TRG Racing get Furious at Hamsterly

TRG Racing get Furious at Hamsterly

A team day up at Hamsterly forest was just what was called for to test our new fleet of GT Fury’s

It is say to say that after just one run everyone was smiling and the grins just got bigger and bigger as the day progressed. The 27.5 wheels which are new to the fury for 2015 really do make a difference, everyone felt faster and the bikes we just willing us to go faster on each run.

All in all a fantastic first day out on the new bikes.

Farmer Johns Champs race – 26th October

Farmer Johns Champs race – 26th October

New Boy Henry Giles tells the tale:
Farmer Johns Champs race report – 26th October

The Sunday started off with an eager mind set, sat in the van wanting to find out what all this business about a Champery section was. The track did not disappoint and had changed a lot since I had last been there for one of the previous rounds. It was hard to get a full run of the track because once you got into the woods there would be bikes and bodies scattered across the track or people clinging onto trees haha.

I took to the top of the track not so well, after finding it hard to flow through. I knew I’d just have to put the power down in my race run to make up for not hitting some of the features.

My first race run wasn’t the best, after a mistake up top which caused me to lose all my speed I was ready to make that time back up in the woods. This unfortunately didn’t happen as I had a pretty big over the bars in the first steep section, ended up in a tangled mess at the bottom of the section, grips covered in mud and saddle twisted, feel very annoyed at this point. So I went flat out to the finish and nailed the woods section the best I had all day, I was stoked and came across in second place but as the rest of the riders came down I was knocked down to 6th, I was thinking positively. 6th with a crash and sloppy top section? I could make tones of time up!

I was really fired up for my second race run, ready to nail the track like I had been in practice. I set off and had a pretty good top section, pedalled hard wherever I could despite feeling pretty tired. I got to the woods and carried much better speed into the section I crashed on, got through the section well and this boosted my confidence so I had a good bottom section but didn’t go flat out because I knew I’d had a pretty good run! I came across the finish line 8 seconds up on my first time but dropped back two more positions to 8th… After improving by 8 seconds… This was pretty frustrating!

After missing one round of the farmer johns series I was happy to still place second in the overall after an 8th, 1st, and an 8th again! Pretty sad that the season is over, I felt like I was building up to another good result after riding well the past two weekends just having some issues. This just gets me more excited for next year and racing more with the team!

Big thanks to my dad, Liam, Rich, and the rest of the team for helping me and supporting me. Onto next year!

Liam McDermot 2nd Experts
Michael Coupe 1st Masters
Becci Skelton 1st Women
Michael Hill 3rd Vets

Liam McDermott 1st FJMTB Series
Becci Skelton 1st FJMTB Series
Henry Giles 2nd FJMTB Series

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