Esholt Grass Roots Race

Esholt Grass Roots Race
Liam Mcdermott race report Esholt:
I woke up to grey skies and prayed that it wouldn’t rain for the Team Idiots Esholt race! Thankfuly the rain held out and after a cycle down to Bradford train station I was well on my way to Baildon station. Not knowing where on earth I was going! after asking a few locals and eventually arrived at Esholt woods.This was the first day riding my new Devinci wilsom xp and couldn’t wait to get in as many runs as possible and put the new steed through its paces. Practice went good with no crashes or sketchy moments and after practicing the two different tracks we were racing on. I settled right into the new bike and was ready to race.

Race run time, just what I had been waiting for. On the sound of the beep I dropped in and hit through the first 4 berms followed by a step down into a sketchy right hander into another jump landing flat. I stomped on the pedals and jumped between the wall into a left hand berm which then shot you onto the hard packed greasy mud leading to the path drop. Once landing flat off the path drop you were shot into a fast right hand berm followed by a sick drift which then led you into the final hip jump and across the line.
My 2nd race run was much smoother and faster, I beat my time by approx 2 seconds and I finished in 2nd place with a time of around 34 seconds. The runs were only short but were excellent and just the right length to put all you effort in without getting too tired.
After a break we started the 1st runs on the 2nd track I only had time to stay for one race run unfortunately but I finished with a second place which send me home happy.
Many thanks to team idiot for organizing this awesome mates race and also to the people who actually build the trails they are sick!

Thanks to Alexandra McCabe for the photos.