Sanctuary Bikes – Penshaw Monument Mini Downhill 20th April

Sanctuary Bikes – Penshaw Monument Mini Downhill 20th April

For my first outing on the Process 153DL i chose the mini downhill race at Penshaw monument organised by the lovely people at Sanctuary Bikes.

Starting right next to the monument the track blasted off down a grassy sprint broken up with a couple of chicanes before a long right hander through a narrow gate and on to a fast twisty section. After this the course dropped into the woods proper and the speeds increased – railing burms and dodging trees would be the order of the day! Fast flowy berm led into fast flowy berm with drops, jumps and tables thrown in for good measure! First impressions of Penshaw were big smiles all round.

My self and team mate Michael Coupe pushed back up and we soon flying back to the bottom again, 5 practice runs later and it was time for the first race runs.

Coupes was away first so i wished him good look and watched him sprint away from the start – soon it was my turn, I sprinted from the line the 153 easily accelerating up to race pace and before long I was flying through the woods and over the line – 5th, Coupes on the other hand was sitting in first! but with only 10th’s of seconds separating the top 3 in the master class he new he’d after nail his second run. Meanwhile Blake was sitting in 7th in seniors.

Second runs and again coupes was away before me so after watching him off I had a quiet word with myself – I needed to absolutely nail this run if wanted to podium. I was off and stomping on the pedals, the 153 felt great, light enough to sprint on but big enough for the hits too – this time I knew I was faster and I hit all the corners smooth and sprinted for the line – 4th! I’d improved but just not quite enough – at least i could drive home knowing Id given it my best shot.

Catching up with coupes I was very pleased he’d managed to stay in first place in masters. Unfortunately Blake hadn’t improved on his 7th from his first run.

All in all a good day, the process 153DL is an awesome bike and I can’t wait to race it again.

Michael Coupe 1st masters
Richie Molloy 4th Vets
Blake White 7th Seniors

Penshaw 14th April

Blake Senior-White Race Report:

Sanctury bikes were holding a bike fest at Penshaw on the 14th of april that i managed to get to since i was missing out on the first round of the BDS.

The hour and a half trip to Penshaw was well worth it! The track started off with a decent pedaling section followed by a dip down into the woods, here it remained fast and flowy with plenty of berms and jumps to smash!

The first run went well with a time of 61 seconds. It was good but i knew there was improvements to be made.

There was no hanging about for the second run. I was streight back up for another race run! The second run came around. Since i knew there were improvements to be made all the power in my legs went into the start, giving me the speed which i carried through to the finish!

This gave me the end result of 4th in senior and overall! A great day followed by a great result!!