Pearce #1, Bringewood 20-3-2016


After a long winter off season last weekend brought me to my first race of the season, round one of the Pearce series at bringewood.

The Pearce series is something I’ve never tried but heard so much about so I was looking forward to seeing what they had to offer. Early Saturday morning I walked myself up the track to see what there was to tackle, thankfully the weather held out for the weekend and the track was perfect for grip and the roots weren’t too treacherous.

I was really looking forward to practice as it was looking flat out. This was my first time wearing my superb quality Flare rider jearsey and only my 3rd ride on my new 2016 GT Fury and I was loving it. This bike really is designed to go fast and stay in control. As the day passed by I was feeling good with the track and well connected with the bike and now the track was drying out more it was even faster.

Sunday morning started cold so the pants and coat were on, with just 2 runs in the morning I was happy to relax and keep myself reserved for the race. After a refuel I was set for my first race run but coming through the first section at the top my chain came off and I unfortunately had to do all my run without any pedalling which put me in last place 13 seconds behind 1st. 2nd run however went really well with only one sketchy moment which cost a short amount of time. With the track being so fast this meant the times were ridiculously close.

Overall I finished 6 seconds off 1st place which put me in 22nd place. I was really happy with how I rode but I really wanted to be further up the leaderboard but for the 1st race back i felt really strong and can’t wait to get this year in full swing and see what it brings. With our current and new sponsors I feel this will be a good season for TRG Racing.

British Downhill Series Round 5 Bringewood 24th/25th August

British Downhill Series Round 5 Bringewood 24th/25th August
Michael Coupe: British Downhill Series Round 5 Bringewood 24th/25th AugustAfter an eventful start to the season with either injury or crashing out, It was our time to take on the final BDS & I was eager to give it my all. We arrived Friday to do the all important track walk, to my surprise the track seemed quiet tame compared to some of the other rounds & to top it all off it was dry too. Whoooo!! Well that was until the next day at least.
Saturday morning we didn’t hang around and got straight onto the uplift ,which apart from being crammed into the back of a land rover like sardines turned out to be a far more effective way of keeping the riders moving and getting to the top of the course quicker. ‘Good work to all the organisers for that’ by the end of the day I was feeling really confident with the track.
Our recovering team mate Mick Hill had been on track surveillance duties looking out for new lines that could prove useful to us all. At the end of the practice me and Mick walked the track yet again which did turn out to be a very useful thing to do although you wouldn’t think so with the results that followed the next day.
RACE DAY: No rain, No mechanical problems, No injuries and No issues with practice runs it was almost beginning to sound to perfect.
SEEDING RUN: all ran pretty smooth, picked up all the lines I wanted & came through the finish with a 2.19. I was confident at this point I could knock a lot more off the time so fuelled myself up ready to hit the race run hard.
RACE RUN: The lights hit green & I was off hard on the cranks straight into the first set of tight berms, when disaster happened & my front wheel washed out sending me towards my beloved tree friends, luckily they helped keep me upright. I was back on the pedals pushing even harder to try & make up for lost time, but that proved to be a big mistake sending me off the bike yet again, this time upside down in the dreaded bramble patch. It was clear that I wouldn’t make the time back so I pushed on to the finish and still enjoyed every minute.
Team manager Rich had a few tricky moments at the top of the course but came down safe And we had a very disappointed Liam who had a big off at the bottom of the track on his final run too. But after this disappointment we put our bikes to bed, united as a team, held our heads high and continued to watch the race to see how the professionals do it!
If our hosts at the Bateman Arms B&B read this page we would like to thank you for the great hospitality and food, but do need to apologise for the mess left on the restaurant floor from Liam & Blake, if they could eat as well as they ride it would be an achievement and the heavy hand mob Mick & Rich for breaking the priceless Aston Martin model car.
Despite a bit of doom & gloom over our results we still had a fantastic weekend and can’t wait to get to the next event and do it all over again.
A HUGE get well soon goes out to Jamie Scott who is still recovering from injury. And a big thanks to all organisers for putting on a brilliant event & to all our sponsors.

British Downhill Series Round 5 Bringewood 25/26th August 2012

British Downhill Series Round 5 Bringewood 25/26th August 2012
Big rich race report:-

British Downhill Series Round 5 Bringewood 25/26th August 2012

Round 5 of the BDS and we were racing Bringewood a Pearce Cycles Favourite, we arrived Friday afternoon to find the course was baked in glorious sunshine and after a quick track walk it looked like it was going to be a fun weekend, unfortunately at round 7pm it started to rain and didn’t stop all night, Saturday morning’s practise uplifts started at 9am, as a rule we normally let the very keen riders bed the track in before we have a go but they had other ideas and for once we were the first to the top, the first run was exciting and i had more than a few sketchy moments but with the track drying and over three hundred riders hammering it it wasn’t long before it was dry and fast, i was keen to keep it

rubber side down for the weekend as i had upset my left thumb three weeks ago at round 4 and didn’t want to aggravate this old injury, so with this in mind when the thunder storms hit just after lunch i was ready to call it a day, of course there were still the hard core riders hammering it in the rain and by the time the uplifts had finished the course was almost unrideable, things didn’t look good for sundays racing.

Sunday morning arrived and we waited for an hour or so before we attempted our first sunday morning practise run, the BDS trail fairy’s had been hard at work over night and tidied up some of the hardest hit areas which was a pleasant surprise and with the sun shining and a slight breeze we were hope full that the track would dry out, seeding runs for us started at around 11am and the aim was to get down in one piece, crossing the line with a sub four minute run which seeded me in 11th place i was happy it was clean but steady, 3 hours later it was time for my race run, i was confident that the track would be in better condition and changed tyres from Kenda’s King of Traction to their new intermediate tyre the Nexcavator, with only one race run i was keen not to make any mistakes but try and let the bike go when ever possible, i crossed the line in second place with a 3:33 run which was 24 seconds faster than my seeding run and by the time the rest of my category had finished i ended in 10th place.

Well done to Liam for coming 18th in Juniors in his first National race and a sub 3 min run as well.

As ever many thanks to the BDS crew, they kept things running like clock work and the Pearce uplift system was superb.

Richard Marshall 3:33 10th place (vets)

Richard Molloy 4:10 17th place (vets)

Liam McDermot 2:57 18th place (junior)



Pearce #3, Bringewood

Pearce #3, Bringewood


Adam Hurst: Race Report

sorry its late dudes. had a really busy couple of weeks!

Friday night headed down to bringewood for round 3 of the pearce cycles series. Walked the track and then set up camp. We had some light rain over night which was great for keeping the dust down but left the rocks in the narrow middle section a bit slippery. Practise Saturday went well, managing about 8 practise runs which were probably a few too many due to being knackered on Saturday night. Walked the track once again and settled the confusion of which lines to take for race day. Had tea, had a couple of drinks then went to bed. RAIN!!!!! We knew it was forecasted but not this bad. Field was so boggy. We were dreading the first practise run. It was just like a stream, the top section had remained a little dry due to being under the canopy of tress but we knew it would be piss wet through come race time. Did one practise run Sunday morning then retreated back to the caravan. Race run time. No one was looking forward to it. Out of the two runs the second one was going better than the first until my off due to an unknown rider stopping on the track, Forcing me off line and down a ditch. 3:48.381 was the time I finally got down in which was way off pace. I guess you cant do well at them all. I’m going to take the experience from this race and take it to the next one at farmer johns. going for another solid top 10 result.