Cycopath Downhill : Ramsgill 2nd December
Mick Hill Race Report:
Set off with coopy, then met danny at macky d’s just off m65 Blackburn we where an hour away form the new ramsgill track. After no hairy moments on the way, we were there. Deciding to walk track 1st it was frozen and looked to stay that way. After talking some good line as we do, we got our kit on and pushed up to the top. Over shot 1st corner then got a clean run in, not tacking the big jump as I was bottoming out on the small wall jumps which turned out to be my rear tyre hitting my seat(Thanks Rich).Then off for the first run every thing was good till going in to wooded area, slipping wide on ice sending me off the track through the ferns and back on track knocking a few seconds off and over the big jump this time, getting down in a time of 2.19, 3 secs behind danny and 17ish secs astray of Coopy n Liam. Feeling I could do better if I peddled I pulled a better time of 2.15 in the second run earning me 5th place with no short cuts. The pressure was on for the win Liam or coopy ? Liam smashing the 2 minute barrier with a 1.59. Coopy smashing the coarse including the coarse tape wraping it round his block n having to stop, game over, and liam took the victory. Thanks to Stef & Co.