Steel City DH 17th May

Steel City DH 17th May

On the Friday evening before the steel city race. Me, my brother and dad went to have a look at the track and were hoping to find some sneaky lines we could rail the following day. Whilst walking it we noticed that a few berms had been built up and most importantly it was dusty dry!

It was the same track as the previous year so we new we could get straight into hammering it in the morning. I could have probably gone to bed a bit earlier than I did that night to make sure I was rested up for the day ahead but knowing it was only a short track I new I was fit enough to lay down a flyer. The following morning I went for a spin on the xc bike and felt fit for the race. At 8:00 we set off in high spirits. When we arrived I met up with Liam and went to sign on. As soon as practice started I was at the top, buzzing to get riding.

My first practice run was like any other first practice run. Knackering and wobbly! I always try to hit all my lines on the first run so I can get straight into it on the next run. Because there wasn’t many lines I new exactly what I needed to do to bring home the win. 11:30 soon came around and after 3 practice runs I felt ready to race. After heckling louder than ever before at Ben, cath, becci, rich, tony, coops and the micks I set off up for my run. At the top I was pretty confident but starting to overheat as us Brits aren’t used to hot weather. Hearing the beeps I was raring to go. When my run was underway I was trying to go fast but all the heckling at the Jump into the open section made me just want to put on a show. To please all the hecklers I pulled a huge goon which made them go wild! The rest of my run was pretty good but quite chilled. I crossed the line in 1st but was then knocked back to 2nd only 0.3 seconds off. I was surprised I got this close as I was on the downhill bike and everyone else was on all mountain bikes which are more suited to the track. However the super light carbon operator made it as close as I was going to get to an all mountain bike.

Sitting in 2nd I was pretty keen to get back to the top to do my second run. With team mate Liam in the pro category he was still to come after my run. I went up to the hecklers jump to watch Liam compete with the super fast pro category. I could see him flying through the trees to where I was stood. With everyone shouting him on he ripped the carbon kona operator past us, pedalling in the air. He was on a flyer! He went into 11th in a category with quite a few World Cup racers which is pretty impressive! After 1st race runs everyone was up for smashing their times to pieces and were looking forward to 2nd runs. After some dinner and more heckling I went up for my 2nd race run. I knew what I needed to do. I was going to take this one more serious! Very soon I was in the gate and focused on the win.

When the beeps went I exploded out of the start gate, pre-hopping the first jump and getting straight on the pedals. Staying completely off the brakes I was on a flyer. I came up to the hecklers jump and remembered to keep it low on this one. Squashing the jump hard I was into the rough open section where I was doubling up what holes I could. I was soon in the bottom section where the all mountain bikes generally excel so I knew I had to pin it. Fully committing to all the corners I was spat on to the finish straight before the bomb hole drop. Sprinting hard and squashing the bomb hole I tucked over the line. I was relieved to hear a shout through the speakers saying “2 seconds up!” All I had to do know is wait for the last man down.

He crossed the line 1.8 seconds back. Id won! I was relived and I knew I could relax now! It was a great day with some good results throughout the team. In the pro category Liam took 14th place in the end with a storming time. In the masters category tony came away with 8th and coops right behind in 9th. Ben took 17th. In the vets category mick hill came 13th with mick waud right behind him in 14th. Team manager Richie Molloy took 28th. In the women’s category becci came away with a great 5th place and kath behind her in 6th! The next race is for the british national series at AE forest where everyone’s going to smash it!

Steve Peats Steel City

Steve Peats Steel City
Liam McDermotts race report from steel city,

Last week it was the Steve peat steel city race at greno woods in Sheffield. I have been looking forward to this race for a while as last years was good fun.
This year the race fell on may 4th and the event just had to be starwars themed. It was time to dress up as Luke skywalker/princess lala.
Saturday morning I arrived in the car park only to see riders in ‘normal’ riding kit. (No fancy dress). I thought bollocks to it I’m doing it anyway. I signed on and made my way to the track. After a few laughs and odd looks I put in a run to check out the track. The track was awesome for a mini DH race. Super flowy and surprisingly quick. As I was making my way down I got plenty of laughs from the spectators and lots of banter from the hecklers. I reached the bottom of the track and pushed back up for another run.
Soon enough I me up with my team mates rich, both micks and coupes. They were loving it too. Infact everybody seemed to be. After around three runs later we all called it a day for practice and refuelled our body’s ready for our race runs.
12:40 I was sat on the start ramp hearing the beeps, ready to smash in a fast time. I sprinted out of the start gate and through the first berm section and over the gap jumps. I hit the big gap and whipped it for the crowd. Around 30meteres later my chain came off my front chain ring which caused me to pump down most of the track without pedalling. I crossed the line and put in a strong 2nd place.i was very shocked and I knew if my chain stayed on I would be within a good chance of getting the podium.
2nd runs came around and I mirrored my previous run up until the big gap where I kept it low and stamped on the pedals as soon as I landed. This time my chain stayed on and I sprinted into the second section of the woods followed by some super smooth berms and jumps. The finish was in sight, with my legs burning I sent it off the finish drop and across the line. Only beating my previous time with no chain by 3 seconds! That put me in 1st place which secured me a podium finish.
That was one of my jobs finished, it was then time to do my 2nd job…. Cheering my team mates on. Unfortunately coupes couldn’t do his second run due to a shoulder injury but he managed to walk away in a strong 10th position out of 58 only after one run! Both micks and rich made their way down the track with me stood at the side offering my support with a megaphone shouting a little abuse the get their old legs pedalling. All 3 made it down with great runs under their belt. We all reunited shook hands and got some food.
Once the race was over it was podium time. I was so happy to have my medal given to me by one of my favourite racers and ultimate legend Mr Steve Peat. I also won some chromag bars and a seat, which have come to great use already.
It had been an awesome day and I really didnt want it to end. Winning Steve peats race and shaking his hand really made my day.
Well done to my team mates Michael coupes 10th/58 in seniors, Rich Molloy 18th/31 Michael Waud 13th/31 and big Michael hill 10th/31 all in the old man veteran category. Well done guys!
Quick Thankyou from all of us at trg to the event organisers, sponsors, medics, spectators and all the rest. And Steve peat himself!


Steel City Down Hill. 21st April

Steel City Down Hill.  21st April
Steel City Down Hill.  21stApril

After yet another week of ‘April’ showers and reports that the track wasn’t fairing well it was inevitable that I would be loading the van in the rain on a cold Saturday morning. Thankfully during the hour drive down the weather improved and appeared to be turning into quite a nice day.
Once parked up and registration taken care of it was time to ride to short distance down to the course and have a steady first run down. The impressive 6ft high start ramp at least let you get off to a good start, but from then on it was a pedal fest, I was glad I had my Trail bike rather than the Downhill Rig!
One plus side to a flat pedal fest track is the push up is flat too, in fact it was easier to pedal up it than walk it if you were on a short travel bike, this enabled 4 or more runs an hour were achievable if you had the legs for it. After 3 practice runs I trip back to the van (losing my goggles on the way!) to make a few changes and set Adams bike up on clips!
Thankfully on the way back to the course my goggles were hanging from a tree – thank you to whoever found these and did this – a testament to the riders and the event! I thought they were gone for good.
2 more practice runs later and it was time for the first race runs. I was having a reasonable run until the lower third where I lost a foot and had good sized moment, but thankfully managed to avoid the nicely painted yellow tree stump! I crossed the line in a time of 2:02 which placed me 13th.
With only seconds separating most riders I felt confident I could easily improve on my time and hopefully make the top ten. This time from the word go I pedalled my little legs off, which is why I entered one of the first few corners all wrong and ended up making a right mess of it, annoyed that I’d almost stopped I gave the rest of the track every thing I had and when I crossed the line I was spent, unfortunately the mistake had cost me far to much time and I ended up a second slower! My first run time of 2:02 would have to do – I eventually finished 15th.
Adam and Liam were cursing their Downhill bikes weight and I honestly think if either one of them had had the right bike for the race then podiums would have been on the cards. Even so Liam finish 5th and Adam 7th – top to lads on Downhill bikes!
Overall a great little event that has a relaxed atmosphere and would be a great way for anyone to try there hand at down hill racing.

Adam Hurst: Race report for steel city.
Up bright and early, kick started by 4 chocolate weetabix. got the bikes and kit into the car and headed off to the steel city venue which is 20 mins from my house. signed on, got the number cards and headed out to the track for the first practise run. the track was amazing. it was super fast and flowy with the odd double and table top in for good measure. a few high speed corners and a few rocky sections. the gradient was flat pretty much so i knew it was going to be hard to do well with the big bike so i switched to my spd pedals which gave me that extra pedal power i needed. i managed 4 practise runs overall which i would say it is a lot due to it being a push up event. Anyway i downed a monster and headed up for my first race run. my first race run went well, hitting my lines, clearing the gap at the top and just using my energy wisely. This put me in a nice position with not too much pressure for my second run. I properly pushed it on my second run. Pedalling in every place I could. I was absolutely shattered at the end and was quite glad it was over to be honest. At the end of the day I managed a time of 1:48.044 which put me in 7th place overall in the junior category. Would just like to say a big shout out for everyone who organised the event and making it worth while. cheers



After passing a strange man giving us thumbs up in the other lane on the motorway me, my girlfriend and friend arrived at grenno woods for the steel city race. when we arrived we couldn’t help notice that nearly every body was on a all mountain bike which was the perfect weapon for this track. Once smashing in the first two runs it was clear why people were riding lighter bikes. the track was 1:30-2:00 mins of flat out pedaling which was extreamly lung burning on a downhill bike. After trying numerous times on my practice and my first race run to clear the gap jump it was abvious that i could not find the speed until my final race run came around and i cleared the lot which gave me plenty of speed into the grassy part of the corse before entering the woods. Through the woods it was yet again flat out pedaling around the hard packed berms and over some more jumps which then led into the opening where the crowds cheered while riders came over the drop and across the line. After nearly taking out the timimng man at the bottom if came a way with 5th place with a time of 1:46 beating my firt run by just over 1 second.
The day was awesome and me adam and rich all received great results. It would of been great if one of us from the team could reach the podium but we shall be saving that for farmer johns next month. see you there.
and a big thanks to the people who built the tack and organised the event and also the sponsors.