It’s not all downhilling…. well it is most of the time but this weekend Tony Kay decided to bike up the hills before racing down them, here’s this race report:

Omg gravity enduro round 5 done!!! Hell of a weekend but loved it !
Seeding started on Saturday with me getting a front flat about 30 seconds into the track and i decided to still ride it down on the rim with every one cheering me on ha finished with a 2.52 and still wasn’t last with a flat should of got a 2.05-ish.
So Sunday stage one which is also the seeding run and stage 6 I set off. Being seeded near the back I had slow riders in front of me but the guys in front were nice enough to let me past if I did catch them. So setting off on stage one I caught my 20 second rider in front of me quite quick with-in 40 seconds or so, only 10 seconds later of passing him another front flat tyre I couldn’t believe it as I was flying trying to make up for the seeding time. So decided to push down this time to avoid smashing my rim. Got to the bottom in last place ha and quickly changed my tube which was a pain with a crappy small pump. By the time I had made it to stage 2 all the masters had gone and I received a 3 min time penalty Did stage 2 with no real problems apart from being tired as hell from rushing to get the stage 2. Stages 3,4,5 went really well with me catching my 20 seconds guys on every stage and on stage 5 made 40 seconds as caught the next guy as well
Ok onto the last stage the dreaded seeding stage, stage 1!!! I set off smashing it as fury took over me, over took my 20 seconds guy again and as i approached the last 500 meters chain decided to jump off in front of all the crowd ! Everyone was shouting run, run, run to the finish but with there being a smallish double and people taking pics I thought….. Nope no running I’ll get this chain back on and throw some nice whippage over the double for the crowd !! Boom they loved it as went big
So if it was for no mechanicals would of been in the top 20 with no dropper post and bike that weighs a tank! bring on next season when I have a enduro bike and fitter but all in all a great weekend and great lads and sick tracks.