NDH Hamsterley TT 19-04-15

The NDH TT track is not a technical race as such but a mighty good test of fitness and peddle power. This weekend was the third year that I’ve participated in this event and this time there was a pretty awesome turn out for the women’s category than seen previously. It’s always a reach for a podium. In practice Saturday and Sunday I felt fast and confident, despite the late night socialising with friends! I enjoyed the buzz of being able to clear the jumps on Transmission, tho not always an advantage in terms of carrying speed but a definite exhilarating feeling of being on my bike, with a grin from ear to ear and the sound of dry dusty trails beneath my wheels. I found some satisfaction in making some progress from last year. I wanted some light rain like it did earlier in the morning to give the track some grip. Something I’d forgot on my first race run as I came out the wooded section into the final section far too hot, in the blink of an eye I slammed like a dainty wrestler in the grit and onto the fire road! What a fool I’d been to think I could have cornered so tightly! After my Mighty Mouse scream, it felt like I took forever and a day to back up on my feet. I held back before joining back behind Helen Gaskell to complete my run in a disappointing 5.36?

With a little pep talk from myself in between runs, (by the process of thinking!!!) I considered why not have best of three runs for a brief wasted moment…..but for my second race run I mainly focused on staying on my bike and being smooth, how it’s supposed to be. I loved every minute of it, had fun but couldn’t find my pace I knew I was capable of and was cautious not to make the same mistake again in other areas which considered of grit sized marbles. not quite feeling I’d done enough, I crossed the line with a time of 4.12 and settling with 5th place. So…for me it’s a fact fitness is key to reducing injury and racing faster as I remember both Peaty and Atherton once staying. I managed 8 loops of the fire road hill climb to the top over the course of the weekend, awesome crowd of new and old friends, I’ve got a massive bruiser on my hip and a swollen wrist but I’m feeling stronger and fitter ahead of Steel City!


Cath Tilford 5th Master Ladies

Ben Tilford 15th Vets

11013477_810001212382474_7727877365311681979_n 1509999_810003569048905_7787426516264278313_nPhotos: Gavin Lowe