Farmer johns Rd 3 ( Northwest champs ) 17/06/2013
Tony kay race report from Home track Farmer johns Rd 3 ( Northwest champs ) 17/06/2013
The day started at 6am to cloudy skies but no rain as i drove to meet michael hill and michael coupe, once loaded up, food, fuel and drinks we hit the motorway. Only 2 miles into the trip my car decides it wanted to blow up and over heat, water escaping out all over the place on the hard shoulder !!!!
So we loaded all the gear and my 2 bikes from my car into micheal coupes pick up wich was already busting with gear, bikes and micheal hill. I was thinking this isn’t the best start to a day how-ever i thought chin up and get on with it. Once we hit Marple we did our normal pit-stop and loaded up on mac donalds breakfast and coffee, thats how proper athletes rollArriving on site at farmer johns we could clearly see it was the northwest champs with the amount of cars, motor homes, tents and riders packing in to the fields, going to be some fast riders here today.
Once parked up we meet Daniel,liam, Mr waud and Richard with the other team members floating about in the field. With it being only 8.15am daniel and liam took me for a nice course walk with liam practising on Saturday he was showing me some of his cheeky lines through the roots.  With the track walk done it was time to head up to the top, i was already feeling really nervous with it being my first day on the team and it being northwest champs.
Once at the top was all the normal banter and same faces all getting on and having a laugh thats the good thing about farmers johns and it being a push up venue nice and relaxed.
First run down i was behind Daniel keane and we just stayed loose no issues just cruising down, track was abit muddy and greasy but was still ok as long as stayed off the brakes. 1st practice run done myself and Daniel head up again only this time we decided to let it go abit with me having a big stack on the very last tree resulting in a snapped brake lever, again i was thinking my car now this, this isnt my day really ?
With the support of the team we headed back to cars as micheal coupe had a spare brake set that he said i could used. How-ever with my lack of bike maintenance skills all the team had a great laugh at my expense as i struggled with this simple job, what should of been one man job endend up as 5 man job, but hey thats what teams are for. With a few riders swapping kenda spikes k.O.T to the Nexcavator and Nevagal wich suited the conditions, perfect grip.
With practice done it was time for abit of pre-race banter and food. Micheal hill did the honours for us and went and got all our race start times, mine was 1.51pm. As 1.20pm approached I decided it was time to set off saying good luck to the rest off the team I set off feeling very nervous with it being my first day on the team I wanted to impress and ride like a weapon.
On the start gate with 30 seconds to go I just thought relax stay calm and just enjoy the race and try and stay clean, 5 seconds to go and boom I was off, legs spinning mega fast as the top of the track is all about being smooth,jumps,tables,berms and good legs. Once through the top and middle fast sections it was time to drop into the dreaded wood section very well known for its carnage corners and rooty sections. I made it through clean with no dabs or scary moments. Crossing the finish line and gasing so hard I just looked up to the crowd and racers all around the timer to hear shouts of Tony kay 1st , with only one rider behind me I kept the top spot was so happy and excited, with lots of friends and racers saying well done felt great how-ever still had the 2nd run.
Meeting up with the team and hearing liam had also put in a 1st in his cat spirits was high with the rest of the team in top 10.
Onto the 2nd run I knew with me being the last rider down and the top 5 riders in masters they will be chasing hard to take my spot, again the nerves crept in but had to stay focused. Off I went knowing I had to make time on the top part, then again into the woods were I made a mistake a 15ft foot step down into a berm and landed high into the berm forcing me to dab and unclip that lead to me struggling to get re-clipped in on one of the hardest parts of the track, this loosing me a few seconds once crossing the line I had been pushed to 2nd I was still very happy with this result for Team Rock Gardener and myself.
With this being a series of 3 rounds, northwest champs and on the day race we had 3 podiums!!! The podiums lasted so long but was great seeing the smiles on peoples faces and knowing how hard the riders had rode to take their spots.Myself (1:31.50) making 3 podiums, 2nd on race day, 1st northwest champs, and 3rd for the series very happy !
With liam taking a 1st  juniors – 1:27.88 (also 2nd in series)
Jamie scott 5th  experts – 1:28.38 (also 1st in series)
Michael coupe 12th seniors – 1:33.78
Daniel keane 13th seniors – 1:34.54
Michael waud 9th  vets – 1:44.51
Richard molloy 11th  vets – 1:51.26

A massive thanks to all the team and team manager-rider Richard molloy for letting me onto the team and a massive thanks to our sponsors – Kenda- Green Machine –Fibrax.

Also healing vibes to team riders Michael hill and blake who did amazing with the heckling

 All photos by: Steve Allan Photography