NDH Hamsterly TT 16th Feb

NDH Hamsterly TT 16th Feb

Team Rider Ben Tilfords account of the Hamsterly TT Race:

Hamsterly Trailbike TT, er no downhill, no wait… it’s an enduro…. Whatever it was it was hard! Having entered this last year we were all expecting the same format and tracks as before, ???, Accelerator & Nitrous with a small uphill to link them up. Standing in the car park waiting to sign on we began to hear rumours of a big climb up the fire road at the end of the track to take you into the new finish area.

Pushing up the fire road we were greeted by a young man wailing and panting, this definitely confirmed there was a climb at the end and looking at this poor guy it wasn’t an easy one. On we went pedalling all the way up to the start… we were super keen!!! Our first run down was a gentleman’s run and everything was as normal except when we go to the end of nitrous and we were greeted with the climb from hell. After Paul overtook me on this I realised straight away my chances of a decent result were just not to be. Accepting this I proceeded to enjoy the banter, friendly faces and just riding my trail bike hard and fast!

The race runs came round and I got my first reminder of the season as to why I race… what a buzz! Holding back my energy for the last climb I made way down feeling good but not fast, definitely not as fast as my practice but all I could think of was the climb at the end. When I got to it I had plenty left in my legs and pushed myself to a pain threshold I didn’t know I had. At the top I had to argue myself into actually standing up for the last descent… I am not a climber!

For my second run I decided to go all out and forget the climb I was going to deal with that when I came to it. Feeling particularly smooth and in control I was coming to the berms that I broke my hand on last January but before I could give it another thought I was on the deck trying to catch my breath… I had ridden out the top of the berm, race over!

Not the perfect weekend race wise but it was so good to see everyone and not many other husbands would get to spend valentine’s weekend racing with their wife!

Thanks to TRG, all our new sponsors and the NDH crew.

Can’t wait for the next race, it’s going to be an amazing season

Photos by Adrian Webb