Enduro Season Round Up.

Enduro Season Round Up.

Enduro Rider Tony Kay rounds up the season so far….

First race of the season was at Ae forest NDH TT 28th feb taking home 4th, super-fast fun short track with hardly any pedals needed.

Next race was at Gisburn forest my local for round 1 PMBA- 20th march, I was expecting a great result here. However, was a big eye opener, fitness was just not there my fault really as didn’t really commit over winter, so after this race said to myself need to knuckle down.

Onto the next race steel city- 16th april, great atmosphere and as always great race, took home 9th. Happy with the result as only 1.60 seconds separated the top 10, very close racing. 2 mistakes cost me a podium, but that’s racing for you.

Onto race number 4 at hammers NDH TT- 17th april, A long 3.30 none stop pedal fast flowy track! Again fitness played a big part here, was confident as the previous year I took home 2nd, could only manage 5th on the day. Didn’t help that my first run didn’t record on the timing system.

Race 5 was PMBA round 3 lee quarry- 8th may. This was a big day on the bike a nice 23-mile loop, a proper day out on the bike! Took home 7th my best result in PMBA’s so was happy, only 15seconds off 5th. A few mistakes let me down but it’s almost impossible to have perfect runs in endure, that podium is getting closer.

Race 6 was round 4 PMBA – south lakes- 5th june.

This was a strange one hardly any pedalling in-between stages was all hike a bike but was worth it for the downs. Took home 14th for this, not so great. Stage 1 let me down with 2 crashed along with stage 2 one crash! Pesky crashes costing me time for this round.

Race 7 PMBA round 5 – Kirroughtree- 3rd july.

This was a good mix of tech, fitness and flow a really good all round event.  Took home another 14th not the best result was hoping for a top 10 here again but made to many mistakes trying too hard, but had a fun weekend of racing.

Race 8 – stile cop summer series- 24 july.

This was a mini DH event on a great little fun track, 53 seconds to get down.  Really had to think about lines on this one. 1st race run made 2 mistakes so knew I could defiantly improve my 2nd run time and push for that podium! Once again got carried away made more mistakes and went 2 seconds slower???, think the lesson I’m learning this season is to focus more on control and smoothness.

Next race will see me at NDT TT august 21st!

Currently sitting in 9th for PMBA series with 2 more rounds to go. Going to give it my all in the remaining stages and get as many points as I can!

Loving the GT Sanction what a do it all bike, rock gardens, roots and jumps so balanced by far the best enduro bike I have had the pleasure to ride.

Lessons learnt so far, think more, focus and work on the bloody fitness. Thanks to all my great sponsors!!!

Plenty more races to still come this season……………

round up

National DH Champs 16-17 July

National DH Champs 16-17 July

Revolution Bike park is great venue and the weather had decided to play ball too and unbelievably it wasn’t raining in the Nog!

The track was still wet in places and very very greasy! the rooty shoot down into the first fire road crossing would see Mick crash hard! Game over for the old boy with a dead leg. Nearly as old Rich would also suffer leg injuries but just about managed to carry on, but by the time race runs came around it was a case of just free wheeling down the track to at least finish the race.

Liam as always was loving Revs and was on it all weekend. Heres his account:

“When I heard the national champs would be held at Revolution bike park I was quite excited to say the least and after a recent fork and shock service my Gt fury was running spot on. With a little rain Friday the track was damp but along came the sun and conditions couldn’t of been better. Along with rolling on my Kenda honey badgers the grip was fantastic. Practice went well along with allot of banter track side and I couldn’t of been happier with the track. Sunday soon came and I was cooking in the sun waiting for my race run. With a brilliant uplift run by the revolution bike park team themselves I was straight up and sat on the start waiting for the beeps. Due to been mixed in with the elites I wasn’t expecting miracles but I guess this took a few of my nerves away. My run was good, a little shakey but I crossed the line in a respectable time. My 2nd run however was allot smoother with very few mistakes. Overall it was a brilliant weekend and a very organised event with thanks to Mike Marsden and his team. Next stop Germany and Switzerland for the ixs! I will be keeping you updated.”

Big shout out to Farmer John and his crew for prepairing a great track and Mike Marsden for running another excellent National Champs.


Liam McDermot 58th senior champs

Richie Molloy 11th 45-50 vets

Mick Waud DNS


Megavalanche 9th July

Megavalanche 9th July

Race Report coming soon:

hazel mega2


Hazel Wakefield 5th Ladies.

BDS Rd4 Moelfre 25-26 June


BDS Rd4 was the perfect weekend, the sun shone, the uplift was fast, the atmosphere was relaxed – Oh yeah! and then it all went wrong for race runs – the heavens opened and for the first time in 2 days of riding the track was now wet. Well thats racing and these are the results:

Liam Mcdermott 25th Experts

Mick Waud 4th Grand Vets

Richie Molloy 14th Vets

2016 UCI World Cup Fort William 5th June

2016 UCI World Cup Fort William 5th June

Race report: coming soon.

BDS Round 3 – Bala 28-29 May

BDS Round 3 – Bala 28-29 May

Round 3 of the Bds was fast and dusty!

The report on pinkbike summed it up nicely “Track conditions got increasingly dry and loose throughout the day, leaving most corner blown out. Despite the blazing sun the main wooded section stayed tacky. Coming out the woods and into the open stump section, the combination of exposed roots and loose, sandy dirt had riders on edge, especially the stump gaps.”

Thankfully the team held its nerve and 2 out of the 3 came away with the results they wanted. Liam unfortunately crashed early on his run.

Hazel Wakefield 5th Elite Ladies

Mick Waud 3rd Grand Vets

Liam McDermott 38th Experts

hazzer Bala

hazel bala

2016 Hope PMBA Enduro round 3 at Lee Quarry 7-8 May

2016 Hope PMBA Enduro round 3 at Lee Quarry 7-8 May

Kelly and Tony were in action at the weekend for the PBMA Enduro at Havoc bike park. Kelly managed to sneak onto the podium with 4th and Tony grabbed a respectable 7th. Well done guys.


Static Dh RD1 – Farmer Johns 6th March

Static Dh RD1 – Farmer Johns 6th March

Well first race of 2016 Kicked off at good old farmer Johns and riding the 2016 GT FURY WORLD CUP again this year with a new fox shock and amazing paint job, that even Tim peak can see from the international space station. Although with snow and sub-zero conditions on arrival it seemed a sledge might have been the better tool for the job.
As always with fjs there are continuous track improvements going on which makes every visit exciting and this year it was clear a lot of hard graft had gone in to making it even better. The track walk was looking amazing with 2 good size drop offs right from the start, tables, rock gardens, board walk sections and not forgetting death woods. It had everything you could ask for a good days racing. With the only job being to change the front tyre for a spike, sign on and grab a brew it was a very chilled start to the day. Ex-team mate Michael Rodeo Hill came out of the wood work for the day and as usual was great support making sure we hit the fast lines and shouted at us if we didn’t!
Practice was kept to 3 runs mainly to hold on to abit of energy as the track saps the life from you when it’s wet. First run was almost my last as I hit the first table top and the lip kicked the back end up unexpectedly sending the bike in to a nose dive, thankfully that’s where the drama ended & I carried on smashing the track. Second run was much smoother on the top section but took a tumble in death woods slamming my ribs first on the muddy deck again, no major damage just a little reminder that it still hurts when you fall off! Third run went without a hitch so I felt pretty confident by this point.
After a quick re-fuel and clean down from the thick layer of mud that swamped the track and site, it was time to get the race face on and get back up the track and put a time in. The top section rides brilliant even though gravity doesn’t help much at fjs and the track was wet, you can really pick some speed up and maintain it just enough before your lungs catch fire and legs burn just as you enter the woods. The plan of attack was to take it steady to help avoid stupid mistakes, this seemed to pay off well as I crossed the line with a clean run and a time of 1.40 putting me in 1st place, but with 2nd and 3rd hot on my heels and a second timed run I knew I couldn’t relax too much.
With the track drying out, times would also tumble so I kept with the same plan for the last run, only this time hitting the top section harder and steady through the woods. All went well again at the top but losing some of the flow in the woods had a major knock on effect on the traverse sections, not convinced I had improved on the time I powered every last ounce of energy towards the finish! I glanced up at the timer seeing 1.39 just clinging on to 1st place.
Richard Molloy and Blake White also put in a great effort with a 2.19 for Rich putting him 10th and a 1.43 for Blake landing him 9th.
Big thanks to Rich and the new sponsors Flare Clothing for making us all look pro for this season even though I was told off for wearing the wrong coloured shorts- I’m sure the results will let me off….


Forest of Dean Rd2 31st Jan

Forest of Dean Rd2 31st Jan

Last sunday (31st Jan) saw the second round of the mini downhill series at the forest of dean.
We set off down south to find a track which looked flat out with loads of little compressions and jumps from top to bottom . Before the second fire road was a rooty section which was catching a lot of people out as there were many lines and the track was quite wet.
It was forecast to rain which meant the track surface would become wetter and therefore be faster rolling so i decided to keep my dry tyres on. A few practice runs later and the odd spell going down the track on my face i was feeling confident going into the race runs.
After a nap it was time to head up the hill the promised rain hadn’t really arrived which meant after 300 riders going down the track had turned to a horrible sticky mess. I set off on the run and it seemed fairly smooth and i only made a small mistake so i knew i could improve on the second run. I was sitting in tenth out of 87 with a time of 1minute 40 seconds so it was more like a hamsterley length of track rather than a “mini” downhill course.
Second run the track became even worse but my run felt loads better hitting all the downslopes of the jumps and railing all the corners i got to the bottom to find i was a second slower luckily so were most other people and i remained in tenth.
Also it was my first race on the new gt fury and its safe to say i was impressed with the bike and im looking forward to the next race.

Result 10th Seniors

Farmer Johns Race Weekend 26-27 Sept

Farmer Johns Race Weekend 26-27 Sept

Race report. Farmer johns race weekender. After many Sundays watching the rest of team race, it was good but not racing.

So I decided I was racing. But needs a bike. my nephews got a new bike So went to pick it up Friday and it was locked in his dads shed n keys was in France we both agreed it was an omen not to ride. Got home n looked at my old hard tail And wanted to race.

So I set to work on it. later that evening I was unpacked from hols n packed for racing. Saturday via the golden M. of course and a track walk with the TIlfords , a few things had change over the year and felt I could do the top section with no problems although the woods was the usual section where you need somat like a dh rig. So 6 push ups later n I had it sussed with no offs. Watching the boggy race was comical rather than a race. Night time came and the night race began. New/old team mate tony Gay had a run n got 2nd master it was a brave feet.

Then the Beer flowed till we dropped.

Race day and the sun was still shining on us. Managed to get a couple of sketchy runs wilst everybody sobered up. Forgot about the nerves until I started queuing for my run. felt like I was at fort bill. Stalled twice in the woods n got down in 1.52. Every body else had a clean run with possibility of getting a podium inc tony.

So back up the hill n thinking I could get 1.45 with a clean run. Pushed harder at the top and a cleaner run in the woods, but only knocked 2 secs off. Got me ont podium though in 3rd place. The rest of team did well. Cath 1st well done and to bens suprize 2nd. Liam 4th out of 80. Henry and tony matching Liam with 4th. Blake what happend to Blake ! James, James who ? Coopy was somewhere much more interesting ! Thanks Richard for asking me to be in team. N thanks team n everybody involved with us thanks