After a long excited wait for farmer johns race weekend I was soon packing the car with my tent and bike ready for a weekend of madness. 

A quick pitch up of the tent and practice was underway. There had been a few changes on track and it was running sweet. The most tricky part of the track for me was one rooty off camber corner. But after far too many attempts I had it dialed.
All the team we’re having a right time and it was good to welcome our new team members, Ben and cath into our team. This was their first race for us so both were hoping for a cracking result.
Strangely enough the weather was on form and I was looking forward to the fancy dress race that evening. The lights were lining the track ready for us nutters to fly down in fancy dress. A quick change later into my clown outfit everyone was ready in their costumes some funny, some strange and well…. Some just odd. The darkness dawned on us and the lights were lit.
This was by far the funniest race I have done. The atmosphere was amazing with the hecklers and everybody was having a good time.
We had two race runs on the loomy track filled with berms, smoke, darkness, camera flashes and noise. I came down with a time of 34seconds Which put me in 3rd place.
I must admit the rest of the night was pretty wild. With the redbull dj blasting out the dubstep we were even having a mosh pit with josh bryceland!
Waking up in the morning myself, Blake,Danny, Tony Ben and cath felt fine. Mick hill on the other hand felt a little worn after a few beers and his nice little lie in. We were soon greeted by team manager rich and team mate mick Waud. A few hand shakes later we were back on track for our morning practice.
Racing commenced around 1pm and before I knew it I was sat in the start gate. I knew what I had to do and kept myself calm. Powering out the start gate and down the log steps I was into a sprint even keeping my cranks spinning in the air, there was no slowing me down. I was feeling stong and fit (for once).
Entering the woods a spectator was shouting stop with no red flag, I saw in the distance a rider getting up. I could tell he was okay so I ignored him an carried on. As I his the berms at top speed and leant into the floor my head narrowly missed him….. With my kenda nevagals holding my grip it was the best overtake I have done. The crowd couldn’t believe I got away with it and I carried on steaming through the woods. Through the bottom of the woods I heard my name being yelled and horns being blown. Hopping over the roots I hit hit my lines and put in such a smooth run. I crossed the line in 1:16. Currently in 1st I felt confident for my second run. But I knew the fast lads still had enough left for a fast run. We all had a cracking run, with Blakey also in first in the hard tail category he was also feeling confident.
I had less pressure for my second run and I was really looking forward to getting stuck in.
Through the top half of the track I was speed tucking, pedalling where I could and and pumping every little hump. The wood section was a little out of shape but I made it through clean. I powered through beating my time by a fraction of a second. That was it. There was nothing more I could do but it was plenty enough to keep me in 1st place.
All my team mates also got excellent results with new team member cath bagging a 2nd in the women’s category, Mick HIll 1st vets, Richie Molloy 12th vets, Mick Waud 4th vets, Tony Kay 3rd Masters, Ben Tilford 6th masters and Danny Kean 13th seniors.
I must say it has been the best weekend I’ve had in a long time. Just want to say thankyou to everyone that made this event possible. And our sponsors who continue to be great.