SDA RD2 Glencoe

SDA RD2 Glencoe
Blake Senior-White
Round 2 of the sda was at glencoe a place where id been before so i was looking forward to it. First thing saturday morning i walked the track with Jamie Bambi Scott to find it was the red run which i didnt know what ro think we saw some interesting lines and were exited for the day ahead.The first run came around and the track started at the same place as the black route but then there was a long flat straight which wasnt too exiting. The track thenwent through a high speed rock garden through a few corners and then a sprint to the finish.The uplift had small ques and didnt stop throughout the day which meant 10 runs were easily achueveable.sunday came around and the track had changed overnight it had turned into a horrible muddy slogat the top but the rest of the track was really grippy anf fun.

1st race run came around and the hill was covered in fog ,i crashed near the bottom and jamie got a punchture. 2nd run was just plain slow for me and jamie had a crash so we,d both had better races but were looking forward to innerleithen next week.

BDS RD2 Fort Willaim

BDS RD2 Fort Willaim
 Liam Jordan McGermott: BDS RD2 Fort William

After months of excitement the bagpipes were calling Trg racing to the Scottish highlands for the second round of the Saracen British downhill series at the great al mighty fortwilliam.
I have rode the track in the past and its always been an aim for the past 4 years to race there. Well this weekend it was my time to give it a shot.
Travelling up the weather was to be honest a little crap. I was hoping for sun and dust but that wasn’t likely. The rain came down, the wind picked up and there was no sign of it stopping. My spirits were still high from excitement and it was only a matter of time before Saturday morning came around and all the team were hooking their aluminium horses onto the gondola to make our way upto the top of big bens little brother anarch moor.
I was rageing with excitement as I made my way to the start gate. 1st run was smooth… Well kind of and was super fun. This year I’m much stronger and didn’t suffer too much with arm pump. I followed team buddy MR Blake white down from the deer gate and just managed to miss riding over him when he took a crash over the bars an slid down the rather large rock face. But Blake been the broad yorkshire stallion he is he jumped back on and we completed our run with a few stops at some sections to check out line choice. Me and the whole team put in a few more runs and took a little break until the showers passed. Coupes descided It was time to call it a day with his bad shoulder injury and thought it was best not to race. And to get pissed instead that night and rest his shoulder for Innerleithen.
After 3 runs we were told that our seeding runs would be held on the Saturday. My seeding went okay to say the least. I got down in one piece without and crashes and crosses the line in 8th later to be pushed back to 20th with a time of 5:49. I knew I could make up some time in certain sections. Especially the woods which I was struggling with. All the other lads came down and all did great too. We all felt confident for Sunday. But for now Saturday was done with and it was time for the hotel restraunt!!!!
All the guests silently eating their haggis looking over the lovely view of the loch and mountain were soon enough disturbed by us noisy lot coming in , ordering drinks and moving furniture about. We all had a great laugh over drinks and food reflecting on the days antics. Poor Danny had us all in stitches with his simple remarks. And Blake well nothing else has to be said.
Right!! Race day it was. And the weather wa still shitty. But was better than practice day. I only managed to get in one run with Danny boy as my forks blew and leaked oil all over my front brake. But before all that we caught up Greg Minnarr in the woods and he gave us some lessons in line choice. It was a pleasure to speak to him and he was super cool, no guy better than Minnarr himself to get line choice off.
Back at the van my forks had to be sorted along with my brakes. Luckily coupes was there to offer his assistance to fix my bike for me. I borrowed his spare brake, he fixes my forks and trued my rear wheel. What a guy!! That’s what team mates are for.
Bike sorted race runs were underway and it was the old boys up first. Molloy, Mick waud and Mick hill went up the hill. Sometime after my nerves kicked in and with words of wisdom from my mum i put my bike on the gondola and before I knew it I was sat on the start gate back pedalling my cranks taking deep breaths just waiting for the beeps. I powered out of the gate over the hip jump and into the smooth swooping berms winding down the hillside. On the board walk I got set to be spat into the all famous rock garden. Keeping left then cutting right I Hammered down the rocks keeping each section as smooth as I could. Just after the deer gate I pulled my tear off and shot into the wood section with a clear view. Even after checking my lines for ages in practice I still struggled to make it through clean. I ended up un-clipping and rode the woods with no feet and was unable to clip back in until the ladder drop as I landed. It was down a long straight and onto the visit Scotland wall ride followed by a super fast shoot which led you into a sharp left sending you into a river gap jump. I was just the last bit of the woods to ride and I got on the cranks upto the bridge and let go down the motorway section with no braking. Hitting approx 35mph you was flung into a hip jump and into the rather large tabletop jumps. It was on the cranks again and over the big step down into the steep rolling drop followed by a few drops towards the finish. I was smashing the cranks at this point and even pedaing in the air to throw the front wheel over the line. I was in 3rd with a time of 5:36 but that wasn’t it. There was still plenty of fast boys to come. I lost count of my position so I descided to wait until the results were up. I met up with the old lads and waited for our senior riders Blake and Danny to come down. We cheered them on and the both crossed the line in good position with good times. All the team descided to walk upto the motorway section to watch our expert rider Jamie Scott and near enough team mate James Kidd come through the tabletops. Unfortunately James had a flat on the front and didn’t look too happy as he rolled past. Jamie came smashing through Obama his way to the finish arena. Once every rider was down the track we made our way back down to check our results.
I managed to place 19th overall in juniors. I wasn’t too happy with my result as it would of meant allot to have become further up the table but a few mistakes made on track added to allot of time on such a long track. I have been told I’m too hard on myself but I guess that’s the way I am.
Looking back on the weekend it was great! Spending time with the team and having a laugh are just a few things we can reflect on but more importantly we all didn’t die.
Thanks to everyone involved in the bds and well done to all my awesome team mates who all did great. And especially coupes for been our mechanic. Most appreciated.
Next stop….. Bds rd3 Innerleithen.
See you there

Blake Senior-Whites: BDS round 2 Fort William.

After the mammoth drive taking 6 hours i woke up saturday morning to find the weather was on no ones side. Before i knew it i was going up to the top looking over the Scottish highlands from the gondala. After trying to memorise the track from last year i had a massive over the bars resulting in a cracked helmet peak with a bit of evostick put right.

After a few more runs getting to grips with the track seeding runs had been brought forward due to the bad weather forecast for sunday. Seeding was steady giving me 25th position which i wasn’t too pleased with but i knew there was more to give on sunday.

All the team then went for tea at a pub in Fort William which was a good laugh. After a beer in the van we retired for the day ready for sunday.

Sunday morning there were no ques for the uplift so two runs were easy to get in before race runs. Micheal Coupe then came to Liams and Dannys rescue by becoming team mechanic after a crash in saturday practice. Race runs then came around, which were running on time. I set off from the top feeling confident and strong. Its was all going to plab until i entered the woods and slippes on a roots resulting in me hitting a tree. I got got myself back together and finished in 28th out of 67.

Welldone to Liam getting 19th in juniors, Jamie 28th in experts, Danny 49th in senior, Mick hill 11th, Mick Waud 13th and Rich Molloy 15th all in vets.


Steve Peats Steel City

Steve Peats Steel City
Liam McDermotts race report from steel city,

Last week it was the Steve peat steel city race at greno woods in Sheffield. I have been looking forward to this race for a while as last years was good fun.
This year the race fell on may 4th and the event just had to be starwars themed. It was time to dress up as Luke skywalker/princess lala.
Saturday morning I arrived in the car park only to see riders in ‘normal’ riding kit. (No fancy dress). I thought bollocks to it I’m doing it anyway. I signed on and made my way to the track. After a few laughs and odd looks I put in a run to check out the track. The track was awesome for a mini DH race. Super flowy and surprisingly quick. As I was making my way down I got plenty of laughs from the spectators and lots of banter from the hecklers. I reached the bottom of the track and pushed back up for another run.
Soon enough I me up with my team mates rich, both micks and coupes. They were loving it too. Infact everybody seemed to be. After around three runs later we all called it a day for practice and refuelled our body’s ready for our race runs.
12:40 I was sat on the start ramp hearing the beeps, ready to smash in a fast time. I sprinted out of the start gate and through the first berm section and over the gap jumps. I hit the big gap and whipped it for the crowd. Around 30meteres later my chain came off my front chain ring which caused me to pump down most of the track without pedalling. I crossed the line and put in a strong 2nd place.i was very shocked and I knew if my chain stayed on I would be within a good chance of getting the podium.
2nd runs came around and I mirrored my previous run up until the big gap where I kept it low and stamped on the pedals as soon as I landed. This time my chain stayed on and I sprinted into the second section of the woods followed by some super smooth berms and jumps. The finish was in sight, with my legs burning I sent it off the finish drop and across the line. Only beating my previous time with no chain by 3 seconds! That put me in 1st place which secured me a podium finish.
That was one of my jobs finished, it was then time to do my 2nd job…. Cheering my team mates on. Unfortunately coupes couldn’t do his second run due to a shoulder injury but he managed to walk away in a strong 10th position out of 58 only after one run! Both micks and rich made their way down the track with me stood at the side offering my support with a megaphone shouting a little abuse the get their old legs pedalling. All 3 made it down with great runs under their belt. We all reunited shook hands and got some food.
Once the race was over it was podium time. I was so happy to have my medal given to me by one of my favourite racers and ultimate legend Mr Steve Peat. I also won some chromag bars and a seat, which have come to great use already.
It had been an awesome day and I really didnt want it to end. Winning Steve peats race and shaking his hand really made my day.
Well done to my team mates Michael coupes 10th/58 in seniors, Rich Molloy 18th/31 Michael Waud 13th/31 and big Michael hill 10th/31 all in the old man veteran category. Well done guys!
Quick Thankyou from all of us at trg to the event organisers, sponsors, medics, spectators and all the rest. And Steve peat himself!