BDS RD6 LLangollen

BDS RD6 LLangollen
Liam McDermottLlangollen race reportMe and Richard Molloy pulled up just after 7am at the final round of the BDS at Llangollen. After a brisk track walk up above the fog it was time for a cuppa and an egg sandwich.
I missed the first 2 uplifts due to a tyre change but then I jumped on the 3rd uplift for my first practice run. The track was steep and muddy filled with plenty of switch backs weaving down the welsh hillside. Practice day went great with only one off at the top of the track onto my shoulder in the mud, I hoped that was my crash done and out of the way for the weekend. After practice day Rich Molloy decided not to race due to him injuring his back on the big drop therefore had to drive home to recover for this weekend’s help for heros race at Hamsterley. That Just left me and Rich around the warmth of the meths burner until an early 9:30pm bed time.
I woke up with a freezing head Sunday morning and after some breakfast I threw my kit on and hit the hillside. My first practice of the morning was sketchy and all over the place, almost like I couldn’t ride my bike anymore. I put another pair of socks on my frozen feet and my second run went much smoother. 3 runs later it was time for my seeding run. The idea was to get down the track smoothly with a nice steady time to put me in order for my race run. On my seeding I tried a new line which sent me over the bars into the banking on the steep roots, i jumped straight back on my bike and made it to the bottom putting me in 34th out of 50 in my category.
My race run came around and I put power down on the pedals off the start line and picked up plenty of momentum to smash through the top few burms and hit the steep switchbacks. I was keeping a fast pace down the track until I went off the edge off the track loosing about 2 or 3 seconds. Further down the track dropping down the root section I compressed into the burm with the back wheel kicking out I pushed on down to the big drop and hit it with some speed nearly landing flat. One last jump into the field and it was hard on the pedals for a long sprint to the finish crossing the line in 2:29 putting me in 18th.
Thankyou to the event organisers for an awesome weekend and well done to Richard marshall.


Richard MarshallBig rich race report:-British Downhill Series Round 6 Llangollen 22/23rd Sept 2012

Round 6 of the BDS and we were racing at Llangollen, we arrived Friday night and set up camp ready for Saturday morning, it was a chilly start to the day but the sun was soon out and it didn’t take long to warm up, unfortunately the uplift wasn’t running that quickly and we were having to wait some time to get to the top of the hill – I call it a hill but its that steep at Llangollen its more like a mountain, the track they were using is called the Squirrel track, it started off with a run of small table tops and rollers then turning into another slight incline and a straight to the first of many steep shoots with various twists and turns all of which were natural trails, once onto the lower section there

was a more of a man made feel to the track with three bus stops to keep it interesting, the final part of the track had three large drop off’s, the first was the largest and as I approached for the first time it was looking as if I was riding into oblivion!, the second and third drops weren’t as heavy and then a quick sprint to the line, Saturday’s practice when well apart from the slow uplift service until mid-afternoon when Richie had an awkward landing off the big drop and hurt his back, at this point we called it a day and richie had some painkillers unfortunately they were not enough to sort the problem which put pay to richie’s weekend.

Sunday morning – race day and the alarm went off at 6.30am, there was a nice ground frost and it took some warming up, no sun today but a chilly wind instead, with Richie now back in Harrogate it was left to Liam and myself to keep TeamRockgardener going, once again the uplift was painfully slow and we only managed 2 practice runs before racing started, my second practice run saw me crash off the big drop which left me a little worst for ware, a couple of painkillers and straight back up for the seeding run, half way through my seeding run and it became obvious I had damaged my left leg in the crash and I was struggling to put weight on it, I finished the run went back to the van for some more big pink tablets, three hours later I was back at the top for my race run, I gave it my best but once again my leg let me down, I crossed the line with a disappointing time but glad to have not crashed again, I quickly stored my bike and went back to the finish line to cheer on Liam, he came across the line with a cracking run putting him third at that time and finally finished 18th which once again was a cracking result in a large strong category.

Richard Marshall 3:18 17th (vets)

Liam McDermott 2:29 18th (junior)

Thanks to Ian Britton for the Photographs


Farmer Johns Race Weekender

Farmer Johns Race Weekender
Adam Hurst: Race Reportit was the 4th race at farmer johns. jesus it was hot. pants were a no go. the track was the usual, fast and pedally up top with champery style corners and a finishing straight down a river. throughout practise i was riding smoothly, dialling in all the lines on the dusty track. it didnt take long before i had worked up a sweat and a decent appetite. race run time, i had an energy shot and pushed my bike up to the top of the hill. in the start gate the mood was relaxed. a different mood to your normal racer who is usually very nervous. both race runs went well allthough i should have gave it just a little bit more at the top due to still being kind of fresh at the finish. overall i finished in 7th with a 1:36.13. which was a little disappointing for me but will again add some more experience for me as a racer.
thanks adam.

Photos By David Law, check out his website here: