Farmer Johns Rd1 11th March
We started off the day whith some beans on toast followed by a 45min drive to the first race of the season ‘farmer johns’. after a walk to scan the track we grabbed our helmets and pushed to the top. The first practice run wasnt so smooth with a nice wash out on a greasy berm. after blasting in around 4 full runs it was time to session the bottom section to get it dialled. After a long think of which line to take through the root infested track. It was time to down a can of monster and push up for my first race run. I took a tumble over the bars into a tree on my first run and finished with a time of 1:45. after been a little down hearted it was time to book my ideas up and focus on the second run. I pedelled the top section a little slower to save some energy for the bottom. after boosting off the log drop i smashed through the switchbacks and roots packing in a time of 1:36:200. i finished 3rd overall in the junior category. well done to all the team! – Liam McDermott
Adam Hurst – TRG Racing
My alarm went off at 6am on sunday morning, the day of the 1st round of the northwest mtb series. i arrived at the track with team mate liam mcdermott at 8, got the bikes off and walked the track, the track had a super pedally top section full of jumps into a gnarly root and rock infested bottom section with plenty of switchbacks put in for good measure. there was a eerie feeling in the air due to the low hanging mist and the air was moist which explained the damp track. practise went well, getting all my lines dialled in and only suffering one crash. race time arrived, i had a feeling of excitement and nerves but i was definately ready to pin the race runs. overall it was an amazingly fun event with a rad atmostphere which helped me to secure an 8th place in junior category with a time of 1:40.390. – Adam Hurst
 Conor Lee – TRG Racing
I arrived at the 1st round of the northwest mtb series around half past seven and walked the track , the top section was just flat out from the word go ! , really pedally and a few flowy jumps along the way , then into the woods (bottom section) a very fast shoot into a northshore left hander along with alot of tight berms , it was very challenging , i only managed to get in 2 full practice runs and 2 half runs , which i think was enough as i got a 1:45 run with a 10th place over all in the junior category – Conor Lee