NDH TT AE 28-2-2016

NDH TT AE 28-2-2016
Tony Kay – race report

So the first race weekend was upon me! Alot quicker than I expected! Wish I had spent more time training instead of thinking save it for tomorrow loads of time yet well I was wrong….. Anyways….

So woke up to a beautiful fresh winters morning on the Saturday feel really excited! Once the car was packed mainly by me!!!! Me and team mate / gf and with our cheeky mascot Monkey we set off.

The drive was around 2 hours but soon pasted driving through the stunning mountains of the lakes. On arrival we was greeted by a smiley face team mate cath Tilford. All unpacked we set off for practice… me being here twice before kinda knew the route to the top. Riding up the fire road was full of turn offs and we headed down one only for the girls cath and kelly to say ” NO it must be further up !!! ” so 2 against one took their word hmmm but after another hour of climbing and ending up near fort William and a million wind turbines this can’t be right! Luckily cath got single rang the bike shop and yes the turn off we first went down was correct! I knew hate bring right!!! smile emoticon

So after a thousand mile detour we reached the track! The track itself was technical but with being just flat out speed it did make it tricky. First straight down a fire road into a tricky left hand harpin corner that was easy to overshoot. Then it was basically a straight line descent with a few small corners into little jumps drop offs and a nice bomb hole.

Once past this it took you into the woods that hit a nice drop off where you could go big depending how fast you hit it then into some nice smooth tables tops then into a small fresh cut piece and boom over the line.

Once finished we headed back to our hotels to freshen up and head into town.

Found a nice pub had a few pints and a good pub meal with lots of banter we won’t talk about the underpants! DOH! Shared a taxi back what I can only describe as dumfries most pissed up man in the world! A very polite old drunk I might add that made it interesting.

Sunday morning arrived again we clear blue skies perfect! Kelly had to drag me out off bed though was sooooo comfy! Breakfast sorted and we head for the track!

The tracked had changed slightly by adding in a few more corners that caught me out as I went down with out walking the track, lesson learnt always walk the track or atleast cruise down! Not go down at 80% race pace opps! Kelly swapped from flats to clips and she felt 100% better on he bike myself and cath was happy aswell! Was also nice to here a familiar voice in the background the one and only blakey boy! Nice little team turn out!

So my first race run was little nervous as wanted to make sure I got the first hairpin correct and nailed it, head down the track and once finished was sitting in 4th! Took it a little to easy as wanted to make sure I put in a decent time.

2nd run new I had to made only a second to podium so knew I had it in me. Set off only for the dreaded hairpin to bike me in the ass! Really put the cranks down and focused on the remaining track! Was slightly faster but remained in 4th! Was happy with the position as respectable. Kelly was stoked to be in 4th only a few seconds of Helen gaskell, proud of her. Cath finished in 3rd!!!! And blake finished in 2nd! Great result for the team!

Perfect weather for racing, perfect team mates, friends, good job from the marshals, nicely run by Carl Davidson NDH, also thanks to the photographers as I love a good pic! AKA as ( CALENDAR BOY ).

Big shout out to our sponsors Gt, Kenda and flare and TRG RACING  for their support.

Bring on the next race! Keep shredding!

Tony kay 1.47.17 – 4th 30-39 Men
Blake 1.47.20 – 2rd 19-29 Men
Kelly Gott 2.02.83 – 4th 18-35 Women
Cath Tilford 2.11.75 -3nd 36+ Women

Penshaw 14th April

Blake Senior-White Race Report:

Sanctury bikes were holding a bike fest at Penshaw on the 14th of april that i managed to get to since i was missing out on the first round of the BDS.

The hour and a half trip to Penshaw was well worth it! The track started off with a decent pedaling section followed by a dip down into the woods, here it remained fast and flowy with plenty of berms and jumps to smash!

The first run went well with a time of 61 seconds. It was good but i knew there was improvements to be made.

There was no hanging about for the second run. I was streight back up for another race run! The second run came around. Since i knew there were improvements to be made all the power in my legs went into the start, giving me the speed which i carried through to the finish!

This gave me the end result of 4th in senior and overall! A great day followed by a great result!!

Cycopath Downhill Series Winter RD1 10th Feb

Cycopath Downhill Series Winter RD1 10th Feb

Michael Coupe: 1st Seniors

Race report:
Cycopath Downhill Series Winter RD1 10th MarchA very cold, bleak yorkshire hill, covered in fresh snow, alternating between sleet, rain then back to good old fashioned snow was where TRG Racing found themselves for the first race of 2013.Looking the part in our new team kit didn’t make us any warmer and the pristine white of the now familiar TRG kit stayed clean for as long as it took to hike ourselves and our bikes up the hill.quite a bit of improvement work had been untaken by Stef Reeves and his team since our last visit (a bedding in day) which was great to see as we ambled our way up the course only really stopping to ride the big field booter, just because it great fun! As well as the armouring of the course in key areas the addition of jump/step down greeted us as we approached the end of the wooded section. A quick discussion later and everyone agreed the jump for fun but the rock garden for racing.Leaving the cover of the woods and plodding over the open moors the weather was noticeably nastier, and by the time the top was in sight, well it wasn’t in sight anymore!First practice run down was a steady affair with only Team rider Mick Wauds tumble and following trouser malfunction the only real concerns – the course was as before but better because of the work carried out since the bedding in day, namely benny the berms work on the flowing bermed start to the track and the armouring of the muddy sections. Having said that due to the severity of the weather the track in places was still a mud fest – but this is to be expected, it’s winter after all.

After a bite to eat and a cuppa at the tracks excellent cafe facilities it was time for Race runs, the organisation on the top of the hill was superb and my hat is taken off to the guys that stood up there for over an hour to get us away in the correct order and all on time. My own run was nothing to write home about, it was clean but I didn’t have the legs, conserving on the top half hadn’t helped and I was truly knackered by the time I crossed the line. Next down was Mick Waud who had smashed the track – his first race since a broken collar bone which took him out all but most of last season(a big thanks to Malcom Whitaker for sorting Micks rear wheel). Liam & Coupes also had fantastic runs, but Mick Hill and Danny like me knew they had to do much better.

A look at the vets results showed that Mick Waud was only 4 tenths of top spot so had to have another run – we had been considering just the one run due to the weather deteriorating further! coupes was already carrying a hand injury before he turned up, so a crash in practice had only aggravated it further so he decided to call it a day after one run. Myself Mick H and Danny wanted to prove we could improve.

Second Run: this time I gave it everything I had and I knew I was faster, but by the time I teached the woods I was cursing not putting a front mud guard on! I had to pull over and take my goggles off, race over! but I still ploughed on and crossed the line only a couple of seconds slower than my first run, which actually cheered me up as the track had become slower with most riders unable to beat there first times. I finished 4th Vets.

Mick Waud gave it his best shot but couldn’t improve on his first run and would have to settle for 2nd in Vets
Mick Hill had a better run taking a good chunk of time off and securing his 3rd spot in vets.
Danny appeared to have more mud on him then his bike but he was still smiling which is what it’s really all about. Danny finished 7th Seniors
Liam couldn’t improve his first time either but that didn’t mater as his first run was more than good enough for 1st in Juniors
Man of the match goes to Micheal Coupes with is awesome one run and a gobsmacking time of 2:18 to take 1st Seniors.

A big thanks goes out to Cycopath Downhill for putting on a great event in the worst of conditions.


Liam McDermott: 1st Juniors


Michael Waud: 2nd Vets & Michael Hill 3rd vets


Chatburn DH rd 1 November 25th

Chatburn DH rd 1 November 25th
Waking up to team mate Conor Lee snoring on the camp bed we both got up and got our stuff together for the CDH Cup Round 1 on a brand spanking new track. After a tyre change and a slight mechanical we was set to jump in the van with Ben Tilford (thanks ben) and get ourselves across to Lancashire.
This was the first time 3 of our 5 new team members met us all together in the same shirts which was awesome, even though the weather was low our spirits were high and we was ready to shred the new track that the CDH guys have build. First run down was so smooth and we were all loving the track. We were all stomping on the pedals and were on a good roll through the pedally top section over the greasy roots. We then dropped down into the steep shoot and rode through the deep muddy ruts with one foot out like we were riding motocross bikes. Second practice I hit a tree stump out of the start gate on the first corner on took a pathetic crash over the bars then jumoed back on and got down the hill. After that I called it a day for practice so I got some lunch with the team and went for a walk of the track.
1st race run came around and the top section was super quick! I dropped into the steep muddy ruts real quick and came to a sudden stop and landed over the bars and splatted into the mud. I scooted my way to the bottom and crossed the line. My 2nd run was much slower through the top section but much quicker through the muddy ruts until I hit a tree head on. I set straight back off again and battled my way down the hillside. Coming to the finish everyone was laughing at me and cheering me on while I face planted the banking. I picked up my bike and ran across the line.
After thinking I didn’t do too well I found out that I came in 2nd place in my category which I was shocked at!
Must say a big thanks to all the guys and girls who put in all the effort into the event and into the new track. Was an awesome day and an awesome fun track. Which with some dry weather and some bedding in will be such a quick track.Results: 18plus

Liam Mcdermott 2nd

Danny Kean 3rd

Michael Coupe 4th

Results: 30plus

Mick Hill 1st

Richie Molloy 4th



Urban X : Grenoside

Urban X : Grenoside
Adam Hurst Race Report: Urban X

woke up bright and early sunday morning to to a constant nagging from my bro to get up and get ready to go racing. the race this weekend was the urban x round 5 at grenoside woods in sheffield. the track was super flat and you just had to pedal and pedal. even thought it was quite fast with an ace freeride section in the middle. practise went well but smashed my pedal on a rock meaning i could only clip into one side of my pedal!! bummer! anyway race runes came round. first run i had a melow cruise. not too many pedals just getting down the track in a decent time. second run came and i smashed it. spinning the cranks wherever i could to gain those precious milliseconds due to the nature of the track. overall my result was a 4th place just 3 seconds off pace with a time of 1:28.10. big shout out to trevor for putting it on. its well worth the laugh and the lads are top class – cheers dudes.