Round 3 farmer johns

Round 3 farmer johns

Michael Hills race report

Well after England failing in the world cup, it was up to TRG Racing to show the footballers how not to fail,

Picked up our 2013 Champ, Tony ‘Enduro’ Kay on Saturday morning, later than I wanted to (he needs all the beauty sleep he can get).
And off to farmer johns via the golden M for our race of the season with the North West Championship up for grabs.
The track was a tester, fast as hell up top and then into the fort bill inspired rock garden and into the tighter and twister than ever before woods.

Practice went well forcing us to slow down and not blow out off the berms in the woods. Skelton was doing her usual balls out, collecting soil samples from different sections of track (she’s a geologist dream girl).

Nighttime, solstice dual slalom time, to celebrate Ste Tomlinson’s 30th birthday. Won my first bout then gave the win to the birthday boy Ste. Cath came up short, Tony had to concede to Andy Cody, Ben was nowhere to be seen. What a brill way to end the day.

Woke up Sunday morning on my plywood mattress (never again) and met the rest of the team and off for some fine tuning ready for racing. Oops off i went snapping the rear mech hanger and collecting some samples for Becci, repaired and oops off again, more samples and yes pinned it on my last practice.

Race time, oops off again losing about 10 secs and being sandwiched between Mick and Richard. Tony snapped his chain. Becci 1st, Cath and Liam 3rd, Ben was nowhere to be seen.

Looking at the times I knew I could win it on my second race run and Tony could retain his crown, we both had it all to do. I set off smashed the top then into the woods, coming up to the bus stop and my chain was feeling left out and had an off of its own, game over, pumped my way to the finish to finish 6th overall and 3rd in the champs. Tony put a good run in 1/2 sec off retaining his crown, coming in 3rd overall and 2nd in the champs. Well done Becci 1st, Cath crashed but held on to 3rd and little Liam held on to 3rd only a second off fastest time of the day.

Thanks to all our sponsors for supporting us we’re having a wonderful season.

Michael Rodeo Hill

Next race Llangollen (the forest of death) love you mum, more than my sisters know, love you Tyler be good, love you cherry and don’t spoil bob to much. Its been a wonderful life.