Borderline Events RD1 revolution bike park. 9/10 April

Borderline Events RD1 revolution bike park. 9/10 April

Round 1 borderline events revolution bike park.
With a bad weather forecast the waterproofs were packed and the mud guards were fit. Early hours Saturday morning team manager rich rolled up in the team bus and dragged me out the house for a long drive to rainy Wales.
We shortly met up up team mates coupes and Blake. Luckily the sun was out and after a quick track walk we loaded the bike on the trailer and headed up the hill.


A couple of runs in I was feeling comfortable with the track but unfortunately the rain started shortly followed by snow! After a very cold late lunch break we washed the bikes off and decided to call it a day.
Once home I left my lovely mum a present of wet gear on the step to clean for race day and all I could think about was the poor people camping.

Early Sunday morning we was back on the road with the GT Furys clean and ready to go. The weather looked to be holding out but the mud on the track was getting thicker and thicker. 1st practice run was a shock, due to an early finish I found the track had changed allot throughout the back end of the previous day. And this made 1sr run very eventful. 2 runs later I was getting the hang of riding through the treacle and whipped on a fresh set of gear ready for my 1st race run.



On the start gate I was feeling pretty nervous and was very cold, but my blood soon got pumping once my cranks were turning pushing me down the track. I crossed the line absolutely exhausted. For run 2 I knew what I had to do to improve. As soon as I hit the first few turns I knew I was already on a better run. My aim was to ride very consistent and a little reserved which would able me to save allot of energy for the bottom section. My plan worked and I crossed the line finishing me in 11th place in experts. I was very happy with my result. I knew where I rode well and knew where I didn’t. I learnt allot from this weekend and even put my new practice regime in play.

Thanks Mike marsden for a great event and look forward to round 2.
Next stop is peatys steel city where I better get my legs ready!