Enduro Season Round Up.

Enduro Rider Tony Kay rounds up the season so far….

First race of the season was at Ae forest NDH TT 28th feb taking home 4th, super-fast fun short track with hardly any pedals needed.

Next race was at Gisburn forest my local for round 1 PMBA- 20th march, I was expecting a great result here. However, was a big eye opener, fitness was just not there my fault really as didn’t really commit over winter, so after this race said to myself need to knuckle down.

Onto the next race steel city- 16th april, great atmosphere and as always great race, took home 9th. Happy with the result as only 1.60 seconds separated the top 10, very close racing. 2 mistakes cost me a podium, but that’s racing for you.

Onto race number 4 at hammers NDH TT- 17th april, A long 3.30 none stop pedal fast flowy track! Again fitness played a big part here, was confident as the previous year I took home 2nd, could only manage 5th on the day. Didn’t help that my first run didn’t record on the timing system.

Race 5 was PMBA round 3 lee quarry- 8th may. This was a big day on the bike a nice 23-mile loop, a proper day out on the bike! Took home 7th my best result in PMBA’s so was happy, only 15seconds off 5th. A few mistakes let me down but it’s almost impossible to have perfect runs in endure, that podium is getting closer.

Race 6 was round 4 PMBA – south lakes- 5th june.

This was a strange one hardly any pedalling in-between stages was all hike a bike but was worth it for the downs. Took home 14th for this, not so great. Stage 1 let me down with 2 crashed along with stage 2 one crash! Pesky crashes costing me time for this round.

Race 7 PMBA round 5 – Kirroughtree- 3rd july.

This was a good mix of tech, fitness and flow a really good all round event.  Took home another 14th not the best result was hoping for a top 10 here again but made to many mistakes trying too hard, but had a fun weekend of racing.

Race 8 – stile cop summer series- 24 july.

This was a mini DH event on a great little fun track, 53 seconds to get down.  Really had to think about lines on this one. 1st race run made 2 mistakes so knew I could defiantly improve my 2nd run time and push for that podium! Once again got carried away made more mistakes and went 2 seconds slower???, think the lesson I’m learning this season is to focus more on control and smoothness.

Next race will see me at NDT TT august 21st!

Currently sitting in 9th for PMBA series with 2 more rounds to go. Going to give it my all in the remaining stages and get as many points as I can!

Loving the GT Sanction what a do it all bike, rock gardens, roots and jumps so balanced by far the best enduro bike I have had the pleasure to ride.

Lessons learnt so far, think more, focus and work on the bloody fitness. Thanks to all my great sponsors!!!

Plenty more races to still come this season……………

round up