Pmba gisburn enduro 27th april.

Pmba gisburn enduro 27th april.

Tony kay race report.

Entered this race last minute on the friday as weekend weather looked good and race organiser Mike Marsden was kind enough to get me a spot.

So turned up sunday morning 8am carpark already full with racers. Found myself a parking spot and started to set up, smiling as i pulled the kona process 153 dl out of my car. Had the bike 4 weeks and still brings a big smile to my sexy face every time i see her as she is so dialed and smooth to ride.

Once set up bumped into 2 friends from masters and decided to do the loop together in practice.

Stage one was quite easy smooth single track into berms that lasted 40 secs onto a fireroad, and yes it was up hill…… for-ever! Then it lead onto hully gully a fast fun track, massive berms and quite flowy no drama.

Stage 2 was the newly done up dh track starting with the leap of faith ( a double ) then over a fire road onto the dh track with lots of drop offs then into the woods. The woods was super nice and loads of grip thanks the kenda tyre up front digging in deep.

Stage 3 started super fast over loose rocks into a tight left hand with no berm into pure dirty wet peaty mud! Had to really remember to get the gear right for this corner. Then it carried on for around 2 mins of pure bog and roots in the woods super fun and techy. Once clear of this it opened up onto a fast single track had to get the cranks in!

With no practice on the sat i knew the other guys would have a advantage over me. Once racing started i didnt go crazy tried to keep it smooth and steady. Kinda paid off as got 14th out of 109. Quite happy but i know deep down could of broke top 10. How-ever didnt want to push to hard and risk a crash as 3 nationals to hit in may and need to be 100% fit for them.

Every enduro race im getting better and better results, the kona process has defo helped me reach these results.

Massive thanks to all our sponsors means alot.

Keep shredding!!!!