2016 TRG Racing  Team

DOWNHILL: TRG Racing (Teamrockgardener) 2016 Downhill Team

Richie Molloy : TRG Racing (Teamrockgardener) founder, manager, overlord! Veteran rider currently ranked 16th in the uk and was proud to be the 2011 Yorkshire Downhill Champion (vets). 2015 was a great season for the team who out performed all my expectations – 2016 is shaping up to be the best season yet!
Liam McDermott :  In 2016 my aim is to up my game in the experts category and race some ixs to give me an insight into racing world cups, which I hope to be doing in 2 years time. With the support I receive from Trg and our sponsors I believe I can make it as a World Cup racer one day.
Mick Waud : Grand Vet Rider looking forward to my forth year with TRG Racing, 2015 was a great year and my first as a Grand Vet, getting a podium at all my BDS races. With the support of TRG and my Team mates I just know 2016 is going to be a great season.
Hazel Wakefield: 2015 could not have gone any better really! National Champ, Welsh Champ and British Downhill series winner! 2016 sees me move to the Elite ladies Cat – time to play with the big guns!

Blake White : This year im wanting to race and get back to where i was a few years ago with my riding if not better. Hopefully a bit of motivation from trg will help me stop being lazy and get back on the podium again. Thanks to trg racing and all our sponsors al give it my all at the races.

Michael Coupe : Racing in masters, Started racing DH in September 2011, having not ridden DH for over 10 yrs it came as a massive shock to visit the podium 6 times in the first season. I’m now a proud member of ‘Team Rock Gardener’ who will be offering fantastic help & support for 2016 DH season.

ENDURO & BMX: TRG Racing (Teamrockgardener) 2016 Enduro & BMX Riders

Tony Kay: Happy to be back racing for trg in 2016 as one of there enduro riders, missed being on the team back in 2014. Had a few podiums last year and hoping to carry this on for the team in 2016. Will also be competing in bmx cruiser catogary this year my first season. Hoping also to gain a few podiums.
Kelly Gott: I bought my first bike in 2014 and have been hooked ever since. I love to race as its exhilarating but also pushes me to be a better rider. I took part in a few races last year and did quite well. This year I will be racing in the enduro series and also putting my new GT BMX too good use, with the support of TRG behind me

TT & MINI DOWNHILL: TRG Racing (Teamrockgardener) 2016 TT & Mini Downhill Riders

 Cath Tilford : 2014 has been a successful year of racing not only have I found some confidence racing well under pressure I have had some great finishes and had plenty of visits to the podium, I have pushed my skills to the next level and into a new league of racing. I find racing exciting and a brilliant opportunity to push my skills, to live life to the full, to stay young, to have fun and be happy. 2015 will be my second year as a member of TRG – looking forwards to training and racing with the team.
Ben Tilford: I started riding a few years ago doing the usual get fit thing after many years of abuse, met some fast lads in the woods and thought I want to ride like that! I ended up buying a series of bikes all growing in travel till eventually I had a DH bike! I met the TRG guys on the local race scene and before long I was racing with them all over the place and loving it. This last year had a slow start due to breaking my hand but now I’m feeling faster with every race. I am so chuffed to be on the team and can’t wait for next season.