Farmer Johns on Tour – Saddleworth 8th April

Farmer Johns on Tour – Saddleworth 8th April

Woke up on sunday morning around 7am to a lovely bacon sandwich and a strong cup of tea.

I arrived at the track around 9:30 and just in time for sign on and quick track walk.

So practice began and the track was good really grippy and I was enjoying it until around 11:30am when the winds picked up and the snow started to fall. Luckily it stopped just in time for the race runs, after my first race run I was feeling confident as I was sat in second place , but only just.

On my second run I was bit nervous at that start as I had the pressure to keep my second place , after a good solid run I knocked a few milli seconds off my original time and secured the number 2 spot on the podium