Help for Heroes: Hamsterly

Help for Heroes: Hamsterly
Liam McDermott: Race Report.Itching to get to the track Saturday morning the weather was holding out and me and team mate conor couldn’t wait to check out the track we were racing for help for heroes at hamsterley.
We arrived at the track and signed on shortly followed by jumping on the uplift with rich molloy and rich marshall. First run down we set off in a team with me behind conor and both Richie’s following me. It was a fun run and we were all really happy with the track and couldn’t wait to get more runs in.
The day went by and unfortunately my cold was getting worse and started to affect my fitness. I called it a day after around 6 or 7 runs and we made our way upto the 4X to watch some racing action, shortly followed by the whip off comp on the legendary hamsterley tabletop. We had a few jumps to warm up and

have a laugh. We then had 3 goes each at doing pretty much anything we want and conor being conor decided to strip down to his boxers, pulling them into a thong and jump the table followed by allot of laughter from the crowd which won him a trail militia tee shirt and a mucky nutz mud guard. I wasn’t feeling taking my clothes off so I pulled a few whips and a big tuck and ended up winning the biggest whip and also won a trail militia tee shirt which look totally awesome!.
Sunday morning came; me and conor arrived at the track just after 8 and a little later came our supporters, my girlfriend Emily, my mum and dad. I put in about 2 practice runs and then had a big rest before my race runs. My first run was sketchy with a few feet off and a wrong line costing me a few seconds. I was currently in 7th with a time of 1:42:896.
Second run came around and I peddled all through the top section and over the road gap. I hit the bottom woods with full confidence and plenty of speed. I came up to the rock garden and heard the crowd cheering and my girlfriend and mum screaming at me, I jumped to rock garden and hit the right hand berm with plenty of speed but unfortunately lost my wheel over the back of the berm into the netting causing me to pick my bike back up and jump straight back on loosing me allot of time. I powered down the rest of the rack and crossed the line with a time of 1:43:086 not even 1second slower with a crash. Gutted at the fact I finished in 8th position from such a stupid mistake I soon though, it wasn’t just about the race it was about raising money for help for heroes and that is exactly what everybody did that weekend. So well done to everyone that contributed to the event
Thank you to the people who organised to event and made it an awesome weekend! And well done to the rest of the team!



Conar Crann: Race Report.Arrived at the track on Saturday morning for practice , signed on and jump straight on the uplift , with out looking at the track i just went for a full run , why not. so after my run i thought bloody hell this track is sick ! so as the day went on i spent my time doing more runs and picking good lines advised by little rich and liam , it got to the point of the day where i was getting tired and making mistakes on the track , so i decided to call it a day , Saturday evening the WHIP-OFF , was absolutely brilliant everyone was throwing huge whips including my team mate liam (whip-king) McDermott and i knew i wouldn’t win the whip off s oi just decided to make the crowd laugh and decided to take my clothes off , stupid but i worked.

So Sunday came around , time to get my gam

e face on , i only did the two practice runs as the track hadn’t changed much , after my practice i was feeling confident and was raring to go. sat on the start gate and i was crapping myself , i set off and everything started to fall into place i was riding faster than i ever had in practice , feeling really good coming into the rock garden , smashed it and through the bottom section came to the last corner before the final shoot , and absolutely binned it , smashed my elbow and my bike got caught in the netting , crossed the line with a terrible time . so up cam my second run , i felt even worse, i just wanted to stand back and watch everyone else , once again everything fell into place, and instead of crashing i held my line and crossed the line 12 seconds faster , so i was pritty pleased with my result and pleased with the rest of the teams results really good team weekend