NDH Chopwell 15th June 2014

NDH Chopwell 15th June 2014

Mick Waud`s race report Chopwell Woods

It was only Richie, Liam and me for this one so we all met at Rich’s to travel up in his van. After racing this venue last year on downhill bikes we knew the Kona Processes were the perfect choice. With the bikes loaded into the van and heading up north we were soon at the track.

First practice run went well, the track was smooth with tight berms at the top, a wet middle section and into the woods for the finish. After the second practice run I put the suspension into its middle setting front and rear for more peddling speed and increased the tyre pressure to improve rolling speed and reduce the chance of pinch flats already experienced by Liam and Rich. Next run seemed faster, and after a few more I was somewhere near race pace.

First race run went well with only a couple of minor mistakes. After all three of us had our first runs done it was looking good with Liam 1st in seniors me 2nd in vets. Rich was a bit disappointed in 9th but knew he had lost a lot on the first two corners, which he put right on his next run, improving by four seconds. Unfortunately Liam lost a place, finishing 2nd by only 0.087. I managed to hold on to 2nd place by going two seconds faster thanks to Liams shouts of encouragement and the awesome peddling power of the Kona Process.