Blake Senior-White Race report llangollen. Race weekends tend to start on Fridays this one was to be no different. as we neared llangollen on Friday evening the weekend started off by pretending to be Michael Schumacher and giving tony okay a run for his money in the transit turbo we arrived and managed to get a track walk in before the sunset. i was feeling pretty confident as the track had a quick sprint along the top then it was all about smashing the turns to the bottom. Saturday was good the weather and uplift included we all managed to get plenty of runs in and I think I’m safe to say we were all fairly confident ready for racing Sunday. I decided to stick with the Kenda nexcavators as i thought they would dig in better than other tyres. after a stroll into town with a few of the others i decided to head back to the van and the local police were kind enough to give me a lift… bonus we all gathered for a quick ‘prep talk’ Sunday and practice seemed to go smooth enough. Team coach mick turned up and was giving us encouragement which is always nice. Next thing I’m setting off from the start gate I powered across the top before dropping in to the steep stuff it was all going to plan until I got to the final corner where I slipped out and lost a pedal I got it back on just before the first drop but obviously it wasn’t good enough as I then slipped a pedal and had most probably the biggest crash I’ve ever had and my weekend was just about over. I was hurting a bit but I gave the second race run a go and it was nowhere near as good as it should have been. The good news is however Coupe and Liam both got under 2 minutes and Tony and Rich both got down the hill safe and did well in their respective categories. next week Fort William awaits us