Farmer Johns rd2

Farmer Johns rd2
Around 10:30am the eerily grey clouds came over Farmer John’s mtb park. The tents were pitched in time for the showers and a track walk was in need to check out the all new track snaking down to the bottom of the wood. I must say a lot of work has been put in by Farmer John and the crew with lots of new features in place to spice things up even more, especially the bridge jump which was perfect for getting sideways for the crowd which lined the tack.Saturday was just a day to learn the track and have a good laugh doing what we love, riding our bikes. The weather took a turn for the best and got the showers out of the way and the Stockport sun came out to dry the track. The conditions were awesome and any line was possible to hit. After an afternoon of shredding it was time to really focus on line choice and do another track walk to get it drilled in. Me and the guys all rode till nearly sunset and finished the night with a BBQ and steak with some beers followed by a big bonfire.Sunday morning came around and I met with my team mates from (TRG Racing ) to yet again do another track walk to give the team a few pointers for their first runs. My two mates Jack Hirst and Oliver Barroclough decided to marshal so i threw on my kit, made some breakfast and set off up the track for my first practice run. The weather still managed to hold out and the track was running fast. Spectators started lining the track and things started getting exciting.The morning went well with just a few sketchy moments and I managed to find a new line through the bomb hole along the top with some help from James Kidd and managed to get that dialled before my race run.After an extended practice, race runs were well underway. Walking up to the top of the track riders were coming down every 30 seconds pumping and pedalling through the flowing table top jumps and super smooth berms followed by them dropping into the woods. I sat on the start gate visualising my run ahead of me. The top section I rode real smooth and quick and pedal-wheelied out of every turn. Before I knew it I was pulling a whip over the bridge jump past all the photographers and spectators then dropped off the step down into a swooping left hander that planted you nicely into two sharp switch back turns, you were then greeted by the worlds loudestt army of hecklers making plenty of noise as riders came past.

I shot off down the steep shoot but unfortunately caught my front wheel on a tree and sent myself over the bars which put me 6 seconds back from 1st sitting me in 8th position. Riders were coming down in the dry and getting in good times. I was praying for the weather to hold out but I guess I didn’t pray enough. The weather dawned on us and the rain started falling. I knew I wouldn’t be able to improve in the wet over the roots but I still give it 100%.

The track conditions changed and made it twice as hard to hit the best lines. I give it my all on the top, cased the bridge jump by managed to hold it nicely. I dropped in past the mad hecklers with plenty of encouragement and managed the higher line even in the wet. I held my line through the shoot and crossed the line in 2nd place with not many other people who improved on their wet run and finished just milliseconds off 1st place.

Riders were dropping like flies at the top of the woods but this didn’t dampen the spirits of anyone. Every racer and spectator had a brilliant time and I can’t wait to get back for rd 3.

Thanks to Farmer John, Mike Marsden and everyone else who helped make this event safe and possible, also thank you to Jack Hirst for these photos and all the other photographers that provide us with awesome pictures. Congratulations to all the racers for conquering this amazing track. I’m sure they will all be back in June. I know me an the team will be….

See you then!

Jamie Scot 1st Experts

Liam McDermott 2nd Juniors

Blake White 3rd Seniors

Mick Waud 8th Vets

Richie Molloy 10th Vets

Danny Kean ??th seniors

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Borderline Events Rd3 – Moelfre

Borderline Events Rd3 – Moelfre
A last minute descission made the night before race day based on Saturdays good weather saw me and Richie setting off at the crack of dawn to molfre with my mate pyro Hirst (jack Hirst) as our photographer for the day.
We had high hopes for good weather after all the great reports we had back from Saturdays practice. We arrived at the track around 8:45am just in time to sign on and get ready for the first uplift. The skies were looking a little grey and we heard on the great vine that rain was forecast for the afternoon.
Practice was going well and the track was super fast and dry. We even saw dust!! I tried squeezing as many practice runs I could in the morning as the track was totally new to me.
1st race run came and I was really looking forward to racing this super fun track in the dry. I smashed on the pedals off the start and dropped down into the steep hillside sticking to my lines. I didn’t give it 100% on the top section as I wanted to put in a steady time to put me up the board to give me my bearings. The rest off the track went smoothly and I hit all my lines that were made last minute in practice. I reached towards the bottom of the track and saw the spectators heckling each rider on. I knew I was on a smooth runs so i gave into the temptation and pulled a whip for the crowd on the 4X jumps. Had to be done… I crossed the line in 1st place and stayed there for most of my category until I got pushed back into 4th place towards the end.
I knew what I had to do to shave allot of seconds off my time in the second run so my mind was set on what I had to do. Unfortunately the rain came and the wind picked up. I set off once again off the start but felt the wind pushing me back and the rain made it almost impossible to see out of my goggles. I then knew it would be impossible to beat my time. ‘i was like braaaapppp…. then the front end tucked’ When hitting the first two big berms with barley any vision and ended up washing out. I jumped back on and carried on my steady run down the track knowing I would have to stick with my 1st run time. I crossed to line around 20-30seconds slower and not very happy and remained in 4th position just missing out on the podium.
Overall We all had a great day and to say me and Rich only had the morning to practice I think I was been abit too hard on myself.
Well done to the rest: Rich Molloy, Danny Kean, Tony Kay, and team Cycopath riders Ben Tilford and Cath short (3rd position) well done guys.
And thanks allot to everyone who made the event run smoothly especially mike Marsden. Cheers!!!!

SDA Round 1 – Innerleithen

SDA Round 1 – Innerleithen – Jamie Scott

Even for what could be called my “local” race the weekend begins on the friday, packing, cleaning and checking the weather forecast almost every half hour. Car packed and ready, it was time for an early night.

Saturday morning begins as most do in the racing season, with my body telling me I am awake far too early… but hey, an hour and a half later I rolled into the pits, parked up and hit the track for track walk. Quite often at Innerleithen I find myself standing on a corner during track walk not knowing where the hell I’m going to go but this problem did not arise with this track, it was pretty much one line and flat out! Back to the bottom, a quick coffee and tyre change and it was time to join the uplift queue.
We had all been promised over the tannoy that we no longer had to do the almighty pedal to the end of road and that we would be getting picked up from the car park… that lasted about 10 minutes. Unfortunately by this time the queue had swelled and threatened to burst its banks. This continued for the whole of saturday practice and so getting as many runs in as possible became the mission! I managed to bang out 5 good runs, hitting my lines and finding some pace. The track didn’t change much all day except for a few lines missed in track walk becoming ever more handsome. One of the main challenges of the track was the top section, proving quite difficult to link up nicely but once you got out into the open you were spat into some awesome high speed jumps and bus-stops. Although the jumps were a bit small for the speed they were hit, whips were to be had all day long!
Coming off the high speed motorway back into the woods saw you hard on the brakes and slamming into corners as if a spare set of wheels was ready for you after every run – it was great fun! With practice over it was time to pack up and head home – i couldn’t wait for my fajitas!!

Another early morning on Race day in order to get to the track in plenty of time as first uplift was at half eight. With my bike and kit all lovely and clean from the night before I got myself ready and pedalled along for a nice confidence building practice run. I was hoping to get two practice runs in before uplift closed for racing but it was not to be. The one run i had, had to do.
I was lucky enough to arrive at the top with Scotty Mears in front and we decided to do a run together, and so my one practice run turned out to be a flat out eye opener!
With practice over and desired lines hit it was time to clean the bike and get the race kit on. Race prep finished, energy consumption became the main objective – two bacon and cheese panini’s, mmmm yes please!
I had plenty of time to kill as my first race run was not until 2pm and it was still only half eleven. The rain had been spitting all day but yet the track still remained dry, apart from the very top. But the weather forecast said it was to chuck it down after lunch time and so I thought I’d be sneaky and throw the spikes on! – bad idea! My race run came but the rain didn’t and so I was the only one sitting at the top with full spikes on. Needless to say despite my best efforts the high speed bottom was a slog and i felt as if i wasn’t going anywhere. I was in eighth place after first runs and I knew I could make up a whole heap of time just with a simple tyre change, so i got on the job!
Bike once again clean and tyres changed I was ready for my second run. In place of my spikes I had chosen the Kenda Nexacavator tyres as they roll very fast and provide great amounts of grip under braking. Time was pushing on now as the race was an hour behind, but the sun was out and the drizzle was kept at bay, which was good news for my goggles.
The countdown began, “15 seconds”, “10 seconds”, “BEEP!” and i was off! instantly I noticed the Faster rolling tyres but I soon got that out of my head and focussed back on the run. All was going well until in the middle of the track in a steep shoot where I decided not do as I had in practice all day yesterday and today and ended up in an embrace with a tree. A mad scramble to get back on my bike quickly followed and I was back into my run, pushing hard to try and scrape back what I could. Unfortunately it was not enough and although coming down 5 seconds faster than my first run I still finished in 8th in Experts with a time of 3.42.7

Even with a slightly disappointing result I still had a fantastic weekend.
A big massive “braaaaap!” to Team Rock Garderner
My bike once again ran like a dream, thank you FreeFlow Bikes
and well done to my fellow team mate Blake Senior-White

Penshaw 14th April

Blake Senior-White Race Report:

Sanctury bikes were holding a bike fest at Penshaw on the 14th of april that i managed to get to since i was missing out on the first round of the BDS.

The hour and a half trip to Penshaw was well worth it! The track started off with a decent pedaling section followed by a dip down into the woods, here it remained fast and flowy with plenty of berms and jumps to smash!

The first run went well with a time of 61 seconds. It was good but i knew there was improvements to be made.

There was no hanging about for the second run. I was streight back up for another race run! The second run came around. Since i knew there were improvements to be made all the power in my legs went into the start, giving me the speed which i carried through to the finish!

This gave me the end result of 4th in senior and overall! A great day followed by a great result!!

BDS Rd 1 Combe Sydenham

BDS Rd 1 Combe Sydenham


BDS Rd 1 Combe Sydenham Michael Coupe.
The long awaited BDS rounds were finally upon us, the Friday morning commute to work was replaced by a much more relaxed approach . It started by meeting team mate Mick Hill & Danny Kean, to load up the van with every tyre and spare bike part we could get our hands on. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day they say, so we made sure we did just that and called in for a cheeky Tesco’s finest ‘full English’ in order to help us on our way for the longest 4hr drive in the world.Finally we arrived in Combe Sydenham which welcomed us with cueing traffic for as far as the eye could see, but we found ways to pass the time with cookies and sausage rolls to hand so all was good. Eventually we broke free from traffic and hit the county lanes to the main event. As we approached the main entrance we became lost in a sea of motor homes and tents, not to mention the mud which was to become everyone’s worst nightmare. We parked up and set out for the dreaded track walk, all seemed ok until we got just over half way and looked at the 30ft step down. We new at this point it was no average race course and would have no choice but to tackle it head on.Track walk completed we left the boy scouts Liam, Danny & Jamie behind to make their beans on toast, whilst me Mick Hill & Rich Molloy booked ourselves in for a cosy night at a local B&B. The next day we woke up to a very wet Combe Sydenham but thankfully courtesy of Mick Hill he provided us all with some new slick water proof coats which came in very useful thanks again Mick.As the day went on the track conditions went from good to almost impossible, what was once a smooth corner became a deep rutted mess and all parts of the track became a pedalling frenzy just to maintain some speed. By the end of the day we all had tales to tell of crashes and near misses which left us all a little nervous for race day.

Race day- Mick Hill, Rich and I arrived back at the course refreshed & ready for the last practise runs before the race. After giving Mick Hill some re-assurance that everything was going to be ok we made our way to the top of the track with only minutes to spare before they closed the track for race runs. Mick Hill & Rich were the first to set off, I wasn’t far behind when I fell off in the forest section, I jumped back on the bike to find my pedal had snapped off. I had no choice but to pull off the track and coast back to the finish & begin the mad search for a spare set of pedals.-Thanks Rich!

Back at camp/services I caught up with the happy campers Danny, Liam & Jamie who were doing last minute checks & cleaning off the thick mud that was clogging just about every part of the bike. Finally we all made our own way to the start ready for the seeding run, my seeding run turned out to be the first full run down the track at speed , having a few near misses on the way down I made it clean and new I could improve on the time for the all important last run.

After an hours break it was back to the top for the race run which started out a lot faster, all was going well until I got to the 7ft drop down onto the fire track were I found myself looking down at the ground & not the entrance to the forest, needless to say it didn’t end well. I was slammed into the fire road winded & unsure if the bike had been damaged. I pulled of the track & called it a day & luckily I came away with just sore ribs & a bike still in one piece.

Once I had made my way to the finish I was able to catch up with all the team & see how everyone else had got on. Sadly we had no podium positions this time but I think we all left knowing what we needed to improve on. The main thing is despite the weather & track conditions, Liam nearly loosing his man hood on his seat, Danny nearly lost his finger in the car door & I receiving my first DNF we were still smiling & still had an amazing and fun weekend. And a hats off to Jamie for fastest of the day through the speed trap! 45.22 km/h

Mick Hill 18th 4.04 sec Rich Molloy 22nd 4.35 sec
Jammie Scott 20th 3.11 sec Liam Mcdermott 13th 3.11 sec
Danny Keane 42nd 3.33 sec Michael Coupe (DNF)










Farmer Johns Rd1

Farmer Johns Rd1

Photo by Arron Chorlton

Photo by Almost a Bike Shop
Photo by Shane Millen
Race Report: Michael Hill.

After the clocks springing forward and setting off at 6/7.30 spoiling my lie-in, I was off to farmer johns with coopy, only an hour away for some but much longer for others, Jamie Scott traveling from Scotland the day before. The golden M drew us in again and I was all bagaled up for the race ahead mmmm.
I walked the frozen track: there had been a lot of work done and a few interesting additions and the usual slippy section in the woods. For some reason I was feeling confident at getting a spot on the podium. Was it the Kenda tires, the work on my engine(spinning and more spinning), new frame, team and family support may be all five.

After meeting up with the rest of the team we were off on our first practice run, it was rolling so well at the top of the course I didn’t feel the need to peddle in to the gap jump, what a stupid mistake that was, hitting the lip on the lander and nearly going over the bars but caught it with my groin(see picture!), so they do come in useful occasionally, peddle I did the rest of the runs, with the track thawing out nicely every run was getting better and faster for every one.My 1ST race run went very well indeed – putting a time in that put me 2nd, Liam n Coopy were provisionally 1st with their times and Jamie, Blake and Danny putting some nice runs in with trg heckling (supporting) them on there way. And as for as captain Molloy he stood up to the challenge and popped himself in the top 10 well done. Could we keep the results, not all is the answer.

I thought I’d put a blinder off a run in but was slower and was piped by 0.06 of a second down to 3rdVets. Can’t complain as this is the first time at farmer johns to get on the podium, Liam was knocked down to 2nd Junior. Coopy to 4th(gutted to me the podium),with Blake and Danny 6th and 10th respectfully in the Seniors, Jamie got a solid 2nd in the Experts and captain Molloy 10th Vet.Thank you to my sister Angela, son Tyler and Jen his girlfriend and my girlfriend Cherry for turning up a supporting me. Liam’s mother for the photo`s. Farmer John, Mike Marsden (soz about the confusing race times), and all the marshals a big hand to them. Next race the first of the big races BDS 1 Combe Sydenham, bring it on.

2nd Expert Jamie SCOTT 1:23.82
4th Senior Michael COUPE 1:27.98
2nd Junior Liam MCDERMOTT 1:28.53
6th Senior Blake WHITE 1:30.64
10th Senior Daniel KEAN 1:31.99
3rd Veteran Michael HILL 1:37.44
10th Veteran Richie MOLLOY 1:50.42

Photo by Team Mum