Pearce #3, Bringewood


Adam Hurst: Race Report

sorry its late dudes. had a really busy couple of weeks!

Friday night headed down to bringewood for round 3 of the pearce cycles series. Walked the track and then set up camp. We had some light rain over night which was great for keeping the dust down but left the rocks in the narrow middle section a bit slippery. Practise Saturday went well, managing about 8 practise runs which were probably a few too many due to being knackered on Saturday night. Walked the track once again and settled the confusion of which lines to take for race day. Had tea, had a couple of drinks then went to bed. RAIN!!!!! We knew it was forecasted but not this bad. Field was so boggy. We were dreading the first practise run. It was just like a stream, the top section had remained a little dry due to being under the canopy of tress but we knew it would be piss wet through come race time. Did one practise run Sunday morning then retreated back to the caravan. Race run time. No one was looking forward to it. Out of the two runs the second one was going better than the first until my off due to an unknown rider stopping on the track, Forcing me off line and down a ditch. 3:48.381 was the time I finally got down in which was way off pace. I guess you cant do well at them all. I’m going to take the experience from this race and take it to the next one at farmer johns. going for another solid top 10 result.