NDH Keilder rd5 North East Champs

NDH Keilder rd5 North East Champs
Kielder RD5 North East Champ’s was well underway last weekend. I was hoping for a good result as it was possibly my last race for this year’s season and wanted to end it on a good note.
After seeing a video of the track I didn’t pack my spikes as I thought they wouldn’t be necessary after seeing the rock garden infested top section of track. Unfortunately I was wrong, the previous bad weather turned to bottom half of the track into a challenging slop fest where a spike would of helped. But not to worry I had the correct tyres for the first half of the track over the rocks.
My first practice run on Saturday went fine, I enjoyed the track and found the main rocky shoot challenging. On the other hand my second practice run didn’t go so smooth. I took a big crash on the rocky shoot which madethe medics panic and carefully help me up. I had one more run with an injured leg, back and stomach and called it a day after 3 runs. After two games of pool with James Wilson (stif cycles) me, James, ant and rich Easton had a chilled out night at the campsite pub to get ready for our race day on the Sunday.
Sunday morning came and I had one practice run carefully picking my lines to get ready for my race runs. The top section of the track went great on my first race run but all turned bad as I entered the woods, I had 5 crashes in the woods and my temper grew which made my run even worse. After fighting through the chewed up bottom half of the track I crossed the line not very happy. I tried too hard in the bottom but infact slow and steady was the way forward. I looked at my time that I thought would put me in last but infact I was in 3rd! it looked like everybody was crashing on their race so on my second run I knew exactly what I had to do.
The top section was the same as my last run, hitting all my lines and making it through the rocky shoot without any serious mistakes. The bottom section through the woods was tiring but I kept at it and kept things smooth. I had one or two stalls in the mud but I kept fighting through and was determined to cross that line without hitting the ground. I kept it all together and put in a time of 3:33:617 which kept me in 3rd place and earned me a place on the podium. I was chuffed to bits that I finished the season with a podium and was also very happy that James Wilson joined me in 2nd place, well done James and well done to ant Preston who took 4th.
Thanks to Carl and everyone that organised the weekend and also everyone who put in their hard efforts to built the new Kielder track. It was a fun weekend and a perfect ending to the season.