Farmer Johns Rd2 13th April

Farmer Johns Rd2 13th April

what better way to relax after a hard days work than with the next thrilling instalment of The Adventures of TRG Racing! this time we have Liams tale of Crashes, cracked helmets and the presuure of the number 1 race plate! read on and enjoy:

After 3 weekends of results I wasn’t too happy with it was time to head down to Stockport for round 2 of farmer johns held by Boarderline Events.
This was just a one day event for me, rich and mick. We did a track walk early Sunday morning and found there was a new section taped out in the woods. It looked pretty cool so I was looking forward to taking the Kona Oporator for a blast.
At sign on I was blessed with the number 1 race plate so expectations were high.
Practice was fun and the bike was feeling spot on, I’ve been running my front end a little lower too which helps allot in the corners. I was loving the track and soon had my lines dialled in. The rest of the team were also feeling good and were all riding super smooth. Unfortunatley Jamie had to give Sundays race a miss due to a crash the day before injuring his leg, along with Mick Hill and Coupe’s both suffering from previous weekends, but were still there to offer their trackside support. It started to look like I would soon be in the same boat as them with a big over the bars moment. I was soon surrounded by spectators and medics and was lifted off the track. I was struggling to move my foot along with pains in the back of my neck and two cracks in my helmet, I then knew it was time to relax and see how I would feel for the race. Luckily after some deep heat I was slowly starting feel okay. It was time for my 1st race run and I was sprinting hard out of the start gate. Due to the Kona’s spot on head angle and lighter frame I could really put the power down and scrub the jumps. Coming into the woods with the crowd heckling I hit my usual line feeling pinned, untill…. It happened again. I was sent over the bars and rolled the rest of the track crossing the line without even looking at my time. I was told I was 12 seconds off the leading time and knew that without a crash I could smoke it. But with injuries flaring up my mind was elsewhere. After some motivational speaking from rich and race organiser mike I used my motto ‘fresh kit fresh mind’ and whipped on my fresh race kit.
Back pedalling in the start gate I was focused and thinking my lines over. Before I knew it I was in the woods and approaching crash zone littered with hecklers hurling abuse at you. With full concentration I made it through the steep slippery shoot and made it down the rest of the track an crossed the line with a time of 1.16.48. As the rest of the expert names flashed up on the timing screen I was still sitting in 1st. The last rider came through just 0.09 behind. A breath of relief was given and I had done it, my first 1st place finish as an expert, I was chuffed to bits.
The rest of the team also did brilliantly. With Becci Skelton finishing 1st place in senior women’s closely followed by Cath Tilford in 2nd. Ben managed to place 12th in masters along Mick in 7th and Rich in 10th in the veterans class. TRG Racing had some cracking results once again, now it’s time to hit the training ready for round 2 of the British Downhill Series FortWilliam.
See you there!

Photos: Dave Clarkson

Farmer Johns rd2

Farmer Johns rd2
Around 10:30am the eerily grey clouds came over Farmer John’s mtb park. The tents were pitched in time for the showers and a track walk was in need to check out the all new track snaking down to the bottom of the wood. I must say a lot of work has been put in by Farmer John and the crew with lots of new features in place to spice things up even more, especially the bridge jump which was perfect for getting sideways for the crowd which lined the tack.Saturday was just a day to learn the track and have a good laugh doing what we love, riding our bikes. The weather took a turn for the best and got the showers out of the way and the Stockport sun came out to dry the track. The conditions were awesome and any line was possible to hit. After an afternoon of shredding it was time to really focus on line choice and do another track walk to get it drilled in. Me and the guys all rode till nearly sunset and finished the night with a BBQ and steak with some beers followed by a big bonfire.Sunday morning came around and I met with my team mates from (TRG Racing ) to yet again do another track walk to give the team a few pointers for their first runs. My two mates Jack Hirst and Oliver Barroclough decided to marshal so i threw on my kit, made some breakfast and set off up the track for my first practice run. The weather still managed to hold out and the track was running fast. Spectators started lining the track and things started getting exciting.The morning went well with just a few sketchy moments and I managed to find a new line through the bomb hole along the top with some help from James Kidd and managed to get that dialled before my race run.After an extended practice, race runs were well underway. Walking up to the top of the track riders were coming down every 30 seconds pumping and pedalling through the flowing table top jumps and super smooth berms followed by them dropping into the woods. I sat on the start gate visualising my run ahead of me. The top section I rode real smooth and quick and pedal-wheelied out of every turn. Before I knew it I was pulling a whip over the bridge jump past all the photographers and spectators then dropped off the step down into a swooping left hander that planted you nicely into two sharp switch back turns, you were then greeted by the worlds loudestt army of hecklers making plenty of noise as riders came past.

I shot off down the steep shoot but unfortunately caught my front wheel on a tree and sent myself over the bars which put me 6 seconds back from 1st sitting me in 8th position. Riders were coming down in the dry and getting in good times. I was praying for the weather to hold out but I guess I didn’t pray enough. The weather dawned on us and the rain started falling. I knew I wouldn’t be able to improve in the wet over the roots but I still give it 100%.

The track conditions changed and made it twice as hard to hit the best lines. I give it my all on the top, cased the bridge jump by managed to hold it nicely. I dropped in past the mad hecklers with plenty of encouragement and managed the higher line even in the wet. I held my line through the shoot and crossed the line in 2nd place with not many other people who improved on their wet run and finished just milliseconds off 1st place.

Riders were dropping like flies at the top of the woods but this didn’t dampen the spirits of anyone. Every racer and spectator had a brilliant time and I can’t wait to get back for rd 3.

Thanks to Farmer John, Mike Marsden and everyone else who helped make this event safe and possible, also thank you to Jack Hirst for these photos and all the other photographers that provide us with awesome pictures. Congratulations to all the racers for conquering this amazing track. I’m sure they will all be back in June. I know me an the team will be….

See you then!

Jamie Scot 1st Experts

Liam McDermott 2nd Juniors

Blake White 3rd Seniors

Mick Waud 8th Vets

Richie Molloy 10th Vets

Danny Kean ??th seniors

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