TRG Racing get Furious at Hamsterly

TRG Racing get Furious at Hamsterly

A team day up at Hamsterly forest was just what was called for to test our new fleet of GT Fury’s

It is say to say that after just one run everyone was smiling and the grins just got bigger and bigger as the day progressed. The 27.5 wheels which are new to the fury for 2015 really do make a difference, everyone felt faster and the bikes we just willing us to go faster on each run.

All in all a fantastic first day out on the new bikes.

Farmer Johns Champs race – 26th October

Farmer Johns Champs race – 26th October

New Boy Henry Giles tells the tale:
Farmer Johns Champs race report – 26th October

The Sunday started off with an eager mind set, sat in the van wanting to find out what all this business about a Champery section was. The track did not disappoint and had changed a lot since I had last been there for one of the previous rounds. It was hard to get a full run of the track because once you got into the woods there would be bikes and bodies scattered across the track or people clinging onto trees haha.

I took to the top of the track not so well, after finding it hard to flow through. I knew I’d just have to put the power down in my race run to make up for not hitting some of the features.

My first race run wasn’t the best, after a mistake up top which caused me to lose all my speed I was ready to make that time back up in the woods. This unfortunately didn’t happen as I had a pretty big over the bars in the first steep section, ended up in a tangled mess at the bottom of the section, grips covered in mud and saddle twisted, feel very annoyed at this point. So I went flat out to the finish and nailed the woods section the best I had all day, I was stoked and came across in second place but as the rest of the riders came down I was knocked down to 6th, I was thinking positively. 6th with a crash and sloppy top section? I could make tones of time up!

I was really fired up for my second race run, ready to nail the track like I had been in practice. I set off and had a pretty good top section, pedalled hard wherever I could despite feeling pretty tired. I got to the woods and carried much better speed into the section I crashed on, got through the section well and this boosted my confidence so I had a good bottom section but didn’t go flat out because I knew I’d had a pretty good run! I came across the finish line 8 seconds up on my first time but dropped back two more positions to 8th… After improving by 8 seconds… This was pretty frustrating!

After missing one round of the farmer johns series I was happy to still place second in the overall after an 8th, 1st, and an 8th again! Pretty sad that the season is over, I felt like I was building up to another good result after riding well the past two weekends just having some issues. This just gets me more excited for next year and racing more with the team!

Big thanks to my dad, Liam, Rich, and the rest of the team for helping me and supporting me. Onto next year!

Liam McDermot 2nd Experts
Michael Coupe 1st Masters
Becci Skelton 1st Women
Michael Hill 3rd Vets

Liam McDermott 1st FJMTB Series
Becci Skelton 1st FJMTB Series
Henry Giles 2nd FJMTB Series

becci liamchamp coupes liam mick

Molefre 2014 Rd 5 Midland Champs

Molefre 2014 Rd 5 Midland Champs

Well this was it the final Borderline Event and sadly one of the last big races of the year which turned out to be an epic battle on every level.
Setting off early Saturday morning with mad Mick McRay we made our way swiftly towards Molefre via the famous golden arches for a heart stopping breakfast. Parking was a doddle as the field was almost empty, a quick change & we headed straight for the uplift. Thankfully there was no need to do one of our famous and meticulous track walks as we had already done so 2 weeks ago on a sneaky uplift day. We caught up with Ben and Kath Tilford who had also come down for the full weekend. Once at the top the breeze was somewhat noticeable and blowing the wrong way too, nether the less I put that to one side and put the power on the cranks to try and get up to speed. It was immediately obvious peddling was futile so a bit of aerodynamics had to come in to the equation, basically just rest your chin on the bars and look where you’re going. Picking up speed we had no sooner got going when Mick Rodeo Hill had pulled over with a puncture, so a gentle ride down from that point and back to the pits for repair and more psi. This process continued 3 times for some bizarre reason, although Molefre does have some ridiculously sharp rocks ready to shred both you and your tyres. 3 tubes later and a rim splitting 50psi we hit it again, by this point the track was drying out a bit and the speed was starting to pick up nicely, well that was until Mick turned his attention to smashing his rear mech off in one of his spectacular crashes. With Mick busy fixing, I went for another run and found myself back in the pits with a broken gear cable. With the day drawing to an end I was ready for calling it a day but mick insisted on a chainless last run which turned out to be completely uneventful for the first time that day. Thanks to a speedy uplift service and chief marshall Ben Tilford making everything run ever so smoothly we got all the practice we needed for the day. After a long day on the hills it was off to put our feet up at a local B&B for the night, fuelling ourselves up ready to attack race day.
Race day and let the battles commence. Driving up through fields trying to find our parking space from the day before, all eyes were on the lookout for the Yorkshires boys Rich Molloy, Liam McDermott and Mick Ward who decided they only needed to turn up on the Sunday. How very anti-social and to top it off they parked on another field creating a border between us Lancashire lads, never mind Mick Rodeo Hill had a master plan up his sleeve later that day. With Mick still needing to fix his steed from the day before, I got myself straight to the uplift, well that’s what team mates do isn’t it?? Reports where coming in from riders who had already come down the track that the relentless breeze from yesterday had turned into a storm force gale at the top, which didn’t fill me with enthusiasm in the slightest. Everyone jumped off the trailers, some were blown off! Everyone just piled into one big group all trying to find shelter from the insane wind. It was at this point I realised I was missing a bar end plug and without it unable to go down the track. Feeling like a proper mud muppet I raced back down the fire road to the car park to sort it. When I finally got on the track for the first practice run, the conditions where as expected with a side wind all the way down to the first corner, even thinking about lifting the wheels off the ground was crazy. With sheltered spots few and far between it was a constant battle against the elements pretty much to the finish. With the bike running as reliable as ever and thanks to a 450lb spring, taking care of the extra weight I’ve managed to somehow put on this year (fat fucker!!!!) it was down to me to do the rest of the work. On the 2nd practice run decisions had been made to bring the start further down the hill for safety reasons. Both happy with practice it was time to chill for a while. The start times where up and we all got our race faces on. With team mate Ben Tilford recovering from a nasty rib slamming crash at Farmer Johns the previous weekend, I was doing it on my own for the masters class. With the long wait over it was finally my time to rip it up. With the red light out I put every ounce of energy down on the pedals. With a successful start and no drama on the top section I came to the fast shoot down to the fire road descending like a pin ball all the way down, luckily I managed to pull it back in line before hitting the savage head wind along the traverse. With one or two sketchy moments of veering off the narrow single track it was down to the final quarter, this section was nail biting as I had lost it in a previous race once before on the final corners, but only this time crossing the finish line in 2nd place. Made up with that I tracked down the rest of the team to see how they had done. So far so good, with only Liam to come down the track all eyes were on him. When the first lot of results came in, it turned out me and Liam had a battle on our hands with me on a 2:04 and Liam on 2:05, the 2nd run would have to step up a notch. Whilst one battle was going on another was brewing in the bottom field with Mick Rodeo Hill kindly decorating Mr Molloy’s VW camper van, with the very fashionable Lancashire red rose beer mats!! Sadly Molly took a dislike to the upgrade and disposed of them immediately. Within this time the rain clouds had rolled in which meant times were going to be hard to match. At this point I was in the frame of mind of settling for 2nd place that was until the 3 trusty veterans’ came down from their 2nd run and demanded I get up the hill for my 2nd run as the wind had now calmed down up top. Sure enough things had improved but after the rain the track felt like I was riding on slicks. With another respectable run down I awaited the final time which due to technical difficulties only came in towards the end of the day, which turned out to be a fraction quicker, landing me 1st place but was it enough to beat Liam’s time ?? No is the answer with me on a 2:04.87 & Liam on 2:04.37 making it one of the closest races between us, he walked away with the crown this time. Well done to Cath for making the podium & doing it for the girls and Mr Rodeo for a very good effort with a narrow miss on the podium himself. Pedal harder the rest of you you know I’m only joking. So the final results for the weekend are as follows:
Rich Molly 14th2:40.22
Mick Ward 11th2:29.01
Mick Hill 5th 2:21.83
Cath Tilford 3rd 2:41.45
Liam McDermott 8th 2:04.37
Michael Coupe 1st 2:04.87
Ben Tilford DNS -excuse (sore ribs)

SDA Round 6 – Fort William

SDA Round 6 – Fort William

As Cath and I had never ridden Fort William we decided to go for it and signed up for Round 6 of SDA.

After a rather eventful start to our road trip involving moving a sofa for my mum, a flat tyre, my van breaking down and rental car we arrived in town and met with Andy Cody of NX2.

All of us sat down with a pint and we speculated on the race weekend’s events to come. Getting to the site we were full of nerves and excitement, on the gondola we headed up the mountain watching other riders come down through the motorway, doubt of my ability to ride the track at began to creep in. As we moved across the middle wooded section we were treated to snippets of the track all looking tight and fast. Continuing up the mountain we came to the infamous top section and it looked as fast and technical as it did watching it on TV.

My doubt of being able the track had gone from creeping to full scale disbelief!!! Practice went better than expected and we studied other racers lines and slowly put together our own. Only managing 4 runs total my body was ruined and wasn’t even able to put a full run together. Warnings of the tracks length had not been exaggerated and it was tough, putting a decent race run down felt impossible.

Race day began with nerves that I had never felt before but we pushed on and were on the track for practice. Only managing 2 runs both of these resulted in many stops and lots of reassessing lines as the woods had been pulled apart and a last minute track walk the evening before had revealed yet more lines to be had.

My 1st race run consisted of far too much braking, squaring off corners and then some more braking. I had to take several rests (not stationary of course) through the woods just get some feeling back in my arms, this was proven by a very close call mashing my head over the bars in the woods off the side of the boardwalk to flat. Coming into the motor way I pedalled as hard as could to make up for my mistakes I managed a time of 6.24.

My second run I was totally drained, stood at the top I ran through my critical lines I needed to make and rest points were going to be minimal. I dropped in and went for it pedalling at every opportunity I smashed into the rough stuff but had lost all energy by the dear gate, so having to dial it in I regained some energy for the woods and motorway. Through possibly my favourite part of the track I went into the speed trap clocking about 45kph into hip/transfer slightly over shooting it I was in the loose stuff at full pace. Regaining grip I pushed through the motorway and dropping into the elevator I was greeted with screams of “DON’T BRAKE” from the side lines, I flew in the finish with possibly the biggest grin ever!!! My final time was 6:19 and with it being my first time at Fort William I was definitely pleased with that.

The absolute highlight to the weekend was traveling up in the gondola and watching my wife Cath pin it down the mountain, what a buzz that was! Sadly Cath’s runs did not go so well and her second run she ripped her mech off taking her chance to make up for a steady 1st run but again we both walked away happy that we had just ridden Fort William. Bad luck to Andy for his crash in his 1st run and shredding his hand on the rocks, gutted bud you were flying.

Cheers to all the lads at We love mountains and Cycopath for making it a cracking weekend. And of course TRG and our sponsors.

Watch one of Bens practice runs here

BDS round 5: Bike Park Wales

BDS round 5: Bike Park Wales

I’d never been to BPW so was unsure what to expect and after the track walk, I wasn’t disappointed. It looked awesome!

It wasn’t overly technical or steep but with plenty of big man made jumps, step downs and swooping berms it was clearly going to be a super fast and fun track! Saturdays practise went well, no offs and I felt good on my bike. Even though I wasn’t making all of them, I was hitting all the big jumps and felt good through the majority of the track. There were some rapid girls in my category but I felt pretty confident going into race day.

We only had time for one practise run on the Sunday and obviously I couldn’t stay rubber side down for the full weekend. With confidence running high, I got a bit excited going over the big step down, nose dived and went over the bars. I was quite surprised to see my helmet and body pretty much intact. I then proceeded to fall off about four more times on my practise run!

A steady seeding run with a few small mistakes saw me place 3rd, I was pretty pleased as I knew I had a lot left in the tank for my race run. I had an hours attempted chill and got up to the start early to watch the old boys go down. I was 3rd to last down with Rona and Hazel behind me. I always get mega nervous before race runs but as soon as I was out of the gates and off the first drop, the nerves disappeared and I settled into race pace. I was cranking hard over the first jumps and felt quick going into the wood section. It wasn’t the quickest I’d been through the woods but it felt ok and was soon out in the open. I pushed hard for the next jumps but was slightly hesitant of the big step down where I stacked it in practise. I got over it, and the following jumps cleanly and was soon heading for the rock garden. I felt my bike doing her job as I tried to keep smooth and fast through the puzzle of jagged rocks. I came out puncture free and was on the home straight and crossed the line in 1st place with only Rona and Hazel behind me.

I gave the hot seat a quick hug and waited for the girls to come down. Hazel was on fire and took first place, with myself in 2nd and Rona coming in 3rd. I was pretty stoked with the result! I hadn’t really thought about overall standings until this point, I knew I was up there but had no idea on point standings. It turned out I took the overall win by a very tight 4 points from Bev Barnes. STOKED!

I know I’ve got a lot to work on but in my first year of racing, I don’t think it’s too much of a shabby result!

A huge thanks to my team mates at TRG, plus all the rad sponsors for their support over the year! Bring on next year!

SDA Innerleithen 16-17 August

SDA Innerleithen 16-17 August

Once again myself and rich was on our way to Scotland. But this time it was for the SDA held at the famous Innerleithen.
Around 9:15 we rocked up at Woodknowe B&B and with a quick change of clothes we dashed out to the pubs for a few quiet drinks. Due to it being the Innerleithen music festival it was no quiet drink. We soon met up with kona rider Lewis Buchanan in a noisy bar and a ‘few’ led to a few too many. With rich once again throwing down the dance moves we called it a night a little later than expected.
7am, we got on with our usual practice day prep. Arriving at the track at 8:30 we met up with TRG’S 2nd expert rider, Jamie Scott.
With not seeing Jamie since last season due to some very serious injuries it was cool to catch up again and have him back on the bike. After the track walk I had my shoulder strapped up due to me dislocating it 2weeks ago. Feeling a little more supported we headed to the uplift and put in our first run.
Along the bottom half of the track I had a little accident with a tree. At first the medics thought my knee was dislocated due to the swelling. But luckily once Ice was applied I managed to still ride. The rest of the day went great. Me Rich and Jamie were loving the track and finding new lines each time we rode it. With new narrower bars on the bike with a little rise made the Kona feel spot on. Infact I was feeling the best on the bike that I’ve felt in a while.
Feeling very confident and excited for race day we packed the van and ended the day on a high.

For tea me and rich found ourselves a very nice chinese restraunt, how very romantic it was. I stocked up on chicken and rice to get in those carbs and we hit the pub to watch the live bands. With mainly lemonade drunk and a quick dance we cut our night short and made our way back to WoodKnowe B&B for a good nights kip.
Bright and early race morning I raised myself out of bed creaking like and old door, my injuries were definitley taking a toll on my body.
We packed the van and headed to the track for one last time. Luckily it wasn’t raining but it was rather chilly. Two runs of practice got us warmed up and refreshed our memories.
1st race run we all felt we could have put on a little more, but with the SDA being a 2 race run format it’s beat to always out in a half descent time first. I was currently sitting in 4th in experts, Jamie in 6th and rich 17th in Veterans.
Going into 2nd runs it was Rich up first. He came storming down and across the line, he finished 16th which he was happy with as there was some fast old boys in his class.
Next up was me and Jamie. A quick walk down the track together talking line choice we was feeling ready.
I was down first and I was having a good run, I hit all my lines, felt right at home on the bike and my Kenda Nexcavators were gripping great. I got abit loose on the bottom and couldn’t get my feet clipped back in but holding my line I made the turns. I crossed the line in 2nd. The next rider knocked me into 3rd and I sat there on edge as the rest of the riders came down the hill. Jamie crossed the line in 7th. Considering he’s been layed in hospital and not rode a downhill bike half as much as he should of he did a cracking time.
With a sigh of relief after the last rider came down I held my 3rd place which got me a podium spot which I was absolutely chuffed about.
This was only my 3rd SDA and richie’s 1st, we will most definitley be racing this series again. Really well organised and everyone was super friendly.
Thanks to everyone at the SDA.

2014 National Downhill Champs

2014 National Downhill Champs

“I can’t miss National champs again”….. Thats what I was thinking as I was sat at the computer booking my flights for the alps, so I text rich the team manager and told him to be me into the B&B ready for a weekend of top racing. After a 2 day cut short holiday I soon landed and before I knew it I was on my way to Scotland. As it was just me and rich traveling up in the mighty TRG bus I got to sit in the front seat, something that doesn’t often happen anymore due to ‘my elder’ Mick Waud claiming his spot. So I guess I felt pretty privileged.
We soon rolled into the pro pits, that’s right Team TRG was parked opposite the big guns peaty and bryceland. After a swift track walk it was time to head to the B&B where I built up my Kona Oporator, which was still in bits from the alps. With my bike running perfectly and feeling spot on I rolled it into the van and head into town. With a plan of ‘in bed by 11’ that’s was soon ruined when we met up with Mike and pippa (event organisers) Tobi (commentator), Farmer John (track owner and race organiser), Seb Frost (Roots and Rain) and Duncan Maffey (well…. He’s as much use as a chocolate tea pot). After a few beers and a lovely meal we headed into the high street. We found a nice pub where there happened to be a band playing. Well that was it, rich came out busting the 70’s dance moves flinging his hips potentially dislodging a vertebra which could of possibly called the weekend off. Never the less we all had a great night but ended up in bed a little later than expected.
Waking up the following morning we headed out to the track, we pitched up, kited up an headed to the uplift.
1st practice run was sketchy. The roots were wet and lines were hard to remember. But later on in the day we had most of out lines sorted.
We headed back to the B&B, with a quick wash of the bikes and a shower we made our way into town sheltering under the umberella. With yet again some great grub down us with team mates Ben and cath we called it an early night ready for race day.
Early Sunday morning we got in a run 1st thing and gave ourselves a big rest before seeding. Unfortunately I wasn’t too happy with my seeding. My riding was all over the place and I definitley was not on form. Going into my race run feeling a little more confident before I knew it I was sat on the start gate waiting for the beeps to echo through the woods. I flung myself out of the start gate and with steady breathing I hit the first root section. With a minor mistake I un-clipped and lost allot of speed coming into the corner. Coming down the steep shoot I felt good. I was hitting my lines and shot across the fire road into another steep rooty section. With a big hop I cleared the most tricky part but then slid out costing me allot of time. From then on I got Into my flow and was super happy with my riding along the bottom half of the track. Crossing the line I was chuffed with how well I did on the bottom section. But unfortunately my mistakes at the top cost me too much time. I was placed 49th out of 72 in the senior champs category which was mixed with Experts and Elites.
The rest of the team all had great runs, rich placed 11th in the Veteran Category, Ben also finished 11th in the Masters Category. But then cath stole the lime light and got a silver medal! After cheering for the podiums me and rich had a quick chat with Josh Bryceland to congratulate him on his win in the senior champs category. We think we may have talked him into getting himself over to farmer johns mtb park for the next race, so fingers crossed!
With 3 weeks off from racing it’s time to keep those legs spinning so untill next time, keep upto date with what we are getting upto on our Facebook page.

Llangollen – BDS Rd4 – Death Woods

Llangollen – BDS Rd4 – Death Woods

Llangollen Downhill track is famed for it’s steepness without the addition of the top woods or to give them there official title ‘Death Woods’


Myself, Mick and Liam travelled down friday and once we were settled in our cosy holiday cottage we set of to the track for registration and track walk. The bottom third of the track was nothing new as its been used for many races, the 3 infamous drops and sprint finish preceded by the steep switch back section. After climbing this and chatting to Rachel Atherton about death woods we were soon looking at them ourselves and now understood her wry smile as we questioned her about them! We’d seen them in the dry and even ridden them, but in the sopping wet – well that was going to be interesting to say the least.


On the way back down we bumped into Peaty who decided to change the track – apparently the drop was dangerous at the speeds the top boys were hitting it – old boy Mick asked why didn’t they just put there brakes on then but this seemed to fall on deaf ears and a route to the left of the drop was tapped in!


We soon retired to Llangollen and some pub grub and the best karaoke we’d heard in a long time!


Saturday morning saw us meeting up with the rest of the team, Coupes and Mick Hill had already bagged a decent spot when we arrived and soon the van doors were open and wheels were going in bikes. I’d be lying though if I said we rushed to get in the uplift queue – Liam was man though and he went up asap with Seb Frost the man behind Roots and Rain – the rest of us decided to wait in the vain hope it would stop raining! Well that was never going to happen so eventually we decided to get out first run in, the uplift queues were tiny a sure sign that a lot of riders were thinking the same way we were or had already sacked it off!


Once at the top we found out why the queues at the bottom were so small, everyone was waiting at the top – it took an hour before we made it to the start line! with 20 second gaps between riders to try to help the flow it was obvious that it was carnage in the woods, just listening to the marshals radios confirmed this ‘red flag at 1’ or ‘red flag at 4’ were being repeated over and over again.


Soon it was my turn to tackle death woods (the rest of the gang were already in there somewhere) and sure enough ‘red flag at 1’  greeted me as I entered the first corner, from then on it was a mixture of half off’s, walking, riding where i could until I’d cleared marshal point 4 from here on down it was fairly ridable even in the wet – once out of the wood a pedally roller coaster traverse took you to the steep switch backs and on down to the drops and finally the finish line.


Back at the vans we all looked like we had been through it, not much was said, the looks on people faces said it all! With reports of riders dropping out left right and centre even the resolve of The mighty TRG wavered slightly but after a dose of man the f**k up it was decided we all had to get back up the hill to complete your 2 runs to enable us to race on the sunday. This time there wasn’t a queue at the top of the hill and we were soon under way with our second practice runs – with mixed results for us all.


I called it a day after 2 runs and decided to sort the van out for our return to the digs, the rest of the team braved it out with another run and to be fair to Liam he couldn’t get enough, clipped in and running dry tyres he was smashing it!


Back at the cottage we cleaned the bikes and our kit, and then heading off into town to meet the rest of the gang for some food and what would turn out quite a lot of beer! I think there was definitely a ‘last supper’ feel to the evening and the thought of a hang over in the morning was the least of our troubles.


Race day! and the sun was shining! but the track so far wasn’t with practice runs still being a messy on off affair. soon enough it was time for seeding and my initial thoughts were to break the beam and sit it out until race runs, but once up there and waiting to go the F**k it whats the worst that can happen attitude kicked in and I was soon away down the small sprint to the first steep corner, making a right mess of this set the tone for the whole run through death woods and I was soon caught by team mate Mick Waud who was faring slightly better than me, but basically we bumbled our way through until we could enjoy the last 2 thirds of the track.


Time for race runs and the sun had been beating down all day so hopefully the track was drying and the good news it was. With a terrible time in seeding I was first away, this time the death woods were dry and I was able to scrabble ride much more than in practice and soon was out of them and in to the long traverse down to the switch backs, I’m not sure who the supporters on the hill were that day bit thank you for the chants of TRG, TRG, TRG they really do make a difference and soon I was exiting the switch backs and my team mate Mick nibbling my back tyre, he was on a flyer, unfortunately he could hold the long left had burn after the tree drop and I un-laped myself as Mick Hill put it! well I was down and I was happy to have survived Death woods – with 101 riders that had entered either not turning up, going home or not finishing the race I was very happy to have crossed the line. The rest of the team did brilliantly, another podium for Becci (after a DQ farce!) and very nearly top ten finishes for both Coupes and Mick.


Bring on RD5.



Liam McDermott 25th Experts

Michael Coupes 11th Masters

James Hurst 31st Juniors

Mick Waud 11th Vets

Richie Molloy 13th Vets

Becci Skelton 3rd Womens

Photos: Dave Clarkson & Ian Britton

Round 3 farmer johns

Round 3 farmer johns

Michael Hills race report

Well after England failing in the world cup, it was up to TRG Racing to show the footballers how not to fail,

Picked up our 2013 Champ, Tony ‘Enduro’ Kay on Saturday morning, later than I wanted to (he needs all the beauty sleep he can get).
And off to farmer johns via the golden M for our race of the season with the North West Championship up for grabs.
The track was a tester, fast as hell up top and then into the fort bill inspired rock garden and into the tighter and twister than ever before woods.

Practice went well forcing us to slow down and not blow out off the berms in the woods. Skelton was doing her usual balls out, collecting soil samples from different sections of track (she’s a geologist dream girl).

Nighttime, solstice dual slalom time, to celebrate Ste Tomlinson’s 30th birthday. Won my first bout then gave the win to the birthday boy Ste. Cath came up short, Tony had to concede to Andy Cody, Ben was nowhere to be seen. What a brill way to end the day.

Woke up Sunday morning on my plywood mattress (never again) and met the rest of the team and off for some fine tuning ready for racing. Oops off i went snapping the rear mech hanger and collecting some samples for Becci, repaired and oops off again, more samples and yes pinned it on my last practice.

Race time, oops off again losing about 10 secs and being sandwiched between Mick and Richard. Tony snapped his chain. Becci 1st, Cath and Liam 3rd, Ben was nowhere to be seen.

Looking at the times I knew I could win it on my second race run and Tony could retain his crown, we both had it all to do. I set off smashed the top then into the woods, coming up to the bus stop and my chain was feeling left out and had an off of its own, game over, pumped my way to the finish to finish 6th overall and 3rd in the champs. Tony put a good run in 1/2 sec off retaining his crown, coming in 3rd overall and 2nd in the champs. Well done Becci 1st, Cath crashed but held on to 3rd and little Liam held on to 3rd only a second off fastest time of the day.

Thanks to all our sponsors for supporting us we’re having a wonderful season.

Michael Rodeo Hill

Next race Llangollen (the forest of death) love you mum, more than my sisters know, love you Tyler be good, love you cherry and don’t spoil bob to much. Its been a wonderful life.

NDH Chopwell 15th June 2014

NDH Chopwell 15th June 2014

Mick Waud`s race report Chopwell Woods

It was only Richie, Liam and me for this one so we all met at Rich’s to travel up in his van. After racing this venue last year on downhill bikes we knew the Kona Processes were the perfect choice. With the bikes loaded into the van and heading up north we were soon at the track.

First practice run went well, the track was smooth with tight berms at the top, a wet middle section and into the woods for the finish. After the second practice run I put the suspension into its middle setting front and rear for more peddling speed and increased the tyre pressure to improve rolling speed and reduce the chance of pinch flats already experienced by Liam and Rich. Next run seemed faster, and after a few more I was somewhere near race pace.

First race run went well with only a couple of minor mistakes. After all three of us had our first runs done it was looking good with Liam 1st in seniors me 2nd in vets. Rich was a bit disappointed in 9th but knew he had lost a lot on the first two corners, which he put right on his next run, improving by four seconds. Unfortunately Liam lost a place, finishing 2nd by only 0.087. I managed to hold on to 2nd place by going two seconds faster thanks to Liams shouts of encouragement and the awesome peddling power of the Kona Process.