English Champs 9-10 May Hamsterley Forest.

English Champs 9-10 May Hamsterley Forest.

Hamsterley English champs 2015
The race I very nearly missed, thankfully with a bit of good old team persuasion I made it. After a tour of the country- picking James and Liam up on route we finally arrived with the 3 mighty GT’s squashed into the back of the new kia venga DH transporter. With no time for track walk or talk we got ready and jumped straight on the uplift eager to see what was in store. Thankfully there wasn’t too much to learn, as the track marked out was familiar to us but with a few tweaks in the forest section they caught just about everyone out that weekend. Track conditions were pretty greasy at the start of the day and with no mud tyres we had no choice but to get loose and hang on.
Towards the end of the day the pace was picking up and I was feeling pretty confident with the line choices, and with no real dramas and the bike performing perfectly as always it was turning out to be a great start to the weekends practice.
Race day: Again another epic effort to arrive on time and still feeling like I had left my head in bed we all rushed around to get our 2 practices runs in. And all managed with ease thanks to Mike Marsden’s efforts on making the uplifts run a bit quicker. With the usual nervous wait for the race runs it was my time to line up for the start and see what I could do.
Giving it everything off the line I hit the first corners too quick and made some minor mistakes but kept it together getting to the bottom with a good time and position.
Last race: run with the rain clouds just about holding off I set off again trying my best to balance the speed and it paid off apart from the table top landing where I carried to much speed and nose-dived the bike down to hit the landing almost going over the bars. With the final result in I had managed to take just over a second off my first run leaving me 4th on the race but 3rd for the English champs so I was buzzing to get on the podium after such a competitive race.
As with all the races me and Liam also have a great time trying to beat each other’s time which just adds to the fun and pushes you further in the sport of course he beat me by 2 seconds this time putting in a mega time of 1:38 & finishing 4th well done.
And with some very good efforts from the rest of the team too….

Ben Tilford 1:51 6th
Cath Tilford 2:11 2nd
James G 1:49 32nd
Mick w 1:55 2nd
Rich 2:07 15th
Me 1: 40 3rd




A great weekend of racing and a big thanks to borderline events and the desend hamsterley guys for putting on yet another great event, and of course all our sponsors that keep us going strong. Please check out the links below.