British Downhill Series Round 5 Bringewood 25/26th August 2012

British Downhill Series Round 5 Bringewood 25/26th August 2012
Big rich race report:-

British Downhill Series Round 5 Bringewood 25/26th August 2012

Round 5 of the BDS and we were racing Bringewood a Pearce Cycles Favourite, we arrived Friday afternoon to find the course was baked in glorious sunshine and after a quick track walk it looked like it was going to be a fun weekend, unfortunately at round 7pm it started to rain and didn’t stop all night, Saturday morning’s practise uplifts started at 9am, as a rule we normally let the very keen riders bed the track in before we have a go but they had other ideas and for once we were the first to the top, the first run was exciting and i had more than a few sketchy moments but with the track drying and over three hundred riders hammering it it wasn’t long before it was dry and fast, i was keen to keep it

rubber side down for the weekend as i had upset my left thumb three weeks ago at round 4 and didn’t want to aggravate this old injury, so with this in mind when the thunder storms hit just after lunch i was ready to call it a day, of course there were still the hard core riders hammering it in the rain and by the time the uplifts had finished the course was almost unrideable, things didn’t look good for sundays racing.

Sunday morning arrived and we waited for an hour or so before we attempted our first sunday morning practise run, the BDS trail fairy’s had been hard at work over night and tidied up some of the hardest hit areas which was a pleasant surprise and with the sun shining and a slight breeze we were hope full that the track would dry out, seeding runs for us started at around 11am and the aim was to get down in one piece, crossing the line with a sub four minute run which seeded me in 11th place i was happy it was clean but steady, 3 hours later it was time for my race run, i was confident that the track would be in better condition and changed tyres from Kenda’s King of Traction to their new intermediate tyre the Nexcavator, with only one race run i was keen not to make any mistakes but try and let the bike go when ever possible, i crossed the line in second place with a 3:33 run which was 24 seconds faster than my seeding run and by the time the rest of my category had finished i ended in 10th place.

Well done to Liam for coming 18th in Juniors in his first National race and a sub 3 min run as well.

As ever many thanks to the BDS crew, they kept things running like clock work and the Pearce uplift system was superb.

Richard Marshall 3:33 10th place (vets)

Richard Molloy 4:10 17th place (vets)

Liam McDermot 2:57 18th place (junior)