Farmer Johns Race Weekend 26-27 Sept

Race report. Farmer johns race weekender. After many Sundays watching the rest of team race, it was good but not racing.

So I decided I was racing. But needs a bike. my nephews got a new bike So went to pick it up Friday and it was locked in his dads shed n keys was in France we both agreed it was an omen not to ride. Got home n looked at my old hard tail And wanted to race.

So I set to work on it. later that evening I was unpacked from hols n packed for racing. Saturday via the golden M. of course and a track walk with the TIlfords , a few things had change over the year and felt I could do the top section with no problems although the woods was the usual section where you need somat like a dh rig. So 6 push ups later n I had it sussed with no offs. Watching the boggy race was comical rather than a race. Night time came and the night race began. New/old team mate tony Gay had a run n got 2nd master it was a brave feet.

Then the Beer flowed till we dropped.

Race day and the sun was still shining on us. Managed to get a couple of sketchy runs wilst everybody sobered up. Forgot about the nerves until I started queuing for my run. felt like I was at fort bill. Stalled twice in the woods n got down in 1.52. Every body else had a clean run with possibility of getting a podium inc tony.

So back up the hill n thinking I could get 1.45 with a clean run. Pushed harder at the top and a cleaner run in the woods, but only knocked 2 secs off. Got me ont podium though in 3rd place. The rest of team did well. Cath 1st well done and to bens suprize 2nd. Liam 4th out of 80. Henry and tony matching Liam with 4th. Blake what happend to Blake ! James, James who ? Coopy was somewhere much more interesting ! Thanks Richard for asking me to be in team. N thanks team n everybody involved with us thanks