Steve Peats Steel City

Steve Peats Steel City
Liam McDermotts race report from steel city,

Last week it was the Steve peat steel city race at greno woods in Sheffield. I have been looking forward to this race for a while as last years was good fun.
This year the race fell on may 4th and the event just had to be starwars themed. It was time to dress up as Luke skywalker/princess lala.
Saturday morning I arrived in the car park only to see riders in ‘normal’ riding kit. (No fancy dress). I thought bollocks to it I’m doing it anyway. I signed on and made my way to the track. After a few laughs and odd looks I put in a run to check out the track. The track was awesome for a mini DH race. Super flowy and surprisingly quick. As I was making my way down I got plenty of laughs from the spectators and lots of banter from the hecklers. I reached the bottom of the track and pushed back up for another run.
Soon enough I me up with my team mates rich, both micks and coupes. They were loving it too. Infact everybody seemed to be. After around three runs later we all called it a day for practice and refuelled our body’s ready for our race runs.
12:40 I was sat on the start ramp hearing the beeps, ready to smash in a fast time. I sprinted out of the start gate and through the first berm section and over the gap jumps. I hit the big gap and whipped it for the crowd. Around 30meteres later my chain came off my front chain ring which caused me to pump down most of the track without pedalling. I crossed the line and put in a strong 2nd place.i was very shocked and I knew if my chain stayed on I would be within a good chance of getting the podium.
2nd runs came around and I mirrored my previous run up until the big gap where I kept it low and stamped on the pedals as soon as I landed. This time my chain stayed on and I sprinted into the second section of the woods followed by some super smooth berms and jumps. The finish was in sight, with my legs burning I sent it off the finish drop and across the line. Only beating my previous time with no chain by 3 seconds! That put me in 1st place which secured me a podium finish.
That was one of my jobs finished, it was then time to do my 2nd job…. Cheering my team mates on. Unfortunately coupes couldn’t do his second run due to a shoulder injury but he managed to walk away in a strong 10th position out of 58 only after one run! Both micks and rich made their way down the track with me stood at the side offering my support with a megaphone shouting a little abuse the get their old legs pedalling. All 3 made it down with great runs under their belt. We all reunited shook hands and got some food.
Once the race was over it was podium time. I was so happy to have my medal given to me by one of my favourite racers and ultimate legend Mr Steve Peat. I also won some chromag bars and a seat, which have come to great use already.
It had been an awesome day and I really didnt want it to end. Winning Steve peats race and shaking his hand really made my day.
Well done to my team mates Michael coupes 10th/58 in seniors, Rich Molloy 18th/31 Michael Waud 13th/31 and big Michael hill 10th/31 all in the old man veteran category. Well done guys!
Quick Thankyou from all of us at trg to the event organisers, sponsors, medics, spectators and all the rest. And Steve peat himself!


BDS RD4 Caersws

BDS RD4 Caersws
Caersws BDS rd 4
Having raced at Caersws on more than one occasion myself and big Rich Marshall were looking forward to our return for Rd 4 of this years BDS.Arriving late friday night we made camp and bedded down before tomorrows early start. Having been woken through the night by very heavy rain I wasn’t sure what the morning would bring, but as it turned out it was bright and breezy and quite warm. After a cuppa and a spot of breakfast it was time to have a wonder up the hill to see which of the many Cearsws tracks we would be racing. It turned out to be one of my favourites but with a new steep wooded section added for good measure, a good choice from the organisers as it would prove to dry well after the down pours it was about to receive.Suited and booted we made our way to the always well organised uplift and before long were slipping and a sliding down a still greasy course, thankfully a couple of runs later and the track was drying nicely and we both felt we were dialling it in.

Time for a bite to eat and a few bike tweaks and then it was time for the afternoons practice session. By now the track was dusty dry and running very fast. Soon it was time for the last run of the day, just as we started our run the heavens opened and we learnt how quickly cearsws goes from dusty fun to lethal sloppy! a couple of minutes later we we happy to be down in one piece and call it a day.

A drive out to Newtown for some pub grub and a couple of beers rounded off a great days riding nicely.

It rained again through the night, but agin the morning was bright and breezy and before long we were back at the top of the hill for our first practice run of the day, the rain through the night had made the track a bit greasy but it was obvious it would soon dry so confidence remained high for the seeding and race run.

An hour later and it was time for the seeding run, sat waiting at the top we could see a wall of water coming our way, would we get our runs in before it reached us? well no is the quick answer, if it had held off another 2 minutes I’d have got a dry run in but it wasn’t too be so as I rolled to the start line it was already raining very heavily. With this being the seeding run I decide to take it steady and keep things smooth, even so it wasn’t long before I was having some dodgy moments. Thankfully the rain hadn’t soaked through in the wooded section and that remained fairly dry, which is more than can be said for the final field! after tip toeing my way down I was glad to cross the finish line in 9th, Unfortunately Big Rich wasn’t having a good run with a handful of offs I was glad to finally see him cross the finish line in one piece (almost).

time for race runs, the sun was back out, and we were ready to race. Again sat at the top we can see another weather front approaching, surely we could get a dry run in this time? Yes was the thankful answer, and what a difference a couple of hours of sun and 300 riders had made to the course, this time it was bone dry and running fast, even the grass field could be attacked and I was more than happy to see I knocked over 30 seconds off my seeding time to finish in a time of 2:36, unfortunately I’d slipped from 9th to 11th, partly due to Big Rich having a storming run even with a badly sprained thumb to cross the line in 2:19 and take 9th spot.

all in all another cracking weekend of racing, as always Si paton and the BDS team put on the best races the uk has to offer.