy moment which cost a short amount of time. With the track being so fast this meant the times were ridiculously close.

Overall I finished 6 seconds off 1st place which put me in 22nd place. I was really happy with how I rode but I really wanted to be further up the leaderboard but for the 1st race back i felt really strong and can’t wait to get this year in full swing and see what it brings. With our current and new sponsors I feel this will be a good season for TRG Racing.