Borderline Events Rd4 Caersws

Borderline Events Rd4 Caersws

With low numbers due to a bad weather forecast predicted across the uk numbers were a little low and all the fair weather riders were a little put off. But not the fantastic 4! Me, rich, mick Waud and Mick Hill grew a pair and got ourselves down to the welsh lands of caersws. I wasn’t too fussed about the weather to be honest, with it been my final points race, final bc ranked race as a junior and possibly my last race report written as a junior I just wanted a great day with my mates and a great result.
As I currently sit here writing this on the bus on the way to college I can’t help but think back what a laugh we had sliding around in the welsh mud and watching Rodeo Hill live up to his name and tumble down the hillside.
Caersws was a one day thing for us. I was picked up by rich and mick w at 5:45 and later met up with mick hill and James at McDonalds.
As we arrived at the track the rain tumbled down almost straight away. We threw our kit on and made our way to the uplift.
On out first run down I couldn’t stop laughing, to the point where it was actually affecting my riding. I was following Mick rodeo Hill down and to watch him sliding all over really made my day. We were loving it. Further down course I spotted a nice line and went for it. Unfortunatley I ended up sliding sideways towards Mick, which then caused him to look back and end up riding through the tape. With both of us piss wet through we couldn’t help but laugh. We were met by Mick w, Rich and James at the bottom of the track, all looking like drowned rats. We all agreed to keep out spirits high and get back up the hill.
Practice was going good and surprisingly I felt confident and upto speed. Race runs soon came about and up the hill on the trailer we went. I was first the first man down out of TRG. And could already feel the wind holding me back. Through the top section I was strong and in control. The conditions weren’t bothering me much until through the woods where I went a little off line to loose myself a little time. I crossed the line in 2nd place behind a local lad. The rest of the boys came down, some with crashes some without. But more importantly second runs were ready to smash.
Rich was feeling very excited as he was in front of Mick w due to a crash. We gathered at the top and tried to keep warm from the icy cold gusts of wind and lashing rain. Setting off from the start I could really feel the wind picking up. I knew I had to push a little more this run to keep up in the table. But before I knew it I was down. I jumped back on and overkill kicked in, I was down again. I rolled the rest and crossed the line with a much slower time and settled for 2nd.
On the other hand Mick Hill bagged 1st and believe it or not Rich bagged 2nd! My god he was chuffed as little mint balls. Mick Waud came across the line hard on the pedals but unfortunatley it wasn’t enough for the podium and finished 4th. He tried his best but sometimes the track gets the better of you. And this was the case. James also came in looking a little pissed off with a not so good run. But at the end of the day this was winter racing at its best.
So in a nut shell TRG Racing receive 3 podiums with ;
Micheal Hill in 1st vets
Rich Molloy in 2nd vets
Mick Waud in 4th vets
And little me in 2nd juniors.
We had an early finish and was away for 3, already thinking about next season as the sun eventually started to show.
Thank you to Mike Marsden (boarderline events) for such a great, well organised day and to everyone else who made it happen.

Borderline Events Rd3 Moelfre


Michael Rodeo Hill Crash report, Moelfre.
After a successful come back from injury with my first ever 1st place at farmer johns last week end. I set off to Moelfre with my new side kick James, with the usual macky D stop on the way. An hour later we was there walking the crass scenes, little did I know! Not much had changed from the previous races I’d done there before.
First run down went ok and steady. 2nd wanted to come out of a berm n my bike didn’t so off I went sliding down the grass looking for and finding rocks with hip n little finger
3rd run followed my bike of the track picking some thorny bushes and track tape up on the way, eventually stopping at the side of a nice man who help to untangle me and get me on the way.
Decided to soften my front a little and boom, pinned my 4th and 5th run, the confidence was there, sliding into berms and hooking into them (very nice).
On the up lift for my 6th run I got talking to some nice men from the Army Downhill Team, I asked if I could follow them as they weren’t using there loser levers(brakes) in a few places and would help me to carry more speed. Off we went and just managing to stay with them until I smash my self into a berm. Winding me like I’ve never been winded before it felt like id dislocated half my ribs, the army guys stopped and helped me to get going again. Then hitting the big jump, landing flat and bouncing me of the track, for another trip through some more thorny bushes for a good hundred yards, re joining the track momentarily only to get bucked off.
The army guys then took over the reins as one had crashed just after where I landed, so off we went again over the road gap. One had gone off the track and an other crashed watching his mate go off. So we though it best just to cruise down and call it a day and just for good measure off I went again!
After cleaning the bikes we were off to the b n b with my confidence and body bruised. Cleaned my self up and then off for a few ciders and give James a good frashing at pool, then back to the b n b and on to their massage chair(you don’t get that at every b n b) for 12 mins of pleasure/pain !
Sunday morning came to fast and was time to meet the rest of the team. We all put a good few practice runs in with out any offs and feeling confident.
1st race run, Richard got down with no incidents. Mr Waud lost the back end over the big jump losing time. My turn, got down to the straight section and off I went again got going pretty quick only to come off again(I forgot to pick some thorny bushes up). Tony boom rooky Kay tried riding down with steamed up goggles and little Liam not quit smashing a berm half way down.
All of the team felt they could do better, the only problem was the heavens and opened and the track got a little bit wet. I got a clean run until I caught a rider up losing me a little time but still improved my time. Tony knocked about 5 secs off his time.
Crash results:- Michael Hill 7
Michael Waud 1
Liam McDermott 1
Tony Boom Rooky Kay 0
Richard Molloy 0
Glad to be keeping the winning streak going!
I’d like to say a big thank you to Richard and all our sponsors for a brilliant 2013 session and really looking forward to the support in 2014, Michael Rodeo Hill



After a long excited wait for farmer johns race weekend I was soon packing the car with my tent and bike ready for a weekend of madness. 

A quick pitch up of the tent and practice was underway. There had been a few changes on track and it was running sweet. The most tricky part of the track for me was one rooty off camber corner. But after far too many attempts I had it dialed.
All the team we’re having a right time and it was good to welcome our new team members, Ben and cath into our team. This was their first race for us so both were hoping for a cracking result.
Strangely enough the weather was on form and I was looking forward to the fancy dress race that evening. The lights were lining the track ready for us nutters to fly down in fancy dress. A quick change later into my clown outfit everyone was ready in their costumes some funny, some strange and well…. Some just odd. The darkness dawned on us and the lights were lit.
This was by far the funniest race I have done. The atmosphere was amazing with the hecklers and everybody was having a good time.
We had two race runs on the loomy track filled with berms, smoke, darkness, camera flashes and noise. I came down with a time of 34seconds Which put me in 3rd place.
I must admit the rest of the night was pretty wild. With the redbull dj blasting out the dubstep we were even having a mosh pit with josh bryceland!
Waking up in the morning myself, Blake,Danny, Tony Ben and cath felt fine. Mick hill on the other hand felt a little worn after a few beers and his nice little lie in. We were soon greeted by team manager rich and team mate mick Waud. A few hand shakes later we were back on track for our morning practice.
Racing commenced around 1pm and before I knew it I was sat in the start gate. I knew what I had to do and kept myself calm. Powering out the start gate and down the log steps I was into a sprint even keeping my cranks spinning in the air, there was no slowing me down. I was feeling stong and fit (for once).
Entering the woods a spectator was shouting stop with no red flag, I saw in the distance a rider getting up. I could tell he was okay so I ignored him an carried on. As I his the berms at top speed and leant into the floor my head narrowly missed him….. With my kenda nevagals holding my grip it was the best overtake I have done. The crowd couldn’t believe I got away with it and I carried on steaming through the woods. Through the bottom of the woods I heard my name being yelled and horns being blown. Hopping over the roots I hit hit my lines and put in such a smooth run. I crossed the line in 1:16. Currently in 1st I felt confident for my second run. But I knew the fast lads still had enough left for a fast run. We all had a cracking run, with Blakey also in first in the hard tail category he was also feeling confident.
I had less pressure for my second run and I was really looking forward to getting stuck in.
Through the top half of the track I was speed tucking, pedalling where I could and and pumping every little hump. The wood section was a little out of shape but I made it through clean. I powered through beating my time by a fraction of a second. That was it. There was nothing more I could do but it was plenty enough to keep me in 1st place.
All my team mates also got excellent results with new team member cath bagging a 2nd in the women’s category, Mick HIll 1st vets, Richie Molloy 12th vets, Mick Waud 4th vets, Tony Kay 3rd Masters, Ben Tilford 6th masters and Danny Kean 13th seniors.
I must say it has been the best weekend I’ve had in a long time. Just want to say thankyou to everyone that made this event possible. And our sponsors who continue to be great.



It’s not all downhilling…. well it is most of the time but this weekend Tony Kay decided to bike up the hills before racing down them, here’s this race report:

Omg gravity enduro round 5 done!!! Hell of a weekend but loved it !
Seeding started on Saturday with me getting a front flat about 30 seconds into the track and i decided to still ride it down on the rim with every one cheering me on ha finished with a 2.52 and still wasn’t last with a flat should of got a 2.05-ish.
So Sunday stage one which is also the seeding run and stage 6 I set off. Being seeded near the back I had slow riders in front of me but the guys in front were nice enough to let me past if I did catch them. So setting off on stage one I caught my 20 second rider in front of me quite quick with-in 40 seconds or so, only 10 seconds later of passing him another front flat tyre I couldn’t believe it as I was flying trying to make up for the seeding time. So decided to push down this time to avoid smashing my rim. Got to the bottom in last place ha and quickly changed my tube which was a pain with a crappy small pump. By the time I had made it to stage 2 all the masters had gone and I received a 3 min time penalty Did stage 2 with no real problems apart from being tired as hell from rushing to get the stage 2. Stages 3,4,5 went really well with me catching my 20 seconds guys on every stage and on stage 5 made 40 seconds as caught the next guy as well
Ok onto the last stage the dreaded seeding stage, stage 1!!! I set off smashing it as fury took over me, over took my 20 seconds guy again and as i approached the last 500 meters chain decided to jump off in front of all the crowd ! Everyone was shouting run, run, run to the finish but with there being a smallish double and people taking pics I thought….. Nope no running I’ll get this chain back on and throw some nice whippage over the double for the crowd !! Boom they loved it as went big
So if it was for no mechanicals would of been in the top 20 with no dropper post and bike that weighs a tank! bring on next season when I have a enduro bike and fitter but all in all a great weekend and great lads and sick tracks.



Blake Senior-White Race report llangollen. Race weekends tend to start on Fridays this one was to be no different. as we neared llangollen on Friday evening the weekend started off by pretending to be Michael Schumacher and giving tony okay a run for his money in the transit turbo we arrived and managed to get a track walk in before the sunset. i was feeling pretty confident as the track had a quick sprint along the top then it was all about smashing the turns to the bottom. Saturday was good the weather and uplift included we all managed to get plenty of runs in and I think I’m safe to say we were all fairly confident ready for racing Sunday. I decided to stick with the Kenda nexcavators as i thought they would dig in better than other tyres. after a stroll into town with a few of the others i decided to head back to the van and the local police were kind enough to give me a lift… bonus we all gathered for a quick ‘prep talk’ Sunday and practice seemed to go smooth enough. Team coach mick turned up and was giving us encouragement which is always nice. Next thing I’m setting off from the start gate I powered across the top before dropping in to the steep stuff it was all going to plan until I got to the final corner where I slipped out and lost a pedal I got it back on just before the first drop but obviously it wasn’t good enough as I then slipped a pedal and had most probably the biggest crash I’ve ever had and my weekend was just about over. I was hurting a bit but I gave the second race run a go and it was nowhere near as good as it should have been. The good news is however Coupe and Liam both got under 2 minutes and Tony and Rich both got down the hill safe and did well in their respective categories. next week Fort William awaits us