Urban X – Help the troops II

Urban X – Help the troops II

New team members Ben & Cath had a great weekend at the Urban X race – here’s Ben’s Race report:
So this was our second race as official members of TRG. Cath didn’t race Urban X’s Help for Heros race last year as she was ill. I did and some how managed to pull a 1st in Masters so this year I was feeling the pressure and knew there were a fair few gunning for me.
We had been down the day before to have a little practice as we’d had a few weeks off our bikes and knew we were a little out of shape. Meeting up with a few others the basically went like this… push up, ride, crash, hail, rain, hail, home!
Not feeling a 100% percent we rocked up nice and early to get some more bike time in. It’s hard to go to these grass roots events and get your race face on straight away as they are so social but that’s what we love, so after saying our hellos we headed up to the track. The sky was clear blue and sun was warming us up nicely but reports of the track was bogged up in the middle single track and top half was full of water.
After watching a debate on who should drop in first in front of us I rolled into the top shoot trying not to obsess over where I had an off the day before but sadly I couldn’t help myself and slid out in the exact same spot but managed to recover and stay on track. After several runs at it I had a new safer line dialled and was feeling good.
The middle Section was bogged up and wet, heading back into the woods it was rough, greasy and wetter. Not wanting to waste energy we only did one full run an sessioned the sections that needed attention.
Race runs came and I knew the Masters field was littered with guys that could take my mantle from last year, I would need to put in a pretty much perfect run in to keep it! I dropped in and hit my lines clearing everything and carrying some definite speed, cheers to Blakey Boy and his secret line out of the last bit of top section, wow that was fast!
Into the middle and I was already out of gas, having raised my seat for this bit I sat down and put in some xc strokes. The sun was aiming straight down the single track and creating some full on glare. Feeling the bike going I slid off to the right, half expecting to get pulled fully into the under growth but some how managing to find my way back onto track only to slide off to the left. Now pedalling my ass off just to get back up to speed I knew I was going to struggle with the entrance back into the woods where it gets a little ruff again.
As I was about to enter I emerged out of the bus stop to be greeted by a yapping little dog and a group of people screaming! Avoiding this feisty little chap I pushed on chuckling as I could here the owners shouting to come back, it was chasing me!
Now into the last section I managed to keep the switch backs nice and smooth and just pedalled as much as my legs would let me and finally choosing to trust the root riddled berms I broke out of the woods completely spent…
I watched genuine fast lads Paul & Craig pop out and across the finsh. After some banter they had both put in faster times. I knew I had more if I could keep the middle clean and was amped for the second run.
Sadly one of the riders had a serous crash and the race was called off after the 1st runs. We really hope Simon makes a speedy recovery, best wishes to you dude!
Catching up with Cath she was very pleased to tell me she was comfortably in 1st but I had already guessed this as she was looking pinned all morning. Even with a second run there was no real worry with her runs consistently being faster than her 1st.
We would both like to thank our new team and team boss, it’s good to be in a team that works as a team. We can’t wait for the new season!
Thanks to Trev & Co for the event and Dave for the pictures.
It was great to see everyone

Cath Tilford 1st Women
Ben Tilford 3rd Masters

Urban X : Grenoside

Urban X : Grenoside
Adam Hurst Race Report: Urban X

woke up bright and early sunday morning to to a constant nagging from my bro to get up and get ready to go racing. the race this weekend was the urban x round 5 at grenoside woods in sheffield. the track was super flat and you just had to pedal and pedal. even thought it was quite fast with an ace freeride section in the middle. practise went well but smashed my pedal on a rock meaning i could only clip into one side of my pedal!! bummer! anyway race runes came round. first run i had a melow cruise. not too many pedals just getting down the track in a decent time. second run came and i smashed it. spinning the cranks wherever i could to gain those precious milliseconds due to the nature of the track. overall my result was a 4th place just 3 seconds off pace with a time of 1:28.10. big shout out to trevor for putting it on. its well worth the laugh and the lads are top class – cheers dudes.