SDA RD2 Glencoe
Blake Senior-White
Round 2 of the sda was at glencoe a place where id been before so i was looking forward to it. First thing saturday morning i walked the track with Jamie Bambi Scott to find it was the red run which i didnt know what ro think we saw some interesting lines and were exited for the day ahead.The first run came around and the track started at the same place as the black route but then there was a long flat straight which wasnt too exiting. The track thenwent through a high speed rock garden through a few corners and then a sprint to the finish.The uplift had small ques and didnt stop throughout the day which meant 10 runs were easily achueveable.sunday came around and the track had changed overnight it had turned into a horrible muddy slogat the top but the rest of the track was really grippy anf fun.

1st race run came around and the hill was covered in fog ,i crashed near the bottom and jamie got a punchture. 2nd run was just plain slow for me and jamie had a crash so we,d both had better races but were looking forward to innerleithen next week.