SDA Innerleithen 16-17 August

SDA Innerleithen 16-17 August

Once again myself and rich was on our way to Scotland. But this time it was for the SDA held at the famous Innerleithen.
Around 9:15 we rocked up at Woodknowe B&B and with a quick change of clothes we dashed out to the pubs for a few quiet drinks. Due to it being the Innerleithen music festival it was no quiet drink. We soon met up with kona rider Lewis Buchanan in a noisy bar and a ‘few’ led to a few too many. With rich once again throwing down the dance moves we called it a night a little later than expected.
7am, we got on with our usual practice day prep. Arriving at the track at 8:30 we met up with TRG’S 2nd expert rider, Jamie Scott.
With not seeing Jamie since last season due to some very serious injuries it was cool to catch up again and have him back on the bike. After the track walk I had my shoulder strapped up due to me dislocating it 2weeks ago. Feeling a little more supported we headed to the uplift and put in our first run.
Along the bottom half of the track I had a little accident with a tree. At first the medics thought my knee was dislocated due to the swelling. But luckily once Ice was applied I managed to still ride. The rest of the day went great. Me Rich and Jamie were loving the track and finding new lines each time we rode it. With new narrower bars on the bike with a little rise made the Kona feel spot on. Infact I was feeling the best on the bike that I’ve felt in a while.
Feeling very confident and excited for race day we packed the van and ended the day on a high.

For tea me and rich found ourselves a very nice chinese restraunt, how very romantic it was. I stocked up on chicken and rice to get in those carbs and we hit the pub to watch the live bands. With mainly lemonade drunk and a quick dance we cut our night short and made our way back to WoodKnowe B&B for a good nights kip.
Bright and early race morning I raised myself out of bed creaking like and old door, my injuries were definitley taking a toll on my body.
We packed the van and headed to the track for one last time. Luckily it wasn’t raining but it was rather chilly. Two runs of practice got us warmed up and refreshed our memories.
1st race run we all felt we could have put on a little more, but with the SDA being a 2 race run format it’s beat to always out in a half descent time first. I was currently sitting in 4th in experts, Jamie in 6th and rich 17th in Veterans.
Going into 2nd runs it was Rich up first. He came storming down and across the line, he finished 16th which he was happy with as there was some fast old boys in his class.
Next up was me and Jamie. A quick walk down the track together talking line choice we was feeling ready.
I was down first and I was having a good run, I hit all my lines, felt right at home on the bike and my Kenda Nexcavators were gripping great. I got abit loose on the bottom and couldn’t get my feet clipped back in but holding my line I made the turns. I crossed the line in 2nd. The next rider knocked me into 3rd and I sat there on edge as the rest of the riders came down the hill. Jamie crossed the line in 7th. Considering he’s been layed in hospital and not rode a downhill bike half as much as he should of he did a cracking time.
With a sigh of relief after the last rider came down I held my 3rd place which got me a podium spot which I was absolutely chuffed about.
This was only my 3rd SDA and richie’s 1st, we will most definitley be racing this series again. Really well organised and everyone was super friendly.
Thanks to everyone at the SDA.