BDS rd5 Moelfre 12th July

BDS rd5 Moelfre 12th July

Moelfre rd5
At last after missing a the last few races I was back at a bds race!
The first ever downhill race I competed in was moelfre, and now 5 years later rd5 of the bds was here and I was looking forward to it.

The track by large was the classic moelfre we all now at love with the addition of a few new jumps up top and a slightly reworked switch back section, the lower section remained the same and took in the end of the 4x course before snaking to the finish with a cheeky couple of grass turns.

Saturday’s weather was dry and sunny and the track was dusty and loose and very fast. After a couple of runs with no front brake I finally sorted this and started to get my head round the track, Mick and Hazel we’re loving it too and with the uplift running smoothly we all got plenty of practice runs in.

Sunday saw a muddy greasy track for first runs but pretty soon the sun and stif breeze the track was back to its dusty best. Seeding went without a hitch for all of us with Mick seeding 2nd with some work to do improve, Hazel also seeded 2nd but happy she had more to give even though she was pretty beat up after a crash in practice. I was 12 after a steady but enjoyable run.

Race runs: Mick was away first in grand Vets determined to take the top spot and set off and gave it the full beans, crossing the line a good 6 seconds faster unfortunately still wasn’t good enough to beat his rival Steve Falstead – there rivalry continues onto rd6. I was away next and had a fun smooth run, it was great to be back on the bike and back at moelfre, my run was good enough for 11th. Hazel was last of TRG Racing down the hill, her determination and long legs powered her down the track putting her up 2 seconds at the split when disaster struck the drive train on her bike jammed and so from then on the only option was to tuck and pump, coming into the final sprint to the shouts of ‘pedal’ all Hazel could do was keep low and not brake, oh and shout a reply of “I can’t!” – had she done enough? yes! By the slimmest of margins she managed to pip Becci Skelton and take the win! Making that 4¬†podiums in a row at the BDS(3 wins and a 2nd).

Overall a fantastic weekend and a old school track that still delivered the goods.

Hazel Wakefield (master ladies) 1st 3:18
Mick Waud (Grand Vets) 2nd 3:18
Richie Molloy (vets) 11th 3:47


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