Chatburn Rd2 23rd December


23rd December for the final race of 2012.Judging by the heavy rain that had recently fallen it was time to do the most hated job in the world which is changing tires. After popping the kenda spikes on my bikes was ready to race.Sunday morning I jumped in the van with Ben Tilford (cheers benny boy) and set off to chatburn to get some good old racing done. Must say the weather at chatburn was much better than dull Bradford, just a tad windy.We kitted up, met the rest of the team with a cup of tea from my flask (cheers mum) and got our bikes pushed up the hill to sign on. We had a few blasts down the new track that the guys at CDH built and we all loved it. Nice awesome track with a short easy push up, can’t beat that. Everyone was loving it! After about 10 practice runs with team mates coupes and danny it was time to smash in a race run.1st run went great but knew I could of knocked off a few seconds. I stayed in 1st after the first race runs but knew I had to step things up as team mate/rival coupes was looking rapid. He smashed his second run and pushed me into second! Beating me by 2 seconds! That was it for me, can’t be having that can we! I scoffed some of Bens choco brownies and give it my all to beat his time but I gave it too much and messed up one or two lines and had to admit defeat. At least it was 2:1 to me for the season and the battle will carry on next season.

That was it! The 2012 race season has come to an end and just want to shout out to all our sponsors for our support through out the year, much appreciated. And look forward to next season with TRG Racing. Well done team we all smashed It and i can’t wait to spend time with you all next year. Thanks to Ste Tomlinson for organising this super great event, the whole day had a great vibe and everyone had a great laugh. Cheers guys.

Cycopath Downhill : Ramsgill 2nd December

Cycopath Downhill : Ramsgill 2nd December
Mick Hill Race Report:
Set off with coopy, then met danny at macky d’s just off m65 Blackburn we where an hour away form the new ramsgill track. After no hairy moments on the way, we were there. Deciding to walk track 1st it was frozen and looked to stay that way. After talking some good line as we do, we got our kit on and pushed up to the top. Over shot 1st corner then got a clean run in, not tacking the big jump as I was bottoming out on the small wall jumps which turned out to be my rear tyre hitting my seat(Thanks Rich).Then off for the first run every thing was good till going in to wooded area, slipping wide on ice sending me off the track through the ferns and back on track knocking a few seconds off and over the big jump this time, getting down in a time of 2.19, 3 secs behind danny and 17ish secs astray of Coopy n Liam. Feeling I could do better if I peddled I pulled a better time of 2.15 in the second run earning me 5th place with no short cuts. The pressure was on for the win Liam or coopy ? Liam smashing the 2 minute barrier with a 1.59. Coopy smashing the coarse including the coarse tape wraping it round his block n having to stop, game over, and liam took the victory. Thanks to Stef & Co.

Chatburn DH rd 1 November 25th

Chatburn DH rd 1 November 25th
Waking up to team mate Conor Lee snoring on the camp bed we both got up and got our stuff together for the CDH Cup Round 1 on a brand spanking new track. After a tyre change and a slight mechanical we was set to jump in the van with Ben Tilford (thanks ben) and get ourselves across to Lancashire.
This was the first time 3 of our 5 new team members met us all together in the same shirts which was awesome, even though the weather was low our spirits were high and we was ready to shred the new track that the CDH guys have build. First run down was so smooth and we were all loving the track. We were all stomping on the pedals and were on a good roll through the pedally top section over the greasy roots. We then dropped down into the steep shoot and rode through the deep muddy ruts with one foot out like we were riding motocross bikes. Second practice I hit a tree stump out of the start gate on the first corner on took a pathetic crash over the bars then jumoed back on and got down the hill. After that I called it a day for practice so I got some lunch with the team and went for a walk of the track.
1st race run came around and the top section was super quick! I dropped into the steep muddy ruts real quick and came to a sudden stop and landed over the bars and splatted into the mud. I scooted my way to the bottom and crossed the line. My 2nd run was much slower through the top section but much quicker through the muddy ruts until I hit a tree head on. I set straight back off again and battled my way down the hillside. Coming to the finish everyone was laughing at me and cheering me on while I face planted the banking. I picked up my bike and ran across the line.
After thinking I didn’t do too well I found out that I came in 2nd place in my category which I was shocked at!
Must say a big thanks to all the guys and girls who put in all the effort into the event and into the new track. Was an awesome day and an awesome fun track. Which with some dry weather and some bedding in will be such a quick track.Results: 18plus

Liam Mcdermott 2nd

Danny Kean 3rd

Michael Coupe 4th

Results: 30plus

Mick Hill 1st

Richie Molloy 4th



NDH Keilder rd5 North East Champs

NDH Keilder rd5 North East Champs
Kielder RD5 North East Champ’s was well underway last weekend. I was hoping for a good result as it was possibly my last race for this year’s season and wanted to end it on a good note.
After seeing a video of the track I didn’t pack my spikes as I thought they wouldn’t be necessary after seeing the rock garden infested top section of track. Unfortunately I was wrong, the previous bad weather turned to bottom half of the track into a challenging slop fest where a spike would of helped. But not to worry I had the correct tyres for the first half of the track over the rocks.
My first practice run on Saturday went fine, I enjoyed the track and found the main rocky shoot challenging. On the other hand my second practice run didn’t go so smooth. I took a big crash on the rocky shoot which madethe medics panic and carefully help me up. I had one more run with an injured leg, back and stomach and called it a day after 3 runs. After two games of pool with James Wilson (stif cycles) me, James, ant and rich Easton had a chilled out night at the campsite pub to get ready for our race day on the Sunday.
Sunday morning came and I had one practice run carefully picking my lines to get ready for my race runs. The top section of the track went great on my first race run but all turned bad as I entered the woods, I had 5 crashes in the woods and my temper grew which made my run even worse. After fighting through the chewed up bottom half of the track I crossed the line not very happy. I tried too hard in the bottom but infact slow and steady was the way forward. I looked at my time that I thought would put me in last but infact I was in 3rd! it looked like everybody was crashing on their race so on my second run I knew exactly what I had to do.
The top section was the same as my last run, hitting all my lines and making it through the rocky shoot without any serious mistakes. The bottom section through the woods was tiring but I kept at it and kept things smooth. I had one or two stalls in the mud but I kept fighting through and was determined to cross that line without hitting the ground. I kept it all together and put in a time of 3:33:617 which kept me in 3rd place and earned me a place on the podium. I was chuffed to bits that I finished the season with a podium and was also very happy that James Wilson joined me in 2nd place, well done James and well done to ant Preston who took 4th.
Thanks to Carl and everyone that organised the weekend and also everyone who put in their hard efforts to built the new Kielder track. It was a fun weekend and a perfect ending to the season. 

Help for Heroes: Hamsterly

Help for Heroes: Hamsterly
Liam McDermott: Race Report.Itching to get to the track Saturday morning the weather was holding out and me and team mate conor couldn’t wait to check out the track we were racing for help for heroes at hamsterley.
We arrived at the track and signed on shortly followed by jumping on the uplift with rich molloy and rich marshall. First run down we set off in a team with me behind conor and both Richie’s following me. It was a fun run and we were all really happy with the track and couldn’t wait to get more runs in.
The day went by and unfortunately my cold was getting worse and started to affect my fitness. I called it a day after around 6 or 7 runs and we made our way upto the 4X to watch some racing action, shortly followed by the whip off comp on the legendary hamsterley tabletop. We had a few jumps to warm up and

have a laugh. We then had 3 goes each at doing pretty much anything we want and conor being conor decided to strip down to his boxers, pulling them into a thong and jump the table followed by allot of laughter from the crowd which won him a trail militia tee shirt and a mucky nutz mud guard. I wasn’t feeling taking my clothes off so I pulled a few whips and a big tuck and ended up winning the biggest whip and also won a trail militia tee shirt which look totally awesome!.
Sunday morning came; me and conor arrived at the track just after 8 and a little later came our supporters, my girlfriend Emily, my mum and dad. I put in about 2 practice runs and then had a big rest before my race runs. My first run was sketchy with a few feet off and a wrong line costing me a few seconds. I was currently in 7th with a time of 1:42:896.
Second run came around and I peddled all through the top section and over the road gap. I hit the bottom woods with full confidence and plenty of speed. I came up to the rock garden and heard the crowd cheering and my girlfriend and mum screaming at me, I jumped to rock garden and hit the right hand berm with plenty of speed but unfortunately lost my wheel over the back of the berm into the netting causing me to pick my bike back up and jump straight back on loosing me allot of time. I powered down the rest of the rack and crossed the line with a time of 1:43:086 not even 1second slower with a crash. Gutted at the fact I finished in 8th position from such a stupid mistake I soon though, it wasn’t just about the race it was about raising money for help for heroes and that is exactly what everybody did that weekend. So well done to everyone that contributed to the event
Thank you to the people who organised to event and made it an awesome weekend! And well done to the rest of the team!



Conar Crann: Race Report.Arrived at the track on Saturday morning for practice , signed on and jump straight on the uplift , with out looking at the track i just went for a full run , why not. so after my run i thought bloody hell this track is sick ! so as the day went on i spent my time doing more runs and picking good lines advised by little rich and liam , it got to the point of the day where i was getting tired and making mistakes on the track , so i decided to call it a day , Saturday evening the WHIP-OFF , was absolutely brilliant everyone was throwing huge whips including my team mate liam (whip-king) McDermott and i knew i wouldn’t win the whip off s oi just decided to make the crowd laugh and decided to take my clothes off , stupid but i worked.

So Sunday came around , time to get my gam

e face on , i only did the two practice runs as the track hadn’t changed much , after my practice i was feeling confident and was raring to go. sat on the start gate and i was crapping myself , i set off and everything started to fall into place i was riding faster than i ever had in practice , feeling really good coming into the rock garden , smashed it and through the bottom section came to the last corner before the final shoot , and absolutely binned it , smashed my elbow and my bike got caught in the netting , crossed the line with a terrible time . so up cam my second run , i felt even worse, i just wanted to stand back and watch everyone else , once again everything fell into place, and instead of crashing i held my line and crossed the line 12 seconds faster , so i was pritty pleased with my result and pleased with the rest of the teams results really good team weekend



BDS RD6 LLangollen

BDS RD6 LLangollen
Liam McDermottLlangollen race reportMe and Richard Molloy pulled up just after 7am at the final round of the BDS at Llangollen. After a brisk track walk up above the fog it was time for a cuppa and an egg sandwich.
I missed the first 2 uplifts due to a tyre change but then I jumped on the 3rd uplift for my first practice run. The track was steep and muddy filled with plenty of switch backs weaving down the welsh hillside. Practice day went great with only one off at the top of the track onto my shoulder in the mud, I hoped that was my crash done and out of the way for the weekend. After practice day Rich Molloy decided not to race due to him injuring his back on the big drop therefore had to drive home to recover for this weekend’s help for heros race at Hamsterley. That Just left me and Rich around the warmth of the meths burner until an early 9:30pm bed time.
I woke up with a freezing head Sunday morning and after some breakfast I threw my kit on and hit the hillside. My first practice of the morning was sketchy and all over the place, almost like I couldn’t ride my bike anymore. I put another pair of socks on my frozen feet and my second run went much smoother. 3 runs later it was time for my seeding run. The idea was to get down the track smoothly with a nice steady time to put me in order for my race run. On my seeding I tried a new line which sent me over the bars into the banking on the steep roots, i jumped straight back on my bike and made it to the bottom putting me in 34th out of 50 in my category.
My race run came around and I put power down on the pedals off the start line and picked up plenty of momentum to smash through the top few burms and hit the steep switchbacks. I was keeping a fast pace down the track until I went off the edge off the track loosing about 2 or 3 seconds. Further down the track dropping down the root section I compressed into the burm with the back wheel kicking out I pushed on down to the big drop and hit it with some speed nearly landing flat. One last jump into the field and it was hard on the pedals for a long sprint to the finish crossing the line in 2:29 putting me in 18th.
Thankyou to the event organisers for an awesome weekend and well done to Richard marshall.


Richard MarshallBig rich race report:-British Downhill Series Round 6 Llangollen 22/23rd Sept 2012

Round 6 of the BDS and we were racing at Llangollen, we arrived Friday night and set up camp ready for Saturday morning, it was a chilly start to the day but the sun was soon out and it didn’t take long to warm up, unfortunately the uplift wasn’t running that quickly and we were having to wait some time to get to the top of the hill – I call it a hill but its that steep at Llangollen its more like a mountain, the track they were using is called the Squirrel track, it started off with a run of small table tops and rollers then turning into another slight incline and a straight to the first of many steep shoots with various twists and turns all of which were natural trails, once onto the lower section there

was a more of a man made feel to the track with three bus stops to keep it interesting, the final part of the track had three large drop off’s, the first was the largest and as I approached for the first time it was looking as if I was riding into oblivion!, the second and third drops weren’t as heavy and then a quick sprint to the line, Saturday’s practice when well apart from the slow uplift service until mid-afternoon when Richie had an awkward landing off the big drop and hurt his back, at this point we called it a day and richie had some painkillers unfortunately they were not enough to sort the problem which put pay to richie’s weekend.

Sunday morning – race day and the alarm went off at 6.30am, there was a nice ground frost and it took some warming up, no sun today but a chilly wind instead, with Richie now back in Harrogate it was left to Liam and myself to keep TeamRockgardener going, once again the uplift was painfully slow and we only managed 2 practice runs before racing started, my second practice run saw me crash off the big drop which left me a little worst for ware, a couple of painkillers and straight back up for the seeding run, half way through my seeding run and it became obvious I had damaged my left leg in the crash and I was struggling to put weight on it, I finished the run went back to the van for some more big pink tablets, three hours later I was back at the top for my race run, I gave it my best but once again my leg let me down, I crossed the line with a disappointing time but glad to have not crashed again, I quickly stored my bike and went back to the finish line to cheer on Liam, he came across the line with a cracking run putting him third at that time and finally finished 18th which once again was a cracking result in a large strong category.

Richard Marshall 3:18 17th (vets)

Liam McDermott 2:29 18th (junior)

Thanks to Ian Britton for the Photographs


Farmer Johns Race Weekender

Farmer Johns Race Weekender
Adam Hurst: Race Reportit was the 4th race at farmer johns. jesus it was hot. pants were a no go. the track was the usual, fast and pedally up top with champery style corners and a finishing straight down a river. throughout practise i was riding smoothly, dialling in all the lines on the dusty track. it didnt take long before i had worked up a sweat and a decent appetite. race run time, i had an energy shot and pushed my bike up to the top of the hill. in the start gate the mood was relaxed. a different mood to your normal racer who is usually very nervous. both race runs went well allthough i should have gave it just a little bit more at the top due to still being kind of fresh at the finish. overall i finished in 7th with a 1:36.13. which was a little disappointing for me but will again add some more experience for me as a racer.
thanks adam.

Photos By David Law, check out his website here:


British Downhill Series Round 5 Bringewood 25/26th August 2012

British Downhill Series Round 5 Bringewood 25/26th August 2012
Big rich race report:-

British Downhill Series Round 5 Bringewood 25/26th August 2012

Round 5 of the BDS and we were racing Bringewood a Pearce Cycles Favourite, we arrived Friday afternoon to find the course was baked in glorious sunshine and after a quick track walk it looked like it was going to be a fun weekend, unfortunately at round 7pm it started to rain and didn’t stop all night, Saturday morning’s practise uplifts started at 9am, as a rule we normally let the very keen riders bed the track in before we have a go but they had other ideas and for once we were the first to the top, the first run was exciting and i had more than a few sketchy moments but with the track drying and over three hundred riders hammering it it wasn’t long before it was dry and fast, i was keen to keep it

rubber side down for the weekend as i had upset my left thumb three weeks ago at round 4 and didn’t want to aggravate this old injury, so with this in mind when the thunder storms hit just after lunch i was ready to call it a day, of course there were still the hard core riders hammering it in the rain and by the time the uplifts had finished the course was almost unrideable, things didn’t look good for sundays racing.

Sunday morning arrived and we waited for an hour or so before we attempted our first sunday morning practise run, the BDS trail fairy’s had been hard at work over night and tidied up some of the hardest hit areas which was a pleasant surprise and with the sun shining and a slight breeze we were hope full that the track would dry out, seeding runs for us started at around 11am and the aim was to get down in one piece, crossing the line with a sub four minute run which seeded me in 11th place i was happy it was clean but steady, 3 hours later it was time for my race run, i was confident that the track would be in better condition and changed tyres from Kenda’s King of Traction to their new intermediate tyre the Nexcavator, with only one race run i was keen not to make any mistakes but try and let the bike go when ever possible, i crossed the line in second place with a 3:33 run which was 24 seconds faster than my seeding run and by the time the rest of my category had finished i ended in 10th place.

Well done to Liam for coming 18th in Juniors in his first National race and a sub 3 min run as well.

As ever many thanks to the BDS crew, they kept things running like clock work and the Pearce uplift system was superb.

Richard Marshall 3:33 10th place (vets)

Richard Molloy 4:10 17th place (vets)

Liam McDermot 2:57 18th place (junior)



BDS RD4 Caersws

BDS RD4 Caersws
Caersws BDS rd 4
Having raced at Caersws on more than one occasion myself and big Rich Marshall were looking forward to our return for Rd 4 of this years BDS.Arriving late friday night we made camp and bedded down before tomorrows early start. Having been woken through the night by very heavy rain I wasn’t sure what the morning would bring, but as it turned out it was bright and breezy and quite warm. After a cuppa and a spot of breakfast it was time to have a wonder up the hill to see which of the many Cearsws tracks we would be racing. It turned out to be one of my favourites but with a new steep wooded section added for good measure, a good choice from the organisers as it would prove to dry well after the down pours it was about to receive.Suited and booted we made our way to the always well organised uplift and before long were slipping and a sliding down a still greasy course, thankfully a couple of runs later and the track was drying nicely and we both felt we were dialling it in.

Time for a bite to eat and a few bike tweaks and then it was time for the afternoons practice session. By now the track was dusty dry and running very fast. Soon it was time for the last run of the day, just as we started our run the heavens opened and we learnt how quickly cearsws goes from dusty fun to lethal sloppy! a couple of minutes later we we happy to be down in one piece and call it a day.

A drive out to Newtown for some pub grub and a couple of beers rounded off a great days riding nicely.

It rained again through the night, but agin the morning was bright and breezy and before long we were back at the top of the hill for our first practice run of the day, the rain through the night had made the track a bit greasy but it was obvious it would soon dry so confidence remained high for the seeding and race run.

An hour later and it was time for the seeding run, sat waiting at the top we could see a wall of water coming our way, would we get our runs in before it reached us? well no is the quick answer, if it had held off another 2 minutes I’d have got a dry run in but it wasn’t too be so as I rolled to the start line it was already raining very heavily. With this being the seeding run I decide to take it steady and keep things smooth, even so it wasn’t long before I was having some dodgy moments. Thankfully the rain hadn’t soaked through in the wooded section and that remained fairly dry, which is more than can be said for the final field! after tip toeing my way down I was glad to cross the finish line in 9th, Unfortunately Big Rich wasn’t having a good run with a handful of offs I was glad to finally see him cross the finish line in one piece (almost).

time for race runs, the sun was back out, and we were ready to race. Again sat at the top we can see another weather front approaching, surely we could get a dry run in this time? Yes was the thankful answer, and what a difference a couple of hours of sun and 300 riders had made to the course, this time it was bone dry and running fast, even the grass field could be attacked and I was more than happy to see I knocked over 30 seconds off my seeding time to finish in a time of 2:36, unfortunately I’d slipped from 9th to 11th, partly due to Big Rich having a storming run even with a badly sprained thumb to cross the line in 2:19 and take 9th spot.

all in all another cracking weekend of racing, as always Si paton and the BDS team put on the best races the uk has to offer.




NDH RD2 Alwinton & 2012 Yorkshire Champs

NDH RD2 Alwinton & 2012 Yorkshire Champs
Liam McDermott:Waking Richard Molloy up at 6:00am with me outside his house didn’t put him in the best frame of mind for our longer than expected 4hr drive (thanks to Rich Marshalls dodgy satnav woman). To Alwinton round 2 Yorkshire champs
After listening to two 20 track ultimate air guitar CD’S and some foreigner we arrived at the the track just after 11, the first rider we saw was one of my team mate’s Adam Hurst cycling up the fire road to the first uplift to smash in his first run. Rich parked the van and we got kitted up for the start of practice.
My first run I was in for a shock. The track was steeper than expected as this was my first time here and didn’t know what to expect. From what I have heard Alwinton is never dry but still offers great fun, as I found out for myself. The track was challenging as it was so steep and sloppy and was hard to stop the bike from speeding up and shooting you where you really didn’t want to go. Saturdays practice went well with only two minor crashes. I was enjoying the track and felt confident by the end of the day.
Sunday morning came and my first practice run put me in a bad mood and knocked my confidence after I took a tumble over the bars and slid 20ft away from the track down the hill. From then on i decided it was time to get my head in gear and change from the trusty Kenda Nevagals to the brand new Kenda nexcavators and a re-lube of yelovelo nasty wet lube for my chain. Now with my tires having further apart tread with a super soft compound meant the mud could clear out of the tires more quickly which left me with more grip to stay in control down the wet greasy steep shoot.
After riding with team mate Adam Hurst and both having a cracking run we were both ready to race. My first run was very loose when coming down the steep shoots which sent me with way too much speed but luckily I managed to stay rubber side down and smashed through the sloppy berms. Coming out of the steep shoot it was time to pick up the speed and put the new Kenda Nexcavators to the test. I was running very low psi in the 2.5in dual ply tires which gave me plenty of grip on the roots. I shot through the final stretch of the track weaving between the trees and coming towards the drop into the finish, I then knew I had put in a half descent time and when I looked at the times as other riders came down I was currenty in 1st. Second run came around and I took the top section around the switchbacks a little slower which made me smoother therefore making me faster. Coming through the bottom half of the track I knew I had to make it to the finish without crashing, I had come this far and was on a good run. I crossed the line 2 seconds qicker than my last run and held my 1st place with a time of 1:47. Which made me Yorkshire’s junior champion.
On the way home listening to American roots and bluegrass (riche’s choice not mine) I was looking back on the weekend and I was chuffed to bits on how well me and all the team did, Adam in 7th Junior, Rich Molloy in 5th vet’s and Rich Marshall 4th ( Yorkshire vet’s champion) all top ten results. Thank you to Carl Davidson who organised this awesome race and everyone else involved.




Richard Marshall:Big Rich Race Report 28-29th July NDH Yorkshire Champs Race – Alwinton

After some sat nav confusion we arrived at Alwinton for the Northern Downhill Yorkshire Champs Race, the weather was sunny and dry which seemed to put us all in a good mood, we suited up and i decided my first run was going to be on KOT spikes, we made our way to the uplift point, 200yards down the fire track and i had the first of four punctures for the weekend, a quick swap of wheel and i’m back in business, the first run was a baptism of fire (due to the track being very steep, a track walk was not on the cards).

The first section was tight with trees and very rooty, then followed with some steep and tight switch backs which lead into some steep muddy shoots, once over the log drop and through the dark section came

the bridge gorge/river crossing, a section that required full commitment on entry to carry speed over the bridge and up the over side, then came my favourite section which was rooty single track and finishing off with a steep shoot leading to another bridge and then the finish line.

Several runs later we called it a day and made our way to the campsite, (The Rose & Thistle Pub) a pub meal and a few beers finished the day off in fine style.

Sunday morning, Race day, with this being a Yorkshire Champs Race the title of Yorkshire Champion was up for Grabs and in my category it was a straight shoot out between me and Richie (2011 Yorkshire Champion), it had rained through the night so we expected the course to be a bit slippy in places, the first run down was exciting to say the least with the middle section becoming a mud fest, a couple of runs later and the course was shut ready for racing, a slight delay waiting for ambulance cover and we ready to go, unfortunately while waiting on the start line the guy behind me noticed i had a flat rear tyre, with no time to repair it i had to run my first race run with it flat which was interesting to say the least, with a quick turn around we were ready for our second runs and with a repaired rear puncture i was hoping for a quicker time, my second run didn’t go to plan with a tree that jumped out in front of me, and couple of hairy moments.

North downhill once again put on a great weekends race event and the only down side were the killer mozies that attacked through out Saturday & Sunday (seemed to like Richie the most!)

Well done to Liam for winning his category and becoming Yorkshire Champion

Race results: –

Liam McDermott (junior) 1st (2012 Yorkshire Champion)

Adam Hurst (junior) 7th

Richie Molloy (vets) 5th (2011 Yorkshire Champion)

Richard Marshall (vets) 4th (2012 Yorkshire Champion)