Chatburn DH rd 1 November 25th

Chatburn DH rd 1 November 25th
Waking up to team mate Conor Lee snoring on the camp bed we both got up and got our stuff together for the CDH Cup Round 1 on a brand spanking new track. After a tyre change and a slight mechanical we was set to jump in the van with Ben Tilford (thanks ben) and get ourselves across to Lancashire.
This was the first time 3 of our 5 new team members met us all together in the same shirts which was awesome, even though the weather was low our spirits were high and we was ready to shred the new track that the CDH guys have build. First run down was so smooth and we were all loving the track. We were all stomping on the pedals and were on a good roll through the pedally top section over the greasy roots. We then dropped down into the steep shoot and rode through the deep muddy ruts with one foot out like we were riding motocross bikes. Second practice I hit a tree stump out of the start gate on the first corner on took a pathetic crash over the bars then jumoed back on and got down the hill. After that I called it a day for practice so I got some lunch with the team and went for a walk of the track.
1st race run came around and the top section was super quick! I dropped into the steep muddy ruts real quick and came to a sudden stop and landed over the bars and splatted into the mud. I scooted my way to the bottom and crossed the line. My 2nd run was much slower through the top section but much quicker through the muddy ruts until I hit a tree head on. I set straight back off again and battled my way down the hillside. Coming to the finish everyone was laughing at me and cheering me on while I face planted the banking. I picked up my bike and ran across the line.
After thinking I didn’t do too well I found out that I came in 2nd place in my category which I was shocked at!
Must say a big thanks to all the guys and girls who put in all the effort into the event and into the new track. Was an awesome day and an awesome fun track. Which with some dry weather and some bedding in will be such a quick track.Results: 18plus

Liam Mcdermott 2nd

Danny Kean 3rd

Michael Coupe 4th

Results: 30plus

Mick Hill 1st

Richie Molloy 4th