Farmer Johns Rd3 & North West Champs

Farmer Johns Rd3 & North West Champs

Conor Lee

Race report
Woke up Saturday morning bright and early feeling refreshed and ready to ride. Arrived at the track around 10:30 ,signed on and then walked the track. WOW was i shocked with the bottom section it looked steep, so spent all day Saturday practicing and feeling great on the track, picking out some really good lines and managing to stay on the bike ! , after practice had finished i was feeling very confident for race day. so sunday morning , was really tired as i could sleep for the excitement of racing , so arrived at the track around 8:30 and the first thing i did was talk a look at the bottom root section , oh my god what a mess , from all the rain that poored down the night before. so practice runs were really rubbish i think i made 1 full run with out falling off all the other i binned it somewhere.

Race time !
so my first race run , i was sat on the start line and as soon as i set off i was just thinking about that root section , all the way down it was on my mind, so the top section was going good , up came the root section and i ended up catching the lad who set off before me , and then he ended up falling off in front of me and into my line , well that was my run ruined , i did my best to stay on but there was nothing i could do.
second race run.
set off slower than my first race run , as i wanted to save as much energy as i could for the bottom section, so i got down to the roots perfectly fine then up came the scary section , and my plan worked i had enough energy and determination to stay on the bike and managed to get down without falling off , at the end of the day im proud of myself for racing that track and im really happy for my team mate liam for getting the win overall ! well done dude !!!
Liam McDermott

Race report
Getting up at 6am sunday morning hearing the heavy rain didnt hold out much hope for good track conditions. after an hour’s journey i arrived at the final round of farmer johns round 3. Practice went well with only minor crashes with nothing serious. i Still didnt feel confident about my run but had to get on with it.
After giving my bike a quick wash i pushed up for my first race run. the top section went well with consistent pedalling over the smooth table tops and berms. this then led into two switch backs followed by a steep rooty drop in into a root infested off camber section. This section took no prisoners, 80% of riders were dropping like flies in this section and unfortunatley i was in that percentage. i took a crash over the bars landing in the bushes. that put me back a fair bit and it was all down to my second run to make it count.

Second run came and i was ready with my line choice in my head. coming upto the off camber roots i had my line dialled. I was bouncing all over but just managed to hold onto the bike. i then stomped on the pedals weaving through the trees with my lungs burning. I crossed the line with a 1:47 which placed me in 4th.

I missed the podium that day but came first in the over series win! which sent me home chuffed to bits.
Thanks to everyone who organised the race it was an awesome day!