BDS Rd3 Langollen – Death Woods

Hazel Wakefield recounts her trip to the Death Woods!

This is my round up of the BDS race Saturday consisted of this:-

1. Broken down smoke filled van

2. Abandoned van at a random ladies house, Bev. Her five year son had bad chicken pox and would only speak welsh to me!

3. Rescued by friends and eventually arrived at the race site.

4. Mick marched me over to the signing on tent and wouldn’t take no for an answer (I was late there so had missed the signing on time) we got lucky and Micks sweet talking did the trick.

5. 2 slow and dodgy practice laps completed

6. Burger, beer and bed.



Sunday was like this:-

1. Scary practice lap.. like riding on an oiled cake tin. Death woods will eat me alive!

2. Seeding run was partially spent wrestling a tree that I got stuck behind whilst trying to pass a couple of girls in front. But still managed to seed first.

3. Ate two babybell cheese things, handful of grapes and ran to the ports loos around 50 times due to nerves

4. During my category a tree fell down (sounds about right) so my race start was delayed. Did a few star jumps to keep warm. Dropped in and managed to ride a clean and steady race run, and even rode one of the steeper death wood lines. Very proud of myself. Crossed the line in 1st which I was really surprised with.

5. I conquered Llangollen!

6. Van remained in North wales for nearly a week.

7. Finally got my van back from the garage today and the mechanics can’t work out why it filled with smoke.

8. Maybe i dreamt the whole weekend up?