Blake Senior-White Race Report:

Sanctury bikes were holding a bike fest at Penshaw on the 14th of april that i managed to get to since i was missing out on the first round of the BDS.

The hour and a half trip to Penshaw was well worth it! The track started off with a decent pedaling section followed by a dip down into the woods, here it remained fast and flowy with plenty of berms and jumps to smash!

The first run went well with a time of 61 seconds. It was good but i knew there was improvements to be made.

There was no hanging about for the second run. I was streight back up for another race run! The second run came around. Since i knew there were improvements to be made all the power in my legs went into the start, giving me the speed which i carried through to the finish!

This gave me the end result of 4th in senior and overall! A great day followed by a great result!!